iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Review

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Full Review || Pet Hair Care

How Much Vacuum Cleaner Do You Really Need? The iLife V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner knows what it is good at and stays with it – namely animal hair. It lacks more fancy features like smartphone controls, but for households with multiple pets who want to spend less on cleaning and more on chew toys, the V3s Pro is a great deal for $160. If you have thick carpets in your home, you should look for another device, but if your floor is mostly hardwood or tile and a few thin carpets, this is the best robot hoover for less than $200.

Main Thing – Fast Review

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum
  • The excellent cleaning performance of pet hair
  • Fantastic hardwood performance
  • Economic
  • Noisy
  • Inconsistent cleaning pattern

Complete Review of the iLife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum


The iLife V3s Pro looks astonishingly the same as its sibling, the iLife V5s Pro, too though it replaces the gold plastic cover with a white cover with white and black bumpers on the sides. The slightly raised lip on the front of the vacuum cleaner prevents the V3s Pro from getting stuck in places where it could get stuck. Two three-spoke brushes that rotate when the vacuum cleaner is running are located on either side near the front of the device, loosening dirt and directing it into the throat of the robot. Like other iLife vacuum cleaner robots, the V3s Pro does not have a rotating roller brush, but a 3-inch suction opening through which the dirt is guided directly into the dust container. The lunchbox-like vacuum cleaner container with the bright yellow handle is located in the middle of the vacuum cleaner under the white cover.

The lack of a roller brush makes cleaning and caring for the robot a lot easier, but we’ve found that the V3s Pro has a hard time picking up larger spills on a low pile carpet. The vacuum cleaner robots are equipped with a roller brush.


Like other non-networked vacuum cleaner robots, the iLife V3s Pro is child’s play to set up. Just like with the V5s Pro, all we had to do was plug in the base, flip the power switch and charge it. We like that the power supply works with both the base and the robot itself; that’s a nice little insurance in case the family dog breaks the little plastic base. The iLife V3s Pro has three cleaning modes: floor cleaning, edge cleaning, and spot cleaning, in which the vacuum cleaner turns slowly in a spiral and focuses on one area.

Cleaning performance

Although the iLife V3s Pro is an inexpensive vacuum, its ability to clean our hardwood floors blew us away. The machine picked up small chunks of onion skin as it carefully scoured our baseboards in edge cleaning mode. Like its sister V5s Pro, it approached walls and obstacles slowly and cautiously. While not always perfect, the slow approach to obstacles reminded us of higher-quality vacuums.

The V3s Pro sucked in a thick line of breadcrumbs that we spread horizontally on its way without a second thought. After the vacuum made a few passes, the breadcrumbs disappeared. In comparison, the iLife V5s Pro spread the crumbs and never managed to capture them all, leaving a sandy surface on our hardwood floor.

In our lab tests, the iLife V3s Pro outperformed. The robot scored perfect in our hardwood pet hair test, collecting 100%. Of all the robot vacuum cleaners we tested, across all price ranges, the V3s Pro was the only one that reached perfection in this test. The robot vacuum was equally impressive on the carpet when it comes to pet hairs, picking up 99% of them, just one hair (sorry for the pun) less than the iLife V5s’ 99.5% pick-up rate. Pro. The appliance’s performance was noticeably better than the Eufy RoboVac 11s, which only cleaned 75% of the pet hair on the carpet.

Overall, the iLife V3s Pro was near perfect in our hardwood floor tests, picking up an average of 99.8% of the Cheerios, cat litter, and pet hair we threw at it. This score is the best average of hardwood test results of all robot vacuum cleaners we have tested. On the carpet, the V3s Pro faltered slightly, cleaning an average of 94.2% of the residue. However, the Shark Ion R85 ​​was the only vacuum to beat it, with its 97.2% carpet cleaning average.

The iLife V3s Pro completed its lab tests in an average of 1 hour, 31 minutes, and 1 second. This speedy robot is more than 9 minutes faster than the iLife V5s Pro but lagged behind the average cleaning time of the Eufy RoboVac 11 of 1 hour and 18 minutes, as well as the Shark Ion R85 ​​(1:01). The device was also 40 minutes slower than the 1 hour and 50-second robot vacuum average.

Although the iLife V3s Pro is an impressive vacuum cleaner, the logic of its movements did not always make sense to us. The machine insisted on repeatedly cleaning the hallway and under the sofa. Even when we asked her to come into the kitchen to clean, the vacuum made one pass and then went back into the hallway. Also, when we used the remote control to send the robot back to its dock, it circled for a while, until it got stuck under the couch. Fortunately, we were able to use the arrow controls on the remote to retrieve it.

The noise level of the iLife V3s Pro was 64.1 decibels in our lab, which is slightly higher than the 62.5 decibels generated by the Eufy RoboVac 11s and the 59.9 decibels of the comparatively quiet iLife V5s Pro. We notice it too. It was hard to hear the goings-on of “Billions” over the roar of the vacuum cleaner.


If you are on a budget and have pets, the iLife V3s Pro is the better robot vacuum for you. Even if you’re not on a budget, at $160, the iLife V3s Pro is a great local. Although the vacuum cleaner does not send alerts to your smartphone or allow you to clean only certain rooms, the V3s Pro outdo in what is probably the most desirable feature in a robot vacuum cleaner: the real cleaning capacity. The Eufy RoboVac 11’s lower profile makes it more adept at getting under furniture, but the V3s Pro offers better features for less money. Without a doubt, the iLife V3s Pro is one of the best cheap robot vacuum cleaners out there.

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