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Coredy L900 Review || Mop Robotic Vacuum | Helpful Guide

The Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum serves as a 2-in-1 appliance that combines your mopping and vacuuming needs into one efficient appliance that can do it all. Together with its dazzling suction power, 3-level mopping function, and long battery life, it certainly stands out well above the rest in its power, convenience, and usability.

To top it off, it comes with a LiDAR navigation system that allows you to plot and virtually capture zones and boundaries in your home, ensuring your home is not only clean but also thoroughly and safely cleaned for your family’s needs. These and many other functionalities that make it suitable for your situation are discussed in this Coredy L900 review.

Main Thing – Fast Review of Coredy L900 Vacuum

Coredy l900 review robot vacuum cleaner

The Coredy L900 is a great-looking device that focuses on convenience and utility – focusing primarily on features that provide excellent cleaning service, first-class accessibility features, and long-lasting durability and utility over time. In particular, it has the following main features that you can use to get a rough estimate of its quality:

  • LiDar navigation system
  • 2700Pa suction power
  • 3 level mopping function
  • Voice prompts and voice activation
  • Silent cleaning routine and auto-recharge function
  • 5200 mAH battery capacity (3 hours cleaning)

The indicated functions simplify navigation, operation, and customization via the versatile app – making it a powerhouse in cleaning and its integrated technology. But as with any other product, it also has its share of ups and downs in its performance.

If you look at it more generally, the cleaning aspects and ease of use are undeniably top-notch – making it a little disappointing that on closer inspection it had to fall short on certain technical points.

But the optimization of a device is best viewed from a holistic perspective where all the parts work together – making the Coredy L900 a relatively top-running powerhouse and nevertheless a high-quality option for a robotic vacuum cleaner.

  • Extended battery life
  • Smart mapping and setting boundaries
  • Mopping and vacuuming combined in one device
  • Quiet enough to even hold conferences while working
  • The mopping attachment is not included initially
  • Slightly raised blade that prevents it from reaching lower places
  • Relatively new to properly map out long-term quality
  • Strictly dependent on a Wi-Fi connection

Coredy L900’s Cogs and Screws

Coredy l900 mop

The Coredy L900 has several features that make it a versatile cleaning tool, inside and out, combining cleaning efficiency, convenience, and intelligence in one convenient device.

The Coredy L900 carries a suction power of 2700Pa while the noise level remains below 65 dB so that you are only offered a soothing and relaxing experience during use. In addition, an additional mop attachment can be added – albeit separately – to accommodate all your cleaning needs in one multifunctional device.

With its built-in 3 water levels accessible for its mopping function, it maintains an excellent edge over other conventional robotic vacuum cleaners.

Moving on to the concept of intelligence (as “intelligent” robot vacuums should be), the Coredy L900 uses a high-precision LiDAR navigation system that allows it to map your home and map out an efficient route for its cleaning.

This system also allows you to define boundaries and specific cleaning spots that your device can avoid or prioritize in its route.

To top it off, the device has voice prompts to notify the user of any problems, has a staggering 5200mAH battery capacity for nearly 3 hours of cleaning, and an automatic recharge function for when capacity is low – all accessible via your Coredy smartphone app (available for Android and iOS devices), Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Performance on the pitch

Coredy l900 mapping review

What matters is that a product shines from marketing to actual use – a rare but obvious situation when it comes to the Coredy Robot Vacuum.

The device can effectively use its 2700Pa suction power to clean all the dust and pet hair that is usually difficult to remove.

It claims the limelight when it comes to cleaning quality, even when transitioning from hardwood floors to rugs – making it work as efficiently as possible while keeping noise to a minimum.

On the other hand, its mapping system is also as reliable as it gets, allowing you to map the place effectively and keep the device running thanks to its efficient cleaning routes that maximize its cleaning capacity.

In a nutshell, it trumps even cleaning freaks – and that’s the work of a device that, due to its slightly elevated height, cannot effectively reach the bottom of sofas. It does indeed have a small minus, but it does not take away from its qualitative cleaning capacity.

Setup and Use

With the initial setup of this device, you may encounter some minor bumps along the way as it tries to learn your cleaning habits and the whole structure of its cleaning place.

Initially, the charging dock should be plugged in properly and placed against the wall to ensure it remains stable during charging sessions.

In addition, a few feet of allotted space (6 feet in front and 3 feet on each side) is recommended to allow the device to move freely around the charging dock.

The first runs of the vacuum will mainly be for accurate mapping of the site – requiring a little supervision for it to function fully on its own.

But other than that, the device does not require any further necessary adjustments, apart from the connection arrangement and the adjustment of the environment.

Durability and long-term performance

Coredy l900 robot vacuum cleaner

Sustainability is sometimes a very critical factor in the decision to purchase a new product – and rightly so in most, if not all, cases. The Coredy L900 is well aware of this, and it delivers excellent performance even when subjected to the constant wear and tear of repeated cleaning.

It can consistently pump out sufficient suction when needed when moving from one type of room to another, even after a few months of repeated use in a location of your choice.

Sure, it might be a little too tall for some sofas due to its raised hump-like top, but its long-lasting battery and consistent performance trump height issues.

Because the product is relatively new, it is still a bit stretchy to make a long-term assessment of its quality. Nevertheless, looking at how it performs now, it’s up there, and it has no plans to go down anytime soon.

Maintenance and necessary replacements

The maintenance of a device is as important as its inherent specifications at the time of purchase, as both determine the quality of the product – requiring even the Coredy L900 to undergo a few replacements and cleaning procedures to perform at its best.

An additional HEPA filter supplied serves as a replacement for the other if the filter inside becomes completely saturated and clogged. Replacement of the HEPA filter is necessary to keep the air circulation in the device in tip-top order and to allow it to work at its maximum.

Furthermore, the dust container of the device also needs to be checked more often, because due to its greater suction power, relatively more dust enters it. Think of it as a way to keep the device ready for whatever you might need it for.

The bottom line is that cleaning emergencies always exist, and it doesn’t hurt to be ready for anything that may come your way.

Recommended upgrades and additions

Coredy l900 manual

The Coredy L900 comes with a 3-level mopping feature that effectively packs most of your cleaning needs into one convenient unit. However, the mop attachment along with the water tank is an additional purchase that you’d probably want to spend to effectively maximize its versatility and convenience.

The appliance can then be adapted to avoid places suitable for mopping (hardwood floors) and places intended only for vacuuming (carpets, rugs), using its “spot cleaning” or “zone cleaning” function.

This doesn’t burden you with the extra hassle of removing your carpets or even marking out the places with physical boundary strips, while still keeping your smartphone accessible.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

What accessories are included in the package?

The package comes with 4 side brushes, an extra HEPA filter, a cleaning brush, a charging dock, and a power adapter.

Do I need WiFi for the Coredy L900?

Yes. From setup to use, the connection between the Coredy app and the device itself is established via WiFi and is necessary for the device to work independently. However, it does have two buttons on the top that can be used to recall it to the charging dock if it somehow loses connection.

Is a remote control included?

Unfortunately, the device does not support IR remote control for its operation. Its setting changes and controls are all handled by the Coredy app.

Does the vacuum cleaner automatically find the charging base when the battery is low?

Absolutely! Once the device has finished cleaning or the battery has dropped to 15%, it will automatically go to its charging station. Please note that the device requires 6 feet in front and 3 feet on each side of the charging dock to function properly when put back.

Does the app save previously recorded maps?

It does! On the first run, a map of your location is created and you can use that for your subsequent routines.

Can the device exceed thresholds in the chosen location?

Yes. However, it can only go over thresholds or steps with a maximum height of 0.8 inches.

Final Thoughts

The Coredy L900 effectively holds its own in the field of robotic vacuum cleaners with its top-notch specifications and integrated technology.

From cleaning to convenience and accessibility, the device comfortably lays claim to the upper ranks, even with its minor flaws here and there. It may be too early to state conclusively in this Coredy L900 review that it’s still as good after a few years of use, but it’s still one to look forward to, whether you’re just looking for a cleaning buddy or a great investment.

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