which baby high chair to choose

Which Baby High Chair To Choose?

Like the stroller or car seat, the high chair is part of the panoply of toddlers. Usable as soon as the child is seated, it allows your baby to access the grown-up table and participate, among other things, in family meals.

Today there are many models of scalable high chairs, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. To choose the model that will meet your expectations, follow our advice!

A Simple Or Scalable High Chair?

A simple high chair will accompany your child until he is too big to be comfortably installed. Its use over time is therefore limited.

The scalable high chair is designed to support the child in his growth phases. Its specificity is to have different adjustment positions to adjust the height of the seat, the footrests, the inclination of the chair or even detach the tray and harness. Be aware that the more a model has adjustment options, the more it will adapt to your needs and those of your toddler over the years. Also note that some references of evolutionary high chairs will still find their usefulness in adulthood, by transforming into a real chair with a contemporary design!

How To Choose A High Chair?

An essential childcare tool, the high chair is designed to see all the colors as your little one learns. Planned to sit for many years in your living room, it must not only integrate perfectly with your interior decoration but also be completely safe, easy to use, and upgradeable. It is therefore advisable to choose an irreproachable model as regards:


Make sure that the desired model has the NF standard and meets the standards provided by French law. It must be stable, present no risk of pinching, and be equipped with a 3 or 5 point harness.


Make sure that the backrest is high enough and the seat and the tablet wide enough for the baby to feel comfortable not only eating but also playing.


Test the degree of tilt and the height adjustment of the chair, if available. On the side of the central crotch, prefer preferably fixed and irremovable model, pledge of more practicality and safety.

Floor space

Check that the dimensions of the scalable high chair match the space available in your living room and more particularly around the dining table.

Easy maintenance

Choose models that are easy to clean, with, for example, removable plastic covers.


Ask about the ease of assembly. Indeed, some models are more or less simple to assemble. In all cases, always scrupulously respect the manufacturer’s instructions, a guarantee of safety and solidity of the chair.

Remember that the model you select will be used daily, several times a day. It should, therefore, be very easy to use. Although the design is important, be careful with references to a little too eccentric style, which can sometimes lack maneuverability or present risks of pinching, even cuts, for your baby.

Wood Or Plastic: Which Material To Favor?

Wood or plastic, it is above all a matter of personal taste, each material having its advantages and disadvantages!

The wooden high chair

The evolutionary high chair in wood, natural or stained, offers a timeless and timeless design that will easily integrate into any interior. The slightly hard seat will require the addition of a cushion or a reducer to provide more comfort to the child in the first months of use. Depending on the model, the scalable wooden high chair can be a bit heavy and bulky, so be sure to check that you have the space necessary to install it.

The plastic high chair

The scalable plastic high chair is often accompanied by a soft and comfortable seat. The different levels of seat tilt allow you to install your baby even before he is fully seated. Easy to clean and move, it nevertheless has a significant depth and size. Its design is often less attractive than wooden models, despite the efforts of the manufacturers.

Note: whether you choose a wooden or plastic model, never leave your baby alone in his high chair! Teach him that his chair is for meals, not games. It is therefore forbidden to climb it, on pain of tipping it over.

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