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The baby carrier is a less bulky alternative if one had to compare with the stroller, to move with baby in a store for example or public transport. Some are dedicated to outdoor activities such as hiking or camping so that the whole small family can benefit. You can, therefore, imagine that the models and designs are as numerous as the uses of this accessory. And to find out how to choose the best affordable baby carrier of 2020, you must first go through a product comparison. This will make it easier for you to identify the best baby carrier on the market. How to rate each item? By directing its attention to the size, weight, adjustability, or even the design thereof. The BabyBjörn 093094highlights the question of practicality and carrying comfort for parents as well as for the baby thanks to its 4 options. It will be easy for you to find him in the appropriate position. For its part, the Manduca MANS-OL is appreciated for its physiological functionality. It will accompany the growth of your toddler until he is 3 years old and a few.

Which Brand Is Best For Baby Carrier?

  • BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Bag | Best Baby Carrier
  • Manduca First Baby And Child Carrier | Baby Carrier For Newborn
  • Baby Wrap Carrier Jeroray Baby Wrap | Best Baby Carrier For Dad
  • Ergobaby Carrier, Baby Carrier Seat | Best Affordable Baby Carrier
  • Deuter Kid Comfort-Best Baby Carrier | Best Baby Carrier Wrap
  • Original 3-Position Baby Carrier With Storage Pocket | Best Baby Carrier For Summer
  • Deuter Kid Comfort 1 Lightweight Framed The Best Baby Carrier | Best Baby Carrier For Back Pain

1. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Bag

best structured baby carrier

The design of this BabyBjörn equipment combines both design and practicality. In addition to its unisex gray look, it has a feature that will allow you to vary the baby’s position according to his age and his needs. Note that this model can be used up to 3 years, so there is no risk of changing equipment for a long time.

As a quality of manufacture, you can count on its Oeko-Tex certification which guarantees the reliability of its elements of the constitution. It is in line with the safety standards laid down by childcare organizations. So you don’t have to worry about the coating attacking or irritating your toddler’s skin. You are not taught that hygiene is essential when you have a baby. With this in mind, the manufacturer has designed the structure so that it can be easily maintained. Indeed, this article can go to the washing machine if you do not have time to clean it by hand and then dry it in the open air.

  • Various carrying options: This BabyBjörn baby carrier offers 4 modes of use that you can adapt according to the baby’s wishes and circumstances.
  • Quality of the padding: You will find padding on all of the equipment to reduce the risk of fatigue for both the wearer and the child.
  • Reliable materials: The elements that make up this specimen benefit from the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 certification. This standard represents a guarantee of its safety in use as well as its durability.
  • Complex fasteners: Parents feel that handling this specimen is not intuitive enough. It takes some time to adapt.

2. Manduca First Baby and Child Carrier

best budget baby carrier

When you are waiting for your little one to arrive, certain baby equipment can be purchased to accommodate it, such as the physiological baby carrier from Manduca. This is equipment that can be useful to you from the earliest age of your toddler and will accompany you until he is 3 years old.

The set is made with pure organic cotton. Dermatologically tested, it does not risk creating harmful effects on the health of the little one like that of the wearer. It weighs only 600 g. Therefore, its weight will not accentuate that of the child even if you have to carry it on long journeys, thus reducing early fatigue. As for its dimensions, it’s 50 * 37 * 13 cm long, wide and high accommodating a good number of morphology. This equipment is provided with adjustable straps and provided with padding so that the weight of your little one does not weigh on your shoulders. It also has a lumbar belt to increase its level of stability.

  • Scalable: This model offered by Manduca can be used from birth until he reaches 3 years of age. Roughly speaking, it is capable of supporting a weight of 3.5 to 20 kg.
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps: In addition to being padded, these components have adjustment points to easily accommodate the wearer’s size.
  • Adjustments not obvious: Some parents find that the first installation of the child inside this baby carrier Manduca is quite complex. The process will take you long minutes.

3. Baby Wrap Carrier Jeroray Baby Wrap

best hip seat carrier

This scarf fits easily in a handbag and easily replaces a baby carrier during mom’s outings with baby. No more cluttering up with this model since it comes with its own storage bag. And as that was not enough, the parents receive in addition a bib of quality quite correct. Baby has almost everything he needs for his outing.

Do not rely on its sufficient length, on the contrary, this is what makes it easy to put. Parents assimilate the concept after one or two tries thanks to the contrasting seam. This provides good support for the head and back of infants. The cotton of which this baby carrier is made is not only comfortable for him but also easy to clean. It is quite possible to send the scarf to the machine without fear that it will wear out faster.

  • Not bulky: The scarf is sold with a tiny storage bag or, failing that, will go unnoticed among your other belongings in your handbag.
  • Bonus accessories: The manufacturer has thought of attaching a quality bib to this baby carrier up to 15 kg to prevent it from getting dirty too often.
  • A baby carrier well suited for birth: It is long enough to cover the baby from head to toe and therefore keeps it protected.
  • Lack of information in the instructions: Users say that in the instructions, they only speak of one way to tie the scarf. They would, therefore, have preferred to have received more information about the others.

4. Ergobaby Carrier, Baby Carrier Seat

best baby carrier brands

If you have a newborn at home, this baby carrier from Ergobaby can become your favorite material. It is equipped with the necessary functionalities to support it in its growth until its 3 years. During this period, you can vary the position of the child inside according to the circumstances, according to 4 modes.

The model is also provided with a lap belt to reinforce its stability and the security of the whole. To this are added adjustable straps according to the morphology of the wearer. These elements are also padded to limit pain in the shoulder in case of long-term use of the product. This specimen is distinguished by its aeration technology. It has a structure favoring the circulation of air which avoids hot strokes and excessive perspiration during its use.

  • Easy maintenance: To clean the baby carrier Ergobaby, you just have to send it to the washing machine. You will not waste time to refurbish it
  • Ergonomic: This model has 4 carrying modes that you can easily adapt according to your child’s age or wishes. You can place your toddler facing you, on your back, on your hip, or facing the road.
  • Ventilation system: A mesh lining covers the entire equipment to minimize your perspiration and that of your little one.
  • The first complex uses: Parents are clear that the initial handling of this product complicates their work.

5. Deuter Kid Comfort II Best Baby Carrier

best baby papoose

This Deuter reference, which many believe is the best brand of baby carriers, is, so to speak, a real backpack intended to accommodate a child. Its design looks like it for hiking, with its multiple compartments with closures where to store all your belongings and those of the little one, and the well-padded shoulder straps. In the 18 l of this Deuter baby carrier, apart from the little blond head, you can carry clothes, various accessories, there is plenty of room.

The device has support legs at the back that allow you to safely place the baby inside before mounting it on your back. The waist belt accentuates this feeling of serenity that this model inspires at first sight. Not to mention the waterproof coating so that water does not seep into it. The 55% polyester and 45% polyamide fabric, in addition to being highly resistant to humidity, protects the delicate skin of the little being.

  • Protection provided: The visor protects the child well from rain, snow, and the strong sun.
  • A complete baby carrier: The headrest and the stirrups further promote the comfort of the baby inside this model. Some parents claim that they fall asleep better and faster thanks to these elements.
  • A versatile baby carrier: This baby carrier backpack is just as useful for walking around the city, shopping, as hiking in the mountains, or spending summer vacation.
  • Requires adaptation time: Purchasers take time to assimilate the settings and use of this baby carrier. After this step, everything rolls like clockwork.

6. Original 3-Position Baby Carrier with Storage Pocket

best baby carrier for walking

This Ergobaby baby carrier highlights the practical side for parents who prioritize this parameter when purchasing. Indeed, this material will accompany them during a certain period. In addition, they can easily change the way of carrying according to their desires and those of their children.

This specimen is also provided with several storage spaces so that you can take the bare necessities during your outings. Using its pockets, you can store them meticulously and have them nearby when needed. Padded shoulder straps come into play to reduce the weight of your toddler. Safety in use was also not left aside by the designer. This material has a 50+ UV protection index which allows it to easily transform into a hiking baby carrier.

  • Storage pocket: This specimen is equipped with a storage compartment to receive the little one’s belongings when you are out. So you will have them nearby and avoid having to carry another extra bag.
  • Ergonomic design: This model presents 3 carrying options adaptable according to the circumstances.
  • Incomplete: This article can only be used when the child weighs 5.5 kg. To change it into a physiological baby carrier, you must purchase the cushion and the product separately.

7. Deuter Kid Comfort 1 Lightweight Framed The Best Baby Carrier

best baby carriers

If you are passionate about hiking and want to introduce your child to this activity from an early age, this Deuter baby carrier is made for you. It is provided with elements intended for this type of use, thus reducing congestion. This model is made of a set of nylon and polyester, which allows it to withstand various daily manipulations. To this assembly is added an aluminum frame contributing to its solidity and lightness. During breaks, you can place it on the ground without overturning it using its large support maximizing its stability.

The particularity of this specimen lies in its special construction aimed at optimizing the comfort of the wearer thanks to its air regulation mechanism. It will prevent you from having your back sweaty despite long-term use. It also has various pockets for storing the things you will need during your outings.

  • Ventilation system: At the level of the back is a ventilation technology limiting the production of perspiration of its wearer.
  • Optimal protection: This hiking baby carrier is equipped with a mechanism to protect against sunburn and bad weather, protecting your child and all of your belongings from climatic variations.
  • Deterrent price: Consumers are perplexed to buy this product at the sight of its cost. Indeed, they wonder about its durability.

Purchase Guide

The baby carrier is useful for any parent who has to work, shop, take care of household chores, and take care of a baby at the same time. There are several variations on the market, so you end up getting lost. In this buying guide for the best baby carriers, you will find different criteria that will help you in your selection.


If it’s hard to figure out how to buy a better value baby carrier, take a look at its size first. It conditions the comfort of the apple of your eye. Know that with such a device, the child must be completely wrapped in it. For infants for example, if the neck protrudes, take a larger model, unless you hold the little angel firmly against you.

When the little darling has grown a little, you can leave his arms, head, and legs in the open air. He will feel much more comfortable, especially in summer. In this case, make sure that the cutouts through which the little one passes the legs are wide enough. If they squeeze it too tight, he may have a bad experience.

Similarly, on the parents’ side, the suspenders must be long enough not to stress the shoulders or the back too much. They must be able to distribute the child’s weight well over the upper part of the adult’s body.

For baby wraps, the choice of size is particularly difficult. They are generally sold in lengths between 2 and 5 m approximately. The former is called a sling but is much easier and more practical to set up. You just have to position Baby right in the middle of the rectangular band like in a hammock and close the hooks on the back. 


Check the weight of the device. Added to that of baby, it may be that you weigh a little. Baby carriers are a bit like car seats. They are sold in weight categories. If your baby is too heavy for the model, he is likely to wear out faster, worse to let go at any time.

So make sure you do not exceed the maximum weight indicated on the product so as not to endanger the apple of your eye. Belly baby carriers generally support up to 15 kg of maximum load, while preformed t-shirts give way after only 5 kg. You can see that it varies from one model to another.

The padding and the material with which the baby carrier is made greatly influence its weight. If you are a rather puny mother, with a baby who weighs her weight, it would be more pleasant to opt for a physiological baby carrier well-stocked everywhere, especially at the level of the shoulders and the chest.

Scarves, considered to be the lightest, have the disadvantage of being less comfortable than physiological models for the wearer.

best baby carrier

On the other hand, they allow a baby to lie down and get into different positions. That said, there are various knotting techniques that correctly distribute the child’s weight evenly, and that do not cause any back pain or shoulder to mom. It is, therefore, more than important to choose the store where to buy a new baby carrier. The seller must be able to show you the different possible knotting techniques. 


Everything in the baby carrier must be adjustable, from the head restraint to the harnesses through the straps. In a price comparison, you will see that most, if not all, have this attribute.

Whether it’s the classic baby carrier, physiological, or the baby carrier, look for the fit among all three. Babies are of different sizes and weights for their ages. It is therefore required that a model can be tightened and loosened until you are satisfied. If he confines Baby too much, it may leave marks on his skin and cause bruising. If the pocket is too large, your child can slip and pass through.

It is not only at the level of the pocket intended to accommodate the child that one can speak of adjustment. The straps can also be adjusted (in length) as well as the waist. It may indeed be that mom and dad take it in turns.

A version that can be easily modulated accompanies a little bit in its growth. There we find ourselves in the presence of evolutionary baby carriers. And who says evolutionary model says a few euros earned for parents, less hassle and more space in his home.

Do not think that the scarf is not adjustable. On the contrary, today there are extendable copies for all seasons.


There are a lot of designs and types of baby carriers. You have, for example, the classic baby carriers of the kangaroo type (a compromise between the scarf and the physiological). They are especially recommended for newborns who are still unable to hold their head and back straight.

The physiological type, whose design does not depart from the classic, is more worked, ergonomic, and safe. A baby also feels more comfortable there, with the legs in M rather than hanging them in a vacuum. He can have a glimpse of the environment that surrounds him on the condition of turning his face to the outside.

best baby front carrier

The baby wrap is for mom and the baby carrier is for dad. Certainly, men are more comfortable with suspenders. However, the scarf brings the child closer to the parent, especially for premature children who need to feel the warmth of their parents to grow well. Thanks to her, mom will be able to make adopt various positions for her child to fall asleep, give him the breast, or carry it while taking care.

In any case, we advise you to opt for a model with which you and your blond head feel most comfortable. Define the circumstances under which it will be used. Is it to carry your child to work, while doing chores, to rock him or breastfeed him? Depending on this, you will be able to choose the right model. 

How To Use A Baby Carrier?

When you’re having trouble doing something else when you’re carrying your child, buy yourself a baby carrier. It is a practical tool for parents. It is made to make your life easier with your child, leaving you and him free to move. By choosing it, you will have your baby with you at all times. If you just bought it, this article will guide you in its use.

Familiarize yourself with its handling

What is good with the use of this tool is to have the freedom to do everything by carrying your child at all times, leaving him also free to move. All the different types of baby carriers are designed for the baby’s safety and comfort. You will have no trouble recognizing the upper because it is always fitted with suspenders. The lower part is most often provided with a belt allowing an adjustment of the tension around the small. On the model, you will surely find other models even easier to use since they slip on like a backpack.

Choose the type of baby carrier

For the safety and comfort of the little one, it is important to choose the right device for him. Some baby carriers have specific instructions regarding the age and weight of the baby they can support. First, look at the dimensions appropriate for your baby’s age. Next, observe the child’s ability to carry your child, knowing the maximum recommended weight. Choose a model that will best suit you and your little one, because, for some models, the portage rests only on the shoulders and could be inconvenient for a long trip.

Respect the duration of use

When purchasing this accessory, certain instructions or notices are provided. Read all the information carefully and follow the instructions. If you have doubts about certain manipulations or the use of this tool, do not hesitate to always refer to the manual to avoid possible errors. Some models are designed for specific categories of children and for a specific duration.

Maintain your device

Whatever model of best affordable baby carrier you use, it is important to know how to maintain and preserve your device. Proper maintenance will allow your baby to stay healthy and also remain safe. This will certainly improve the life of your tool. To do this, start by finding the care label which is most often found near a seam. It is normally located in the same place as the security labels. Certain models such as scarves require in particular that they are washed before using them, since not cleaning a weaving before its first use leaves empty spaces between the stitches, which weakens the weaving and can have an impact on safety.

The Most Popular Brands

Among the equipment to acquire when expecting a baby is the baby carrier. Not only does it keep your hands free, but it is also considered to be emotional arousal for your child. But still, it will be necessary that your equipment is of high quality to really meet your requirements. To be sure, nothing like betting on a reliable and globally recognized brand. Below are the best values ​​for this kind of acquisition.

best baby carrier for active parents

By offering an excellent compromise between design, practicality, and comfort, the products signed by the BabyBjorn brand do not go unnoticed on the market, as they have been carefully designed to meet the needs of all. Their baby carrier models make their celebrities, especially insofar as they are all physiological and respectful of the baby’s environment. Better yet, the factory offers parents the possibility of choosing between several models, in different fabrics, depending on how they wish to carry their baby.

best lightweight baby carrier

Of Italian origin, the Chicco brand is a brand recognized worldwide and is now present in 120 countries. For more than 60 years, therefore, it has taken on the mission of participating daily in the happiness of your child. It is with this in mind that she created her collection of baby carriers to meet the comfort needs of children and their parents. Its prices are competitive and the quality of its products is always confirmed.

best baby carrier for dads

Everything is in its name. The Ergobaby brand offers ergonomic solutions for carrying your baby, under a wide range of offers. If we were to go back to its history, it was in 2003 that Karin Frost created the first Ergobaby Baby Carrier, which was completely designed in cotton and was only available online. Now, because the original model was a resounding success, Ergobaby products are now available in specialized stores and department stores all over the world.

best back baby carriers

Manduca is aware that babywearing is a practical solution for any parent, and which as a bonus will allow dad to be as close to the baby as a mom is. It is with this in mind that she launched her collection of baby carriers on the market, which comes in several colors to appeal to all tastes. Comfort is also not on a leash since the system incorporates soft, adjustable, and anatomical straps, as well as the belt which distributes the weight of your child optimally, guarantees you unequaled carrying comfort.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Baby sling or carrier, which one to choose?

The choice of the method of carrying the child depends entirely on the wishes and needs of the parents. There are no compulsory rules to follow, but it is a question of getting the childcare equipment in line with your daily life. For some parents, the baby carrier optimizes safety while being simple to install. In fact, it is quickly operational thanks to suspenders and generally adjustable safety devices. It is also solid. However, the baby can often be restricted in movement.

On the other hand, parents appreciate the scarf for contact with the baby during use. It allows different positions of the child and even offers you discretion during breastfeeding moments. However, some adults criticize him for his difficulty in setting up.

When to use a baby carrier?

When you have a baby at home, the baby carrier can be a useful piece of equipment in your daily life. It will be used to transport your baby when you need to have your hands busy. Its operation is based on the strength of the wearer’s shoulders thanks to its suspenders. This childcare material can be used in various situations but is more requested by parents during outings or walks.

At what age can you use a baby carrier for a bicycle?

Generally, the baby carrier is only used when the child is able to sit without outside help. It is important that you know that traveling on this type of vehicle is not without risk, especially for the little ones. In all cases, you must carefully choose its location on your bicycle. Between 10 and 36 months, the best alternative would be to position your equipment on the front of your bike. You will thus have an optimized field of vision on the actions of your little one. From the age of 3, you can start to consider a rear installation.

How long should the baby stay in the carrier?

In the first use, it is important that you let your child get used to this type of equipment. As soon as your baby has assimilated the concepts, know that the recommendations of the professionals are based on use not exceeding 2 hours continuously especially when he is not yet able to hold on the back. Beyond this period, it is advisable to change its position and take it out so that it performs some stretching sessions. In any case, parents should be attentive to the needs of the toddler during the activities.

How many pounds for a baby carrier?

Generally speaking, this criterion varies depending on the type of baby carrier you have chosen. There is equipment that can accompany you from the birth of your child and others are intended for older toddlers. You must then trust its label or its description developed by the sellers, depending on the morphology of your little one.

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