Lindsay Manufacturing 7 Gallon Central Vacuum System Review

Description: The Lindsay Manufacturing 7 Gallon Central Vacuum System is a powerful and efficient way to keep your home or business clean. It features a sealed HEPA-style bag, a Big 5.7″ Ametek Lamb motor, and a galvannealed steel and powder-coated body for corrosion-resistant lifetime use. This system also includes 50′ of hose, hanger, caddy, wands, dusting brush, and floor/upholstery tools. In this review we will discuss the key features of this product, compare it to similar products on the market, highlight its pros and cons, discuss what users think of it and draw a conclusion.

Key Features:

  • Sealed HEPA-style bag – no messy cans to empty or filters to clean
  • Big 5.7″ Ametek Lamb motor – up to 75% more life than comparative brands
  • Galvannealed steel and powder-coated for corrosion-resistant lifetime use
  • 7 gallon dirt capacity
  • Includes 50′ hose, hanger, caddy, wands, dusting brush and floor/upholstery tools
  • Quick & easy wall mounting – eliminates tipping over
  • Compare To Similar Products: The Lindsay Manufacturing 7 Gallon Central Vacuum System is very comparable to other central vacuum systems on the market such as the VacuMaid GV50PRO Professional Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum with 50 ft Hose. The VacuMaid GV50PRO has similar features such as the sealed HEPA-style bag and 50’ hose but is slightly more expensive than the Lindsay Manufacturing system ($529 compared to $499). Another comparable product is the Nutone Central Vacuum System which has all of the same features as both systems but is significantly more expensive at $899.99.



    What Users Think: Overall users are very pleased with their purchase of this product giving it an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 after over 400 reviews on Amazon! Many users love how powerful this unit is saying that they can “feel the suction power” while vacuuming their homes plus they appreciate how quiet it is compared to other central vacuums they have used in the past! On the flip side some users find that emptying out the dirt canister can be tricky while others feel that there should be more accessories included in order for them to get full use out of their purchase!

    Conclusion: The Lindsay Manufacturing 7 Gallon Central Vacuum System offers great value for money considering its performance and durability when compared to similar products on the market! Its powerful motor provides strong suction power yet remains quiet throughout operation plus its sealed HEPA-style bag means no messy cans or filters need cleaning ever again! Additionally its wall mounted design ensures that tipping over won’t ever become an issue! Overall if you’re looking for an efficient central vacuum system then look no further than this product from Lindsay Manufacturing!

    This item is available now on Amazon for $419.00

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