Goovi D380 Review

Goovi D380 Review || With Smart Mapping

The Goovi D380 vacuum cleaner robot is an intelligent and self-charging cheap robot that can effectively clean any surface. It is designed in such a way that the cleaning process is fully automated and wireless, i.e. without a long and unwieldy cable.

The D380 robot hoover uses sensors to navigate the house, avoiding walls and other obstacles while maintaining good suction power for the pickup. In this Goovi D380 review, we take a look at the robot vacuum cleaner and its features to find out if it’s a valuable product for your home.

Main Thing – Fast Review

goovi d380 robot vacuum is the best robot vacuum under $250

Even if the Goovi D380 lacks some advanced features, it is still a good vacuum robot. The lack of smart mapping and home layout features can be attributed to its affordable price. However, this is compensated for by the strong suction power it offers.

It’s easy to use and very suitable for those looking for an entry-level vacuum cleaner robot. For people looking to upgrade, it may not be as attractive as it lags behind other high-end models.

The Goovi D380 vacuum cleaner robot is good if you don’t worry about overly advanced software and remote controls. It is also suitable for those who have limited space.

For larger houses or residential units, you’d better look for other brands as they offer better value for money in the long run.

There are some reliability issues, but the setup is simple and easy to follow. Maintenance is also not difficult but should be done regularly to avoid device degradation. Here are the pros and cons of the Goovi vacuum cleaner robot.

  • Excellent for low to medium carpets
  • Automatic charging via the charging station
  • Bi-directional cleaning
  • Affordable
  • No app integration
  • No restriction options
  • Tiny dust collector
  • Hair can get stuck

Complete Review of the Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum

A closer look at the Goovi vacuum cleaner robot

In this section of the Goovi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review, we take a look at several features that set it apart from others. You will learn how it works, how reliable it is, what it does, where its limits are, and how easy it is to set up.

How does it work

The Goovi vacuum cleaner robot works through a combination of powerful software, sensors, and great intelligent hardware. It mainly uses infrared technology for obstacle detection. This prevents collisions and the risk of falling during operation. The company claims that it creates an optimal route to run every time a cleaning operation begins.

The robot is mainly controlled via the remote control as it has no application integration. The remote control contains the robot’s available modes as well as the directions you want to take.

You can choose Auto Mode, Line Edge Mode, or Spot Mode for different surfaces in your house. You can be sure that it is doing a good job removing difficult-to-remove dirt and dust.

When the robot finishes its work or its battery runs out while cleaning, it automatically returns to its charging station to recharge or wait for further commands. The owners do not have to pick it up as it can find its location via its sensors.

In general, the Goovi D380 makes human presence superfluous or less necessary during operation. The only time you need to move is with brush maintenance and rubbish and trash disposal.


This Goovi vacuum cleaner robot does well in terms of run time. Other vacuum cleaner robots with lower power only have a battery life of 90 minutes. However, the D380 can run for up to 2 hours at 1600Pa.

This makes cleaning easier as more areas can be covered while maintaining a very high level of performance in the brushes and suction components. In addition, the self-charging function enhances this bulky battery, as it enables a smooth transition between charging and operating times.

Despite the high suction power of the product, it is quiet in operation. It doesn’t matter whether you use the Goovi Edge, Spot, Max, or Auto-cleaning mode, it always remains quiet and inconspicuous. However, noticeable noises can be heard on hard surfaces such as concrete and rough tiles.

The D380 does a good job on pet hair and fur. This product is perfect for you if you have a dog that is very hairy. However, you may need to clean the brush regularly as some strands or bundles may get stuck. You can find more information on maintenance in this Goovi vacuum cleaner robot test.

The filter of the Goovi D380 is very high quality because it is HEPA certified. It can therefore catch and filter out very small allergens that may not even be visible to the naked eye. However, you should note that the filter cannot be washed or cleaned and must therefore be replaced.

The D380’s side brushes and rollers can be described as average. They do their job vacuuming dirt, but the high RPM can cause the dirt to be scattered rather than picked up.

Main Features

Strong Suction Power

The Goovi vacuum cleaner robot D380 has a good suction power of 1600Pa. This is a real difference from its competitors of the same price, which usually have an average of 1000 Pascals.

This great hardware makes for better absorption of animal hair, fur, dust, human hair, and dirt. In addition, the Goovi D380 robot vacuum cleaner can easily work on carpets with low to medium carpets. The D380 also works efficiently on surfaces such as wood and tiles.

Safe and optimal cleaning

The Goovi D380 is equipped with advanced infrared sensors that help to detect obstacles. 2 of these sensors are installed in the device and help to create optimal paths to be taken during the cleaning process.

As soon as the Goovi vacuum cleaner robot sensor detects an obstacle, it signals to the robot that it should turn around or slow down so that it is also safe with pets or children in the house. The result is a fully automated vacuum cleaner robot that requires less human intervention.

Smart modes

The device has different 4 modes that you can choose from. These are Auto, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and Max Cleaning. They are used in different cases depending on your preference.

The automatic mode is the standard model of the vacuum robot. It shows the standard cleaning services for your surface. With spot cleaning, the robot moves in expanding circles with a length of about one meter. Edge cleaning is used on the edges of your walls to better clean them. Finally, with Max cleaning, the device can enormously increase its suction power. This mode is typically used for carpets and carpets.

Slim design

The Goovi vacuum cleaner robot has a vertical length of 2.83 cm, which can be described as very slim and small. This allows the robot vacuum cleaner to easily pass through gaps such as B. drive under furniture.

Despite its size, it has a strong suction power of 1600 Pa, which means that the dimensions of the Goovi robot pay off. The robot hoover works amazingly well under couches, tables, couches, and even under tall equipment.

Anti-drop sensors

The Goovi D380 robotic vacuum cleaner has good cleaning capabilities and intelligent safety technology that protects it from danger. With the help of anti-fall sensors, which are located under the device, he can avoid destructive falls from stairs or curbs. Once a potential crash site is located, the D380 will quickly turn around and return to a safe clean-up site.

Automatic docking

One of the best things about the Goovi D380 is its automatic charging and docking. As soon as the battery is empty, it returns to its charging station to recharge its batteries. The homeowner no longer has to pick up the vacuum cleaner and plug it into the charging station, because the robot does it effortlessly.

High battery capacity

Another selling point for the Goovi D380 is its battery life. With a capacity of over 2600 mAh, you can be sure that it will do its job properly. It can run for up to 2 hours on a full charge, which is an ideal length of time, especially for small to medium-sized homes.

Don’t worry about losing battery life as it will automatically go into its charger and return to clean the house as soon as it is done.


The Goovi D380 is not a perfect vacuum cleaner robot. He has several limitations that make him weak in some activities. The first is the inability to limit the device. This means that there is no way to prevent the D380 from going into a place it shouldn’t be touching. Other robot brands have digital or physical restriction methods, but the D380 lacks in that regard.

Another shortcoming of the Goovi robot vacuum cleaner is the lack of app integration.

Most robot vacuum cleaners these days are compatible with iOS and Android, so this can be a real downside. Plus, you don’t get advanced features like home mapping and scanning. The robot only relies on its sensors to navigate and clean the floors of the house.

The Goovi D380’s small dust bin also means it can only cover a small area. It is not suitable for large floors as the dirt that is collected will exceed its natural capacity.

This can result in frequent discarding of the container and the need to empty the cleaning brush to make up for its size.

Setup and use

There is not much to say about the structure of the device. It’s a very simple and straightforward process. First, you need to read the components and check that they are complete.

You should have the main unit, 4 side brushes, 2 extra high-efficiency filters, a remote control, a charging station, and an instruction manual. Remove the straps from the device and find a good place for the charging station. Make sure to attach the brush securely.

Then insert the battery into the remote control and let the device charge for a while. As soon as the light is blue, you can start vacuuming!

Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners, the D380 does not have built-in applications that you can install on your smartphone. You only have the remote control and the device itself. This can be an advantage for those who find logging in a nuisance. But it can also be a disadvantage for tech-savvy people who want more control over their product than just a remote control.

Generally, it takes ten minutes or less to set up. It’s one of the easiest robots for cleaning floors, which makes it a very good entry-level robot. Be sure to read the warranty and manual in full.


This Goovi robot picks up dirt and animal hair first-class. The suction force of 1600 Pa is more than enough to absorb any dirt in the house that it comes into contact with. It also vacuums well on carpeted floors, but there is a problem with getting stuck at an intersection. In such cases, you will need to remove the obstruction so that it can work again.

The Goovi is most reliable on hardwood floors. It can cover the surface efficiently and clean it well. However, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t have laser sensors to navigate logically. But that doesn’t matter, because it can still vacuum the entire floor.

One of the robot’s weaknesses is that it doesn’t reliably vacuum around corners. It is better to use a broom for such areas as the robot will find it difficult to reach them. The sensors signal to the robot that it should avoid any obstacle. Since two walls are too many, he turns quickly to corners.


Maintaining the robot includes emptying the bin, cleaning the filter, wiping the sensors, and handling the extractors and side brushes (which include the main brush and roller brush).

To empty or clean the container, you must first press the release button to remove it. Then the contents should be disposed of in a garbage bag.

To clean the filter, press the white tab and button, then shake the waste into a trash can. Remember, the filters should be replaced every two months.

The sensors can be wiped with any soft cloth, but be careful not to use a cleaning solution.

The bottom vacuums and side brushes can be removed with a coin or a screwdriver. Tangled hair and accumulated dirt must be disposed of so that they do not interfere with operation. Put the extractor and brush back in the way you removed them.

Additional purchases and charges

The Onion Goovi D380 has some additional purchases for the side brushes and filter replacement. However, it does not have magnetic restraint tapes that can be purchased, unlike other robot vacuum cleaners.

If you do not want to spend on additional components, it is not necessary. At the end of the day, it is a standalone product that can work without the need to continue shopping. If you want a blue device, you may have to pay more.

The only ongoing cost that a customer could spend is electricity bills. Goovi’s automatic charging system makes the Goovi robot vacuum cleaner frequently need to be charged.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

How long does Goovi take to charge?

Goovi needs up to 300 minutes to charge. After charging is complete, it can work for 120 minutes.

What is the warranty of the device?

It has a 1-year warranty. However, you can purchase an additional two-year warranty for the Onion Goovi device.

Does it work well on carpets?

Yes, the Goovi Robot Cleaner works great on carpet and carpet surfaces. It even works well on wooden floors. If you want to improve your overall cleaning, there are many modes to choose from.

I live on a high floor. Can you detect fall hazards?

Yes, Goovi D380 has sensors built-in that can help protect against drops. When it detects a ladder or a falling hazard, the robot receives a signal to turn to a safer place on the floor.

Can I set a cleaning schedule?

Yes, it is possible to set a cleaning schedule using the unit’s remote control. You will see a button that allows you to enter the exact time you want the robot to work.

Final Thoughts

The Onion Goovi D380 is a robot vacuum cleaner suitable for newbies to the world of automatic cleaners. It may not have the best software as it works through the controller, but the powerful hardware outperforms many of its competitors. Not only that, but its price is very low, around $ 180.

Losing app integration can be a huge blow, but the included infrared remote control is more than enough control. Also, the problem of stuck hairs and dust buckets should be easily fixed with proper maintenance.

If you are not worried about advanced functions like home mapping and laser detection, then you should buy this robot. It will come in handy especially if you have a small or even medium unit.

However, if you have larger floor space, you should go for other brands or more expensive robots.

The Goovi D380’s greatest strength is its performance-cost ratio, and I firmly believe that it can be a good companion that exceeds expectations.

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