Why Use Noise Cancelling Headphones For Babies

Why Use Noise Cancelling Headphones For Babies

Before taking your little one with you everywhere to enjoy outdoor activities, you should think about effective hearing protection. As a precaution, you should use ear muffs that are sufficiently insulating to reduce deafening noise. But if you still hesitate to acquire such a product, our next lines will quickly change your mind.

What Is The Use Of Wearing Baby Earmuffs?

For the good cognitive development of your little one, it is strongly recommended not to expose their hearing to too aggressive sounds. Indeed, as he perceives loud sounds, irreversible damage can seriously affect his ear canal from an early age. Concretely, in the event of exposure to too loud noises, the child may experience hearing fatigue, giving him the sensation of blocked ears, ringing, or ringing in the ears. The eardrums usually return to their normal-hearing acuities if the little one is subsequently in a quiet environment.

Otherwise, if the deafening atmosphere persists, repeated hearing fatigue may cause irreversible discomfort for your little one. The most disastrous consequence that overexposure can cause is manifested by a decrease or a loss of the hearing acuity of the little one. You are aware that unlike the hearing of an adult reaching its maturity phase, a baby’s sense of sound through which sounds are perceived is more fragile and more sensitive. Know that the danger exists from the moment when the level of noise facing the baby’s hearing exceeds 80 decibels.

As children do not yet acquire the reflex to plug their ears in the event of loud noise levels, parents need to take the necessary measures so that no incident occurs. This is why health specialists require babies to wear noise-canceling headphones or earmuffs in a noisy environment. Developed from sound insulation, these devices protect your child’s eardrums from sound attacks. For good reason, they considerably reduce the sound perceived by your little one, without the surrounding atmosphere being completely isolated.

When To Wear Baby Earmuffs?

Several situations may involve the use of this equipment to adequately protect your child from hearing loss caused by noise pollution. First of all, you need to put on headphones at your little one’s ears during festive celebrations, such as a dinner dance and a wedding. The same goes for performances with a strong sound system and outdoor musical events, such as during a parade or a concert. Besides, it is important to use this accessory to keep the child’s hearing safe from the loud deafening heckles caused by fireworks and firecrackers.

Also, if you are passionate about sports racing and mechanical gear demonstrations, wearing a helmet is highly recommended for your baby if you plan to bring her with you for entertainment. Also, even if the situations most exposed to deafening noise are observed during outdoor trips, we must not neglect the noise pollution associated with domestic appliances. In case you have planned DIY or construction work near your child’s room using a hacksaw or drill, don’t forget to put on the little one’s helmet. Also, remember to protect your child’s hearing when your yard work involves handling deafening machines, such as chainsaws and mowers.

Likewise, these health precautions also apply when you are cooking up delicious snacks in the kitchen. As the child likes to monitor the progress of the preparation of his small snack, make sure he is wearing a helmet before leaving it lying around the kitchen, especially when a blender or a juicer is turned on. Also, it is wise to preserve the baby’s hearing acuity by keeping him away from devices playing too loud music and stressful cacophonies in your daily life.

Which Are Baby Noise-Canceling Headphones To Choose From?

So that your child can enjoy great wearing comfort, you will have to choose the protective accessory according to the unique anatomy of his skull and the level of sensitivity of his skin. If your little one doesn’t feel comfortable wearing the equipment, they will tend to pull it off or compress it strongly with the simple force of their little fingers. This is why you must take the time to study all the possible possibilities to be able to find a good noise-canceling headset. To do this, know that there are 2 models sold on the market between which you can choose according to your expectations.

On the one hand, composed of a very flexible elastic band, the models with headbands cover the circumference of the little one’s head, from the forehead to the back of the neck. They have been specially designed to scrupulously respect your little one’s head circumference, which is why these devices are firmly held on the head. Thus, they can be used to attenuate the sound environment of the youngest under 3 months. However, it is not advisable to use a headband helmet during summer periods, as the elastic band remains a source of heat for the child’s head. In addition, if you do not properly position the binding at the location provided for this purpose, the elastic band may fall at the same height as the baby’s eyes.

And on the other hand, the handles are also very popular in hearing protection for toddlers. With a generally padded handle, they perfectly fit the size of the baby’s head while guaranteeing great wearing comfort. In addition, ideal for children aged 3 months to 2 years, these very soft helmets hold well in place, even in the event of strong agitation on the part of the wearer. The disadvantage that the use of this equipment can present is the inability for the toddler to sleep properly on the side.

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