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Best bagless commercial vacuums is the allies of people who do not want to waste time cleaning the house. However, a model that will suit your neighbor does not necessarily meet your expectations. This is why it is important to take stock of a few parameters in order to find the right device. We have associated a section dedicated to this subject in our review as well as a list of products that are popular with buyers. For example, there is the Eureka Powerful and Miele Complete Bagless Vacuum Cleaner which is appreciated for its versatility and efficiency on all types of surfaces. The Miele Complete Vacuum cleaner without a cylinder bag is also present with its low energy consumption.

What Is The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner On The Market?

  • Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner | Best Vacuum For Cleaning Business
  • Severin Germany Special Bagless Vacuum Cleaner | Best Bagless Commercial Vacuum
  • Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum With HEPA Filter | Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 2022
  • Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner | Heavy Duty Commercial Vacuum
  • Severin Germany Nonstop Corded Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner | Best Commercial Canister Vacuum

1. Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

best bagless commercial vacuum

This device bearing the Eureka logo is no exception to the brand’s reputation for the quality of its products. It meets the expectations of consumers who wonder what is the best bagless vacuum cleaner on the market. This specimen is distinguished by its effectiveness on many points. He also displays a triple-A rating on his energy card. The filtration system is equipped with 3 high-performance filters that protect the health of asthmatic users. They also remove the most sensitive particles from floor to ceiling. The sound frequency caused by this reference is evaluated at 67 dB. Even at full speed, it is not likely to disturb sensitive people. Compared to some products, it will not bother your neighbors when you do the cleaning.

  • Versatile: This model does not encounter difficulties in cleaning all types of floors, whether hard coverings or carpets. It is also accompanied by a range of accessories that you will adapt according to the surface such as the double position brush, that for parquet, the turbo brush for animal hair, a long nozzle, a nozzle, and a mini brush integrated into the handle.
  • Correct performance: With an Effitech motor capable of developing a power of 750 W, you will accomplish your tasks in two stages, three movements.
  • Lack of storage compartment: We would have appreciated a storage space for the modules on the device in order to have them close at hand.

2. Severin Germany Special Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

best lightweight bagless vacuum

If you are afraid of buying a cheaper model than others for fear of making a bad investment, we recommend this specimen from Severin. It is an affordable device, but with performance able to compete with higher range items. Under the hood, it incorporates a 700 W motor. This power allows it to carry out cleaning operations on all types of floors, whether carpets, tiles, or parquet.

You can count on the dimmer to optimize its efficiency. In addition, its operation has little impact on your electrical consumption with a rating of A on its technical sheet. With only 23.9 pounds on the scale, you can easily transport this device in any room. It has an ergonomic handle dedicated to this purpose. Inside, you have a HEPA filter capable of retaining up to 99.5% of substances and other allergenic particles. It completely cleanses your air.

  • Economic: In total, this device only spends 25 kWh per year even after regular use. It offers good energy efficiency that will limit your electricity costs.
  • Hygienic: The dust container detaches completely from the assembly. Just place it on the trash can to empty it. There is no risk of you coming into contact with dirt. The filter can also be removed and cleaned with water
  • Doubtful emanation: Many users noticed a burning smell during the first use. It then disappears.

3. Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum with HEPA Filter

best bagless vacuum for carpet

This model pleases with its ergonomics. It also includes a brush switchable on two levels, a handle easy to grasp, but also, a telescopic hose adjustable in length. The manufacturer has opted for cyclone technology in the design of the filtration system. In this way, it easily traps dirt on all types of coatings. The Hepa filter inside will at the same time protect you from allergies and asthma attacks.

We appreciate this specimen for its low energy consumption. It is in category A in the various classifications despite a power of 1200 W on the meter. It may seem noisy for some with its 85 dB, but it makes up for with great maneuverability, a compact design and its 4.1 kg on the scale. Thus, it takes up less space in your interior and follows you upstairs without getting tired.

  • Easy to handle: The configuration of this equipment has been simplified so that all user profiles do not encounter problems during the first uses. It advances an ergonomic handle as well as a telescopic tube optimizing the maneuverability of the whole.
  • The appearance of the tank: The collector exhibits translucent walls so that you can see the filling level at a glance. One gesture is also enough to remove this component.
  • Cable a bit short: Some users feel that the power cord is too short.

4. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner

best bagless vacuum for pet hair

This equipment bearing the Miele logo advances good performance. With its power of 1200 W and belonging to energy class A, it performs cleaning efficiently without significantly increasing your electricity bill. Thanks to its powerful mono-cyclonic technology, the level of separation of air and dust are high. The designer has equipped it with a 1.5 l collector so as not to make it bulky while avoiding frequent emptying during the maintenance of a medium-sized surface. Even if you are working on hard floors, you will have no trouble with its efficient 2 position main suction head. To treat hard-to-reach spaces, you can use its crevice nozzle that can be converted into a brush.

  • Compact and efficient: This device is compact to facilitate its handling as well as its storage and yet, it effectively treats medium-sized places.
  • Energy efficiency: Belonging to class A, this vacuum cleaner does not make you spend a lot of energy with each use.
  • Intuitive operation: After a few manipulations, you understand its functionality even if you are new to the subject.
  • Small tank: In return for its compactness, its small dust tank intended for the maintenance of an average space.

5. Severin Germany Nonstop Corded Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

best bagless vacuum under 200

This device is classified in the category of cordless bagless vacuums with its modest power of 110 volts. This specimen also impresses with its energy efficiency marked A on its sheet. You can, therefore, trust it if you want to save on your electricity consumption. He is also ruthless on hard floors. In terms of maneuverability, the casters, the ergonomic handle, and the length-adjustable tube simplify your grip as much as possible. The fairly long cable provides a range of around ten meters. This saves you from looking for a power outlet every time you move.

Buying Guide

Nowadays, bagless vacuum cleaners are preferred to traditional models, considered less hygienic. It is not always easy to send this nest of microbes to the machine after it has been in the device for weeks. A buying guide for the best bagless vacuum cleaners will help you find the specimen that will meet your expectations. Here are some tips to assist you in your quest.

The Power

If you want to know how to choose the best bagless vacuums of 2021, power is the first parameter you should be looking at. This element determines above all the performance of the equipment and its effectiveness in achieving its mission in the shortest possible time. Generally, it is expressed in Watt. Obviously, a 500 W device will not offer the same services as another 1000 W. In addition, you also have to take stock of the type of soil you have at home. It is true that some models encounter some difficulties in attacking certain surfaces such as rugs or carpets. If you have several at home, make sure that your future equipment will be able to adapt to it.

best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair

For this, we recommend references with a motor of at least 750 W. In all cases, specimens with a speed adjuster are also a wise selection. The system will help you match its performance with the nature of the coating in question without risking damaging it.

The Capacity Of The Tank

Manufacturers equip their devices with different innovative suction technologies. Currently, the cyclone system remains the most widespread and the most prized by consumers. The engine uses a process to separate the air and the collected dirt.

best bagless vacuum for pets

The bin does not fill as quickly as the bag. However, it is necessary to take a look at its capacity. It is better to opt for a reference with a large capacity tank, especially if you have a large house to maintain. This will save you from regularly stopping your task for emptying. Here we recommend specimens with at least a 1 l collector. However, on a price comparison site, you will have no trouble finding an item with a 2.5 l tank.


To identify how to buy a bagless vacuum cleaner with better value for money, it is also necessary that you take stock of the ergonomics of your future device. Basically, this type of equipment has a design similar to the canister vacuum cleaner.

The handling is therefore done via the handle and movement is ensured by the wheels at the base of the device. Ease of use should also be there. Control elements must be close at hand so that all user profiles easily understand the different options. Also, remember to check the length of the power cable. It conditions the scope of the whole.

We advise you not to neglect the weight of your equipment. On the scale, the models in the trade generally weigh between 4 kg and 10 kg. If your home does not have floors, you can skip this criterion. Otherwise, keep in mind that it is less painful to go to the second floor with a 6 kg model rather than 10 kg.

The Filter

Before you focus on where to buy a new bagless vacuum, you also need to take stock of the type of filter built into the unit. On classic models, there is in particular a simple dust filter. Inexpensive, but not very durable, this component tends to clog fairly quickly and requires fairly regular maintenance. You may need to change it frequently, especially for heavy use.

Today, with cyclone technology, the filters have undergone an improvement on the part of the designers. They are able to trap the finest particles, visible even under a microscope. In addition, if you have allergies or are prone to asthma, there are HEPA filters specially made for you.

They are able to retain the elements likely to provoke hypersensitivity crises. But also, the majority of these accessories are washable. Just rinse them with clean water and dry them to be operational again.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

How does a bagless vacuum cleaner work?

Bagless vacuums have now replaced the bagged models. However, they have always kept their principle of operation with only a few improvements in terms of capacity and power. They abandoned the bags in favor of airtight tanks and cyclone technology. The latter’s mission is to separate air and dust.

The flow generated by the engine allows air to enter through the nozzle and exit at the rear. Thus, it has two filters to its credit: one at the front of the dirt container and another at the air outlet. This allows particles of all sizes to be trapped and at the same time to evacuate air without unpleasant elements.

A vacuum cleaner with or without a bag when we have animals?

The presence or absence of a bag on the vacuum cleaner does not condition its effectiveness against pet hair. One can be as efficient as the other. Your choice criteria will be based above all on the power and more precisely on its energy label.

These parameters will give you clear information about the ability of the equipment to overcome the type of surface to be cleaned. But also, good power is not enough sometimes. This is why you must have a specific accessory commonly known as Turbo-brush. It is a mechanized head module allowing optimal removal of all types of hair on all structures.

How do I clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?

When you are cleaning your equipment, you have to do it following a few steps. Start with the filter. The maintenance of this component should not be taken lightly as it affects the performance of the device. Maintenance is carried out at least once a year. If you have a non-washable material, replace it. If not, clean it with a cloth, rinse it and let it air dry.

The dust collector must be emptied after each use to avoid accumulation. If it does not fear contact with water, you can also wash it. As for the accessories, disassemble them from the main device before cleaning them one by one.

How do I clean the filter on a Bosch bagless vacuum cleaner?

First, first remove the filter from its location. Soak it in hot water and try to remove the dirt that can get stuck between the meshes. For drying, leave it in the ambient air for a day. Do not replace it until it is completely dry.

How do I remove the bad smell from a bagless vacuum cleaner?

The first option is to deposit a dose of detergent in the collector. The product will hide unpleasant fumes. You can also spray the filter with essential oils or perfume. There are also specific items in the trade. They are in the form of sticks that are placed directly inside the device.

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