Magimix and thermomix for my kitchen

Magimix And Thermomix For My Kitchen

Before equipping your kitchen with a multi-function robot, it is crucial to know which is the best multi-function robot. Magimix and Thermomix, 2 of the best-known brands on the market each offer a multitude of models. This is why we have chosen, among them, to show you 2 multi-function robot cookers: Cook Expert and the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 to help you in your choice. Their price does not display much difference, their characteristics mentioned below will be useful to you.


Like all Magimix devices, the Cook Expert is made in France. The model, weighing 11 kg, is available in 3 colors: black, matt chrome and red. It is distinguished by the following characteristics. First, its energy-efficient operation, because it has an automatic standby and does not consume when the switch is off. Then, its purchase is followed by a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.

And finally, it has cooking accuracy to the nearest degree obtained during its use, thanks to smart induction. The Vorwerk Thermomix weighs 7.95 kg. Its distinction lies in its ease of cleaning, which is among the various programs offered, and the steps to follow for the chosen recipe are visible on the screen of the device. However, its warranty is only valid for 2 years. To get one or the other, you have to prepare a little more than 1000 euros.

The accessories

The number of accessories supplied with a multifunction robot defines the functionality that can be enjoyed. The Cook Expert stands out with its 3.5-liter 3-in-1 bowl that allows you to grate, mince, and chop ingredients. This bowl is also thermo, that is to say, that it keeps the preparations warm for 2 hours. It is no longer necessary to reheat the dishes before going to the table.

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And it is also accompanied by 3 transparent bowls of 3.6 l, 2.6 l, and 11.2 l, a steam basket of 2.5 l, a slicer of 2 and 4 mm, a grater of 2 and 4 mm, and with a metal knife. Magimix accessories are all washable with a dishwasher. The Thermomix TM5 has a bowl with a capacity of 2.75 liters and 2 plastic steam baskets: an internal of 1.3 l and an external of 3.6 l.

Additional accessories include various knives and a whisk. The accessories of the Cook Expert are more numerous than those of the Thermomix TM5. Both have a scale, but this accessory is integrated into the device for Vorwerk if that of the Cook Expert is external.


The functions found in the Cook Expert generally make it possible to cook, cut, mix. Keys on the device allow access to these functions. You only have to choose between the 15 integrated programs, and the rest is done automatically. On the other hand, you can program the cooking by choosing the time, speed, and temperature yourself.

All this with an induction cooking system. The cooking temperature of your choice is from 30 to 160 ° C. A book including more than 300 recipes helps in its use, in addition to thousands of recipes on the free application of the brand. As for the Thermomix TM5, it operates with a minimum temperature of 37 ° C and a maximum of 120 ° C, with a choice in steps of 5 ° C.

It uses a resistance cooking system. This gives less precision than with the Cook Expert. Its functionality is summed up by the possibility of mixing, mixing, simmering, and cooking. And its 9 automatic programs include an automatic cleaning program apart from the manual program. This facilitates the maintenance of this device. His cookbook contains 200 against 5,000 online recipes that are chargeable.

The programs

Having a cooking program is the reason why we buy a multi-function robot cooker. Each of these 2 robots has a manual program that allows you to adjust your cooking. But you can also choose one of the pre-prepared programs according to the preparation you want to do.

However, the automatic programs of these devices differ in number. For Magimix, it equipped the Cook Expert with 15 automatic programs. These are the programs: steam, food processor, grilled soups, browning, cream soups, pasta and cakes, bread and brioche, frozen desserts, smoothies, and simmering. The robot program allows you to mix and chop. The simmer can last 4 hours. And the browning is done at a temperature of 160 °.

Vorwerk, for its part, fitted the Thermomix TM5 with 9 automatic programs. These are the turbo, slow cooking, vacuum cooking, fermentation, mixing, kettle, kneading, weighing, and cleaning program. With vacuum cooking, you can cook continuously over 12 hours, with a lower temperature. The Turbo program allows for a powerful mix.


The capacity of a household appliance is one of the most important selection criteria. In fact, the number of people you will cook for will guide the selection of the robot you need. For Magimix, its main tank has a capacity of 2.5 liters against 2.2 liters for that of Vorwerk.

Associated with the capacity of the bowls, the Cook Expert is suitable for a preparation for 4 to 6 people if the Thermomix TM5 is suitable for at most 4 people. So if you are a small family, the latter will suffice. Speaking of the capacity of the steam basket, the 2 baskets of the Thermomix robot offer a total of 5 l. In addition to the 2.5-liter steam basket from the Cook Expert, it is possible to purchase a 5.5-liter XL basket.

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With the latter, you will have a total of 8 l of capacity for this device. Power is also another crucial point. In general, it varies according to capacity. The Cook Expert has a motor with a power of 900W against 500 W for that of Thermomix TM5. To take advantage of more features and characteristics, know that Vorwerk has already released the Thermomix TM6.

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