How To Dress A Baby At Night?

How To Dress A Baby At Night? Baby Room Temperature And Babies Clothes For Sleep

Should she dress her in a diaper? In a small sweater or a T-shirt? These are the questions that rush around in our heads when it is time to dress a baby before putting him to bed. Yes, taking what we have on hand and putting it on is not always enough for your child to have a good night’s sleep.

Head To The Baby’s Room

Before even asking yourself questions about how you are going to dress your child, you will first have to make sure that the nursery represents a restful and calming environment. So, to make everything go smoothly, you need to give the baby’s room a few nudges. Nothing too difficult, to begin with:

  • Avoid the overload of lint in the bed: it can certainly be beautiful to see, and it is also attractive for the baby, but it is better to remove them at night, to avoid any kind of accident. And of course, make sure the lint is washed regularly so that it doesn’t store dust.
  • Pay attention to the temperature of the room: as you can know, this little being is still fragile, so it is recommended to make him sleep in a room whose temperature varies between 18 and 20 °. You might say to yourself that it’s hard to guess the temperature in a room? It is not easy, but it is not an impossible mission: be aware that there are many thermometers and temperature testers available on the market.
  • Make sure that the room has proper ventilation: more than any other room in the house, the baby’s room must be ventilated so that the air in it can be renewed continuously.
  • Check the humidity of the chamber: it is also necessary to check the humidity of the chamber. In this sense, it must be in the 50%.
baby clothes in winter

Choose The Right Clothes For The Night

Keep your ultimate goal in mind: dress your baby well to ensure a long, deep sleep, to prevent getting up on the wrong foot. To do this, know that dressing your little one the same way all year round is not the solution. To do this, you just need to know the right basics, and then dress your baby as you wish.

You might have guessed it, but babies and blankets don’t always mix, and the question “what to do” arises when the temperature starts to drop and winter rolls around. Do not panic, in case of low temperature, opt for pajamas accompanied by a long-sleeved body and socks. If the cold persists, you can add gloves, a hat, or a sleeping bag to your baby. Do not hesitate to double the layers of clothing if you feel that it is really cold (around 10 °).

Also, if the temperature is between 18 and 20 °, you can wear your choice of light pajamas and a body with short sleeves.

In the event of scorching heat and if the temperature rises above 26 °, a simple diaper will do. However, to prevent the baby’s fragile skin from rubbing against the sheet, you can dress it up in a small, short-sleeved bodysuit. Likewise, it will be necessary at the same time to ban the clothes which could irritate the baby during his sleep and to avoid too tight clothes. Instead, choose loose clothing to give him more freedom in his movements.

Tips And Advice For A Well-Deserved Sleep

And since we don’t like to do things by halves, here are some tips that you might find helpful in your role as parents:

  • To help you dress your baby, you can use an inexpensive changing table, which is doubly useful. A piece of furniture that gives you great comfort when you change your baby, with drawers that can only facilitate the storage of the little one’s things.
  • When you put your baby to bed, avoid using any blankets, quilts, or sheets as much as possible to prevent the baby from getting tangled in them and having difficulty breathing. Long-sleeved pajamas and sleeping bags will give them comfort as well as the necessary temperature.
  • If you feel that the temperature in the room is high, you can use a ventilation device, placing it as far as possible from the baby’s bed.
baby gowns for sleeping
  • Choose the most comfortable posture for your baby, that is to say lying on the back, without a blanket, pillow, or lint around. Give him the freedom to wiggle freely in his sleep.
  • Take the trouble to check the temperature in the baby’s room from time to time, so that it can be corrected in the event of a change in temperature. You are probably wondering, “How do you know if your baby is not too hot or not too cold?” “. Nothing difficult, you can make sure yourself by comparing the temperature of your child’s tummy and foot. As a general rule, her feet should always be cooler than her stomach. If by misfortune, the stomach and the feet are both cold, the addition of another garment is necessary.
  • Always bath your baby before going to sleep. A simple gesture that could relax him and put him to sleep peacefully.
  • Prefer plain pajamas to 2-piece models, to prevent this from revealing your child’s belly in case of wriggling in his sleep.

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