how to choose an espresso machine

How To Choose An Espresso Machine

We all love to sip a delicious espresso in the early morning or after lunch, so our coffee maker is a staple of our everyday life.

With so many models of coffee machines available in the market, it is very difficult to make an informed choice. For this reason, I am going to introduce you to the different types of espresso makers and what features to look for.

What Are The Different Types Of Espresso Makers?

There are many models of coffee machines, the characteristics of which vary depending on how the coffee is prepared and consumed. What is more, it is precisely these characteristics that will determine the end result and therefore the more or less pleasant flavor of your drink.

In the market for espresso makers, you can find capsule machines, which are among the most common, because they are particularly easy to use and guarantee excellent quality. Just insert a capsule in the space provided, press a button and you can enjoy your coffee.

Other models include the pod espresso makers, which are similar to the previous ones but use a different type of coffee, usually ESE-type pods.

For true espresso enthusiasts who can’t settle for pods or capsules, it’s best to choose a manual coffee maker, like those used by professionals in bistros. These work with ground coffee, which must be poured into the reservoir provided for this purpose. Although this type of espresso maker is not easy to use, especially on the first few attempts, with a little experience you will end up with a succulent and rewarding cup.

Finally, if you are a bit lazy by nature and prefer a machine that does everything for you, go for an automatic espresso maker. These machines grind the coffee for you, do it, and brew it without you having to lift a finger.

What Features Should An Espresso Maker Offer?

For starters, the time it takes to brew a coffee is a fundamental factor. If you only consume a few cups a day at home, your coffee maker doesn’t need to be a rocket, while if you want to use it in your workplace, it should be able to serve multiple people in. a very short period of time.

Besides, you have to take into account the different characteristics of the espresso coffee maker you plan to buy:

  • The pressure, expressed in the bar, is the power with which the water passes through the filter, to extract the aromas from the coffee. In general, the higher the pressure, the stronger the coffee will be. The pressure should be between 12 and 15 bar.
  • The filter can be single or double, and there can also be several. You will definitely need at least one single filter and one double filter to satisfy everyone.
  • Design is not something that interferes with the quality of the drink, but try to find a coffee maker that blends well with the room you are going to place it in.
  • Accessories can be useful. For example, the coffee maker may come with a coffee scoop, cleaning brush, or descaling agent.
  • Finally, you need to consider the features offered by the coffee maker. The most common functions that are usually found in the best espresso machines are rapid heat up, automatic shut-off (handy for reducing energy consumption), and automatic coffee dosing. If you dive into the world of automatic espresso makers, you will find many other features there, such as preparing other drinks or automatic maintenance.

You are now familiar with espresso makers. All you have to do is decide which one to buy. Remember to consider your needs and the features that you think you cannot do without.

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