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All coffee lovers are united by the same need to drink a beverage that is always richer in taste and aroma. To achieve such a result, the quality of the coffee alone is not enough. In general, to be completely satisfied, it is important to prepare your drink with a good coffee maker.

Nowadays there are more and more coffee machines on the market. However, it is not always easy to be spoiled for choice as many of us risk stumbling upon the wrong product. This raises the question of which is the best space saver coffee maker? What equipment can fully satisfy our need to start the day with a delicious coffee?

What Is The Best Space Saver Coffee Maker?

  • Philips Hd 7546/20 | Rv Coffee Maker
  • Melitta 1011-16 Look IV Therm Timer Coffee Filter Machine | Best Coffee Maker
  • COSTWAY 12-Cup Coffee Maker | Best Space Saver Coffee Maker

1. Philips Hd 7546/20

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This coffee maker is therefore ideal for those seeking perfection both in terms of the beverage which will undoubtedly be rich in aromas and flavor, and in terms of the performance and design of the device. The Philips HD7546 / 20 has an insulated double-walled stainless steel jug. This feature gives the device a very high capacity to maintain the temperature. The insulated stainless steel jug was created with the best materials available. Also, the jug is able to preserve the aroma of your beverage.

This is made possible by the presence of a practical lock on the insulated jug. This practical addition makes the use even easier. Thus the container preserves the heat and the scents even after it is removed from the coffee maker. You can therefore enjoy rich aromas of coffee with each preparation thanks to a concentrated flow of water that extracts all the scents of the black elixir. Also, with its drip-stop system, you will not have to wait for the machine to extract all the coffee. You can pour yourself a cup of coffee at any time before the full coffee brewing cycle is complete. You also have a water level indicator that makes it easier to fill the water tank without the risk of overflow.

The machine is also easy to integrate into any type of kitchen thanks to a spare cord stored in its cord storage compartment placed at the back of the coffee maker. And for greater safety and to optimize energy savings, the machine has been fitted with an immediate automatic shutdown system. Thus, once your coffee is brewed, the machine switches off automatically while the insulated jug keeps the coffee hot until you are ready to serve yourself.

2. Melitta 1011-16 Look IV Therm Timer Coffee Filter Machine

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Equipped with the timer function, the Melitta look Therm Timer filter coffee maker has the main advantage of offering you the possibility of preparing your coffee at the time you have defined. Programmable and with automatic shut-off, it offers you complete comfort with always a very good quality of coffee.

The number of cups produced at one time by the Melitta look Therm Timer can go up to 15, in particular thanks to its large capacity. Melitta coffee filters are a 1 × 4 size. The 1000 watt power of the device is also a plus. The Melitta look Therm Timer also has a timer function, which displays the time of automatic shutdown on a digital display. To make it even easier to use, the designers included a swiveling and removable filter holder with the anti-drip system.

Finally, it should be noted that all the parameters of the Melitta look Therm Timer comply with VDE standards in terms of safety. It is also equipped with all the new technologies known in the field of coffee machine manufacturing. Also, Melitta products are subjected to a life cycle analysis, an operation repeated every two years in order to always meet the new technical requirements of the market. Moreover, we recognize its great ergonomics which earned it its great popularity.

3. COSTWAY 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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This programmable machine can deliver up to 12 cups at one time. Also, with its state-of-the-art functions. Making coffee has never been easier. Equipped with the latest inventions in the field of the coffee machine, the COSTWAY continues to give us much more satisfaction to our caffeine needs to face the day. COSTWAY is a programmable coffee maker with an easy-to-use digital display. The device is also fast and economical.

With its timer function programmable for up to 24 hours, you can enjoy your coffee rich in the aroma as soon as you wake up. The Homegeek is also equipped with a thermos system which maintains your coffee at a temperature of 78 ℃ almost 2 hours after pouring. It then switches off automatically after 30 minutes and goes into isothermal mode. However, you can use paper filters. It has a capacity of 12 cups, with a 10min time to finish the percolation. So you can fully appreciate the procedure with a transparent water level indicator.

This coffee maker comes with a 24-month market warranty. Already widespread in many homes, the COSTWAY filter coffee maker is a great success on the coffee machine market.

Filter Coffee Makers – Buying Guide

It is often difficult to decide on the purchase of a filter coffee maker, especially with the multiple ranges of choices that are available on the market. Indeed, more and more brands are offering new products, each one as interesting as the next. These machines all have features that are increasingly efficient. To better help you make your choice, we suggest that you find in the following lines some key elements to know what suits you the most.

The Different Types Of Filter Coffee Makers

Always more efficient, each machine is able to bring us satisfaction on condition of knowing exactly our needs in this matter. To do this, it is essential to know the different types of coffee makers that exist.

First of all, there are the traditional classic coffee makers or filter coffee machines. It is widely used and appreciated for its ability to brew large quantities of coffee. They are obviously automatons on and off according to the programmed time.

Then there are the regular espresso machines. Very popular with espresso enthusiasts, this type of device allows you to appreciate all the flavors of coffee with a more pronounced taste. This is made possible by the brewing system which is a method using high-pressure steam to brew ground coffee. The cup of coffee is obtained after a few minutes and does not involve filters.

Pod or capsule coffee machines have a certain similarity to the espresso machine. They use the same percolation systems and offer the same quality of coffee except that it works with pre-loaded capsules.

Permanent filter coffee makers on the other hand are generally very practical and very economical. You will not actually need to change the filter after each use. However, despite the fact that the mesh is very finely woven, it cannot match the fineness of paper filters. Ground coffee particles may pass through the filter and the cup result will be somewhat unpleasant.

Finally, you have the coffee machines with an integrated grinder that makes it possible to produce coffee from beans. Thus, they are provided with an integrated grinder which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the aroma of a very excellent grinding method.

How To Choose The Best Filter Coffee Maker?

Knowing what is best for you is key to choosing the right coffee filter for your next coffee filter. You have to take into account the elements you expect from a coffee machine, but also the type of beverage you want to drink. For those looking for quantity and speed, you have to take into account the volume of coffee produced. Prefer machines that pour 2 cups because in general, they are able to produce up to 1.5 L of coffee in one go. But filters are also important in this area.

It is also very important to learn about the heating and brewing system because to be able to enjoy your coffee the way you want in the morning, the way your machine brews your coffee plays a big role. We also know that it is always preferable to drink our coffee very hot. So for complete satisfaction, keeping the contents of the jug warm must have our attention.

For connoisseurs, it is advisable to choose the best space saver coffee maker with integrated grinders that provide more freshness to your grind. For those who want more simplicity, programmable coffee makers are preferable.

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