how to use a turkish mill

How To Use A Turkish Mill – Complete Guide

An authentic Turkish mill is the best of manual mills. Cylindrical, made of copper or brass, these grinders are still used in Turkey and other countries in the Middle East to grind coffee at home.

This article will tell you how to use a Turkish grinder to grind coffee.

How Do You Grind Turkish Coffee?

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How To Use A Turkish Mill?

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Using a Turkish mill is very simple:

  • Remove the crank and cover, and place the whole grains in the upper cylinder.
  • Adjust the screw using the crank to obtain the desired degree of grind.
  • Replace the cover and crank.
  • Turn the crank to grind the beans.
  • Collect the ground coffee in the lower cylinder.

The removable crank is used to operate the mill. It fits into the screw that regulates the degree of grinding, in the center of the cylinder: all degrees of extreme fineness can be obtained.

Oriental coffee must be reduced to a powder close to talc, and only these grinders succeed. The difficulty with real oriental coffee does not lie in the fineness of the grind but rather in choosing a blend of roasted coffee just right.

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