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Top 5 || Best Furnace Filters Review

A furnace filter mainly acts as a protective layer for the fan of the fan. Many people think that its main function is to clean the air, but that is just an additional feature of this particle remover. Its job is basically to filter out all the pollutants, such as dust, dirt, pollen, and hair, that the drain pipe can bring in.

To keep your indoor air clean and safe for your family, the use of a furnace filter with a rating of MERV 11 or higher is recommended. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and measures how efficient the filter is at capturing particles of certain sizes while your furnace is operating. However, there is more than MERV to consider when choosing the best furnace filters for your home. The filter type, size, and thickness are also important things to consider before purchasing.

That’s why we’ve listed our top five oven filters below with the help of our own experts. After reading the detailed discussion of each filter, don’t forget to click the button and see which offer best suits your situation.

Which Brand Of Furnace Filters Is Best?

  1. AIRx HEALTH 20x25x1 MERV 13 Pleated Air Filter | Best furnace filters
  2. Nordic Pure 4-Inch Furnace Filters | Best furnace filters for allergies
  3. Filtrete Smart Furnace Air Filter | Best furnace filters for homes
  4. Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter | Best furnace filters for mold
  5. X6673 Lennox 4-Inch Furnace Filters | Best furnace filters for pets

1. AIRx HEALTH 20x25x1 MERV 13 Pleated Air Filter

Best furnace filters for allergies

It is well worth buying a furnace filter that meets the latest LEED Green Building and California Title 24 standards for MERV 13 high efficiency and low-pressure droplet operation. Manufactured in Greenwood, Indiana, rest assured that this health filter is made of high-quality nanofiber material. While these filters are significantly lighter than traditional MERV 13 health filters, they have a greater particle retention capacity and 42% more filter media that promotes excellent airflow. If you want the best value for your furnace filter investment and want to protect yourself and your family’s health, this product should be at the top of your checkout list.

  • A great filter that protects your health by filtering out viruses, bacteria, respiratory irritants, smog, and smoke.
  • Has a high number of pleats that trap more particles than most regular furnace filters.
  • Made in the USA, which guarantees the quality of the materials it is made from.
  • Durable with high-quality materials including a moisture-resistant double-walled beverage plate and a strong 30-gauge galvanized expanded metal grid.
  • With MERV 13, it is the most recommended filter for people who attach great importance to staying healthy, as this figure refers to the filter’s ability to capture any air pollution that can cause health problems.
  • Can filter small particles between 1.0 and 3.0 microns in size without impeding smooth airflow.
  • The MERV rating is not suitable for smaller ducts as it can impede airflow or even damage the entire system. However, you can also use this device for a short time in small homes in particularly dusty conditions, such as during renovation projects.
  • The filters can make more noise than other similar products.

2. Nordic Pure 4-Inch Furnace Filters

Best furnace filters for mold

Manufactured in the USA with premium filter material, this furnace filter captures almost all existing air pollutants in your home. If you are particularly sensitive and do not want to suffer from allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes, this filter is definitely a wise investment. Its electrostatically charged synthetic material attracts airborne particles that can pollute your indoor air and outperforms fiberglass filters. With its high efficiency, MERV 12, even pet dander has no place in your home with this oven filter. It effectively filters out all shading of skin cells from your pet. In addition, the filter medium is free from any future growth of bacteria or mold.

  • The pleated filter material efficiently traps dust, pollen, dirt, and other contaminants in the indoor air.
  • Capable of capturing airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, ensuring clean indoor air for you and your family.
  • The filter material is electrostatically charged, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which is very good for allergy sufferers. You also don’t need to add potentially irritating chemicals to the air filter to kill germs.
  • The filter frames are made from recycled beverage carton paper, which is environmentally friendly and moisture resistant, and heavy-duty.
  • With its high MERV rating and high-quality carbon fiber material, its filtration service is sufficient for both residential and commercial environments.
  • This oven filter does not directly kill germs. However, the filter medium also does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi.
  • This filter does not come with foam, but by modifying it with a self-adhesive weatherproof foam you still get a perfectly functioning filter without spending as much as you would for other similar products with the same or higher MERV rating.

3. Filtrete Smart Furnace Air Filter

Best furnace filters for pets

With a smart app available on both iOS and Android devices, this furnace filter is perfect for those who don’t want to change their filters too early or too late. It comes with an Amazon Dash replacement program that automatically places an order for filter replacement as soon as the need is detected. However, if you’re not ready to buy one yet, don’t worry as you can easily cancel the order within 24 hours. In addition to this easy replacement, this smart furnace filter with MERV 12 rating also gives you extra information to monitor your system’s airflow and air quality. If you want an efficient furnace filter that not only purifies the air but also eases your overall experience with the product, then this is best for you.

  • First-ever HVAC oven filter with Bluetooth, which allows you to track the life of your filter not only by time but also by airflow and usage.
  • Can detect the changes in air pressure and then use a proprietary 3M algorithm to calculate the filter life.
  • You get air quality information for different places.
  • Informs you about the type and size of your filter, making replacement easy.
  • From microscopic particles like bacteria, virus-carrying contaminants, to large particles like pollen, this smart filter can capture them all efficiently.
  • Has a large pressure drop of 0.45 which can activate the limit switch.
  • Not recommended for smaller homes as it will make your oven work harder, using more energy to circulate the air.

4. Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter

Best furnace filter consumer reports

With a MERV rating of 11, this filter is very good for allergy sufferers. This keeps out pet dander, which is good for people who are sensitive to it. It also filters out smoke and smog, which is good if you live in a very densely populated area. The Filtrete AC Oven Air Filter is a great choice for a household that lives in a densely populated urban area.

  • You get high-quality protection against allergens with these air filters that trap allergens such as pollen.
  • Effective against dander thanks to the MERV rating of 11.
  • Filters smoke and fumes for MPR levels of 1000.
  • Works great to filter pollen.
  • A bit tar compared to other furnace filters on this list.
  • A bit pricey for the features it offers.

5. X6673 Lennox 4-Inch Furnace Filters

Best furnace filters for homes with pets

When you choose Lennox you get a filter with great airflow and durability. This furnace filter has a MERV rating of 11, which ensures that pollutants such as smoke and smog are filtered out of your system. The MERV 11 rating also removes pet dander, which is great for allergy sufferers. This filter is a good option if you are not happy with a filter with MERV 8 rating and want more protection against pollutants.

  • MERV rated 11, which is good compared to the recommended 8.
  • Made of high-quality fiberglass that provides good airflow.
  • You get a durable frame that won’t warp easily.
  • Easily removes smoke and smog.
  • Can filter out contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Can be easily damaged if not handled properly.
  • A bit pricey for the features it offers.

Furnace Filters – Buyer’s Guide


MERV is used domestically and internationally as the industry’s premier rating system. Established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, MERV assesses a filter’s ability to capture and retain particulates and pollutants. Higher MERV-rated filters can capture and remove smaller particles.


Developed by 3M, Micro-Particle Performance Rating, or MPR, is a rating system that sets manufacturers’ filters for the efficiency of capturing airborne particles less than 1 micron. Filters are classified only by their ability to remove particles from 0.3 to 1 micron. A good example is this, a typical dust particle ranges from .2 and 8 microns, pollen starts at 7 microns but can be up to 70 microns in size.


Filter performance rating, or FPR, labels filters based on a scale of 4 to 10 plus a color-coding system. This system was designed by Home Depot.


Pleated furnace filters are more efficient and durable than fiberglass non-pleated filters. Pleated filters have more surface area allowing them to capture more contaminants/contaminants. They also have smaller pores that trap smaller particles without disrupting the airflow.


Filters have a thickness ranging from 1″ to 5″. A thicker furnace filter lasts longer and is more efficient than thin filters. The thickness of your filter is determined by the configuration of your system.


What are the Different Types of Furnace Filters?

There are four types of furnace filters, the first and least expensive are fiberglass filters. These filters are disposable and not as durable compared to the other types. Fiberglass filters are not an ideal choice for households where people with allergies live. This is because these filters usually have a low MERV value of 4. However, they put less strain on your HVAC system than others, giving you more airflow.

The second and most budget-friendly are pleated filters. These air filters are made of cotton or polyester pleats. They cost slightly more than fiberglass filters but are more effective at filtering out dust and other small particles such as mold spores, pollen, and pet dander. Filters with more pleats provide better filtration that helps prevent dust and other particles from being recirculated. They usually have a MERV value between 5 and 8.

HEPA filters are the 3rd type, which is the best possibility for people who have allergies or respiratory problems. These filters cost more than those of fiberglass and pleated but offer the most effective filtering. HEPA filters 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, and other airborne irritants. Filters with a MERV value of 11 or higher are best. Keep in mind that the higher the MERV value, the harder it is for your HVAC system to pull air through it. Check which MERV rating best suits your system.

How long do oven filters last?

The durability of a filter is restricted by its thickness. A 3- to 4-inch filter will last six to nine months. Thicker filters from five to six inches will last nine to 12 months.

When should you replace your oven filters?

Here’s a general rule for replacing your HVAC system’s air filters. Replace 1-2 inch filters every 3 months, 4-inch filters every 6 months, and 5-inch filters every 12 months.

What problems can arise without an oven filter?

Without an air filter, the HVAC system spreads pollutants throughout your home, resulting in poor indoor quality. Health experts have found that exposure to these pollutants can lead to health problems such as asthma and other respiratory problems.

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