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To make a discussion with friends much more convivial, the best solution is to share coffee. Each with its own cup, so you can enjoy a natural drink that exudes an exquisite taste while enjoying the tales of your anecdotes. But to have this best simple coffee maker, you have to prepare it. The solution offered by manufacturers of household appliances to consumers of this multi-flavored elixir is the use of a good coffee machine. But among the different types of coffee makers on the market, the filter coffee maker remains the most popular coffee machine by consumers, and particularly in France.

This device has certainly not finished conquering us with its sure value. Despite the many coffee robots equipped with advanced technology and offered by the various brands specializing in the field, it remains very trendy thanks to its quality, efficiency, and acquisition which is within everyone’s reach. Here is a guide that we have prepared for you, to make it easier for you to choose your filter coffee maker. Nothing better than a comparison of the best filter coffee makers to make up your mind.

What Is The Most Reliable Coffee Maker?

  • Philips Hd 7546/20 | Best Coffee Maker Like Starbucks
  • Melitta Optima Timer Filter Coffee Machine | Best Small Coffee Maker
  • Russell Hobbs CM3100RDR Retro Style 8-Cup Coffeemaker | Best Simple Coffee Maker
  • Krups X 97 “F1830110 Coffee Maker 6 Cup White | Best Tasting Coffee Maker
  • Bosch Thermo-Kaffeeautomat Tka 8653 Styline | Best Coffee Maker With Grinder

1. Philips Hd 7546/20

best tasting coffee maker

How about we start with Philips? Its HD7546 / 20 model is definitely our favorite. It is a filter coffee machine made of stainless steel that emphasizes the preservation of the taste and aromas of coffee.

In its constitution, there is an insulated double-walled jug. It has nothing to envy to other coffee makers with its “tiny and harmless” weight and the capacity of its tank which oscillates 01 L. This is very efficient and allows the holder of the Philips HD7546 / 20 filter coffee maker to be able to keep your coffee warm because it is a thermos jug that preserves the heat of the aromas for a long time. Hot coffee, but at what temperature? The brand promises a drink at 65 ° C even after 02 hours of non-use. Already in the grip, Philips HD7546 / 20 expresses confidence by its solidity. We appreciate the fact that the Philips brand has used the best manufacturing materials to design it.

With a brushed steel look that combines modernity and sobriety, you will amaze your surroundings with this machine. To access the tank, the brand has its pretty discreet model a window all in length, and in front so that we can check each time the level of the water as well as the quantity for the number of cups to have. Regardless of the manufacturer’s brand, Philips HD7546 / 20 accepts all paper filters, “We just recommend aiming for quality”. So there is no question of ignoring it.

2. Melitta Optima Timer Filter Coffee Machine

best small coffee maker

Here is the second filter coffee maker of the Melitta brand that we present and we are moving towards the Optima Timer model. The Melitta Optima filter coffee machine is a superb machine with a modern and elegant look, designed to be functional and family-friendly. It is rare to see coffee makers that offer so much elegance in terms of clothing, coating, finish, and breathing the harmony of shapes and colors. And that’s what the Melitta Optima Timer 100801 filter coffee machine offers.

The asymmetric tank is transparent and removable, with a part containing the filter which is made of brushed steel. Its small digital clock is very discreet and the three front buttons are easy to use. Its reservoir can hold a quantity of 1 L of coffee, ideal and sufficient for a small family that uses a filter coffee maker every day. The Timer function comes back again here, its an essential asset to allow the user to program his device later. To allow you to save on your bill through energy consumption, the Optima Timer consumes less than 1 Watts of energy. As easy to use as a machine with more basic looks, you can use the brand’s paper filters or compatible ones.

Its descaling program ranks it among high-end coffee machines. Besides our test, consumers give it a very positive rating on Amazon. This makes it easier for us to recommend it to you.

3. Russell Hobbs CM3100RDR Retro Style 8-Cup Coffeemaker

best coffee maker

Retro? Yes, but with a very nice look. We contemplate a perfect combination of an intense red with a shiny steel finish. This is what qualifies this Russell Hobbs 21710-56 Retro Filter Coffee Maker as contemporary. Despite this unparalleled aesthetic aspect which can already push a large number of consumers to purchase, it is also possible to optimize each preparation using a very short time; a commendable record for the Russell Hobbs brand to recognize.

Like the model of the brand presented previously, we do not fail to notice its spray shower system which constitutes an advanced technology in terms of filter coffee machines. This guarantees the complete and optimal extraction of the aromas of your favorite elixir. Without being a professional coffee maker, it is very easy to use the Russell Hobbs 21710-56 Retro Filter, Coffee Maker.

Operating at a power of 1000 Watts, this model is accompanied by a component that allows better control of the state of the drink when the heat rises during preparation. Besides coffee, welcome tea, and all other hot drinks… The best way to kill several birds is with one stone.

With a large capacity insulated jug of 01 L (08 large cups), now keep your drink at a good temperature, in order to avoid any unnecessary preparation cycle. Ah, by the way, the water level is clearly visible for those who want the ease of use of this device. Russell Hobbs 21710-56; a condensed wonder to recommend for anyone wishing to acquire a filter coffee maker.

4. Krups x 97 “F1830110 Coffee Maker 6 Cup White

best drip coffee maker 2021

Krups F1830110 is made from plastic and weighs 1.3 Kg. Lightweight isn’t it? When you couple its weight to its small dimensions, we have in front of us a sleek and compact coffee maker, easy to transport and place in a kitchen or any workspace.

Even more, the power mechanism operates under 850 Watts. The Krups F1830110 filter coffee maker is thus included in the ranking of the best coffee makers that consume little electrical energy. In terms of the amount of coffee, count 0.5 L to have between 06 to 07 cups of coffee. Out of the box, Krups F1830110 literally won us over. It is simple, golden, sober and during the preparation, little noise is emitted. Besides the fact that it is quiet, its efficiency is second to none.

This filter coffee maker being removable, it goes easily in the dishwasher since it includes a pivoting filter holder, an anti-drip system, and a water level with a magnifying effect for a clearly visible reading. Like its sisters, the Krups F1830110 filter coffee machine switches off automatically for a maximum of 30 min (period of non-use). You can also pour a cup of coffee during the brewing cycle thanks to its anti-drip system.

Nothing surprises us when we see that this Krups F1830110 filter coffee maker is so highly rated by users on Amazon. You absolutely must take a look.

5. Bosch Thermo-Kaffeeautomat Tka 8653 Styline

best coffee maker machine

The Bosch Styline TKA8653 coffee maker is one of its coffee machines that is referred to as an insulated coffee machine. It comes with dimensions of 35.5 * 26 * 25 cm, which means that it will not take up much space on your worktop.

Its power of 1000 Watts will help you quickly prepare delicious drinks. Weighing only 03 Kg, and easy to transport, it is a true compendium of pure technology that has a very attractive appearance. Sleek and compact, Bosch Styline TKA8653 is a filter coffee maker with extraordinary features.

Its insulated jug keeps drinks warm. Easy use is guaranteed thanks to the LCD screen of this filter coffee machine as well as the preparation of coffees with perfect aromas by counting on its Aroma Volume Automatic system. Bosch Styline TKA8653 has a capacity of 1.15 L, enough to allow you to brew 8 to 12 cups in a single round. This filter coffee maker has a translucent and removable tank, allowing you to always know the water level.

We also find a filter holder, as well as an anti-drip system. In addition to the memory function for remembering the pre-installed configurations, it switches off automatically after a certain time without use with its AutoOff function. Incomparable model, unique and stylish, it is the ideal device that we recommend to you.

Choose A Filter Coffee Machine

The filter coffee maker is one of the most affordable coffee machines on the market, because of its purchase price. Apart from the price, it is easy to use due to the simplicity of its design. Whether you are a novice, an amateur, or a professional coffee maker, you will have no trouble handling the filter coffee maker.

In addition to its two advantages, it has various features which allow it incredible practicality. We notice the conservation of heat after each preparation thanks to the isothermal function, its jug often in transparent glass or stainless steel, or even the aroma selector which varies the taste of your drink.

Finally, we have total comfort in terms of the maintenance of the filter coffee maker. We will come back to this point before the end of the guide.

Grinding Coffee For A Filter Coffee Maker

To have exquisite coffee after brewing, it greatly depends on the quality of the beans, roasting, and grinding. If the coffee grind does not match your coffee machine, there is a risk of improper extraction of the aromas.

This is why it is often advisable to grind your coffee yourself or buy it from an excellent roaster. This option is possible in case you do not have a coffee maker with a grinder or a coffee grinder. The grind for a filter coffee maker must be fine and thus allow the correct brewing of the coffee. The obtaining of a filter coffee must be done with the slow extraction of the coffee in the mechanism of the machine.

This makes it possible to obtain a coffee whose taste is different from the classic coffee which is the espresso. We feel more subtle and less explosive aromas. It is advisable to drink your filter coffee at the end of the preparation because behind this sweet taste hides an arduous mixture of caffeine.

So, to choose and buy a filter coffee maker, be sure to choose a machine that receives fine grinds of coffee, but is suitable mainly for filter coffee.

Easy Use Of The Filter Coffee Maker

Using a filter coffee maker is easy. To be able to prepare excellent filter coffee without being a confirmed Barista, you will have to buy an easy-to-use filter coffee maker. By this, we mean an unsophisticated machine. To choose the best model, all you need to do is look at the device’s datasheet on the E-commerce store where you plan to buy the machine, not to mention the full check of its features and options.

Also, take a look at the reviews that users have left to see if there is any mention of ease of use of the machine. Finally, you can also rely on product review sites, much like this one. In the check, choose a filter coffee maker with a visible water level with graduation, a filter holder for accessories without forgetting the pod spoon which will be used to prepare your filter coffee.

Also, check if the machine is able to keep your coffee hot. This is an undeniable asset for the consumer who, after having prepared his coffee, must abstain for a while, but does not want to waste time repeating the same operation on his return. For most of the models analyzed, the insulated jug is responsible for this option. As you already know, it is advisable to drink your filter coffee when it is still hot.

Let’s finish with the options by adding this one: Having a “keep warm” function is good, but also having the “automatic shut-off” function is even better. You can also opt for a programmable version. The advantage with a programmable filter coffee maker is that it offers a host of additional features.

However, our major advice is to choose a model that exactly follows the balance between performance and ease, while keeping your budget in mind. It all depends on how you use your filter coffee machine.

The Different Types Of Filter Coffee Maker

  1. The classic filter coffee maker: This is the oldest of the coffee makers. For its operation, you need to put your ground coffee in a paper filter.
  2. The permanent filter coffee maker: Just the opposite of the previous one, because here you will be using a permanent filter instead of a paper filter. The advantages are the lower cost of use and its ecological side.
  3. The isothermal filter coffee maker: This one, we love it; because it keeps your coffee hot for a long time (even for 8 hours after preparation).
  4. The programmable filter coffee maker: This is the functionality that is very often combined with that of keeping warm. In other words, we are talking about a programmable filter coffee maker with an insulated jug. We will come back to this point in a moment.
  5. The filter coffee maker with grinder: Yes, this is the High-Level. Here, we are talking about an automatic espresso machine. We find above a grain bin and an integrated mill with crusher. Pro-coffee consumers love this type of coffee machine because the quality of the drink is improved because the coffee beans are freshly ground.

How To Maintain A Filter Coffee Maker?

There are two advantages to cleaning a filter coffee maker: extending the life of the machine and ensuring good coffee quality. Here are the steps to follow for a successful interview:

  1. Prepare a solution of white vinegar mixed with water (equal amount), which you will put in the tank of the device, so as to fill it
  2. After pouring this mixture into the reservoir, turn on the drip coffee maker to run it for half a cycle.
  3. As the jug is half full with the vinegar solution, turn off the appliance
  4. After one hour of waiting (time for the solution to take effect in the mechanism, turn on the filter coffee maker to complete the cycle
  5. Pour the solution (now completely in the jug) into the lever
  6. Rinse the device, running it for two cycles with potable water to remove residue
  7. With a clean, damp cloth, wipe the exterior and the hotplate to remove the coffee grounds.


If you can afford and love the best simple coffee maker, then don’t go without. You will certainly find your happiness among the choices of our comparison. However, be sure to follow the selection criteria in order to validate your choice.

Also, don’t hesitate to read user reviews to find out if your investment will be beneficial. To go further, we have prepared complete product tests on each coffee machine we have been able to test, which you will see in the Blog section.

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