Moots VIP Microsuede Oak Couch – Perfect for Your Very-Important-Pet

Description: When it comes to giving your pet the best, nothing beats the Moots VIP Microsuede Oak Couch. This luxurious couch is made from the best wood and upholstered with top-notch fabric for an elegant and sleek look. It also features a waterproof liner, Moots Supreme Filling Formula, heavy-duty microsuede fabric, real wood front panels, and a strong wood frame for durability. With this couch, your pet will be able to relax, sleep and spend time with the family in style!


  • Made from the best wood and upholstered with top-notch fabric for an elegant and sleek look
  • Waterproof liner ensures protection against accidents
  • Moots Supreme Filling Formula provides maximum durability, breathability and comfort
  • Heavy-duty microsuede fabric is durable and stain resistant
  • Real wood front panels give it a natural appearance
  • Strong wood frame ensures durability
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    Key Features:

    What Users Think: Customers have been raving about this couch! They love that it is made from high quality materials for maximum durability and that it looks great in any room. Customers also appreciate how comfortable their pets are on this couch, as well as how easy it is to clean. It’s perfect for those Very Important Pets!

    Compare To Similar Products: The Moots VIP Microsuede Oak Couch is similar to other pet couches in terms of its size, construction materials and design. However, what sets it apart from other couches is its waterproof liner, heavy duty microsuede fabric cover and real wooden legs which provide an improved natural appearance. Additionally, its Moots Supreme Filling Formula ensures maximum comfort for your pet.

    Conclusion: If you’re looking for a luxurious couch that will keep your pet comfy while still looking great in any room, then look no further than the Moots VIP Microsuede Oak Couch! Made from high quality materials such as waterproof liners, heavy duty microsuede fabric coverings and real wooden legs – this couch is sure to impress both you and your Very Important Pet!

    This item is available now on Amazon for $216.28

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