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Everybot Edge review || Autonomous Smart Robot Mop

While vacuum cleaning robots are no longer news and the market is overflowing with fantastic options, the mopping robot space has developed a little more slowly. While there are many vacuum cleaners that can mop, it often feels like the mopping function is never quite as good as promised.

In this post, I would like to take a look at a pure mopping robot that is bucking the trend. In this Everybot Edge review, I take a closer look at the amazingly weird-looking floor-cleaning robot to help you decide if the mopping robot is for you.

Main Thing – Fast Review


The Everybot Edge robotic mop is an intuitive solution for your home that works with some expertly designed features to keep surfaces as clean as possible.

It is a home device that works for both wet and dry cleaning of hard floors. And if you want to feel like you’ve put in some work, it also comes with a handheld mode so you can get deep into the cracks.

One of the exciting things about the Everybot Edge is that it maneuvers without wheels. It runs on two round, rotating microfiber pads that are driven by two separate motors; so the robot cleans the floor while shuffling quietly to itself, just like the robot window cleaners move.

The two water tanks onboard supply the pads with water so that they do not dry out during cleaning.

The Everybot Edge comes with a whole range of optimized cleaning modes. You benefit from the continuous wet mop cleaning, which is supported by a state-of-the-art automatic water supply system. This has the double advantage that you don’t have to refill your water supply over and over and at the same time ensure the correct amount of water during the cleaning process.

  • Dual Spin Mop Cleaner
  • Obstacle detection sensor
  • Patented microfiber mop pad
  • Water supply system
  • Cliff detection sensors
  • Average running time
  • Small water tank
  • Low wiping performance
  • Doesn’t have a slim profile

Complete Review of the Everybot Edge

How does it work?

The Everybot Edge is designed to be user-friendly and comes with a OneTouch remote control that wirelessly switches on each of the eight optimized cleaning modes. Here is a detailed description of each cleaning mode:

  • Focus cleaning – pays special attention to a specific area
  • Corner cleaning – sweeps the floor by carefully rotating the walls and corners of the apartment 180 degrees
  • Y-curve cleaning – optimizes your Everybot for a deeper, more thorough cleaning
  • Turbo option – super-powerful cleaning for difficult dirt
  • Manual cleaning – allows you to direct your robot with special arrow keys on the remote control
  • Dry mop cleaning mode – sucks up fine dust in a dry mop pattern using an electrostatic cleaning method (removes clothing fluff, pet hair, etc.)
  • Hand cleaning mode – cleans everything that can be reached with the handle of everyone (desks, tables, glass windows, cars).

These are all important functions that make this device easier to use and work with.


everybot Singapore

So what is one of the top considerations when buying a robot cleaner? For one, you want to make sure that he’s doing a thorough and very good job of cleaning.

With eight action-packed washing modes, a patented microfiber mop pad, and the bonus of patented RobSpin technology, you can feel quite safe with this robot mop.

The integrated water supply means that it doesn’t soften the floor or leave dirt streaks and leaves a nice clean floor.

Of course, as with any robot, stubborn stains can be a problem, but keep in mind that these robots are designed for regular, light cleaning and making sure you always have clean floors, not just one-off cleaning of spilled liquids.

A nice detail that I love is the Exit Shadow Area (ESA) technology. When I use my robot hoover in bed, it often runs out of battery under the bed table. ESA is a sophisticated sensor that moves the device back to a well-lit place after cleaning – so that it doesn’t get stuck in a hidden corner. When the job is done, the Everybot automatically pulls out from under the sofa.

If you are used to having a vacuum cleaner robot that also mops, you will surely notice the improvement when you have two separate devices and it is certainly something I would recommend.

Setup and use

everybot edge mocha

The Everybot Edge is effortless to set up and can be used with no problems. Its retractable mops help to wipe the corners and edges of the floor clean. The obstacle sensor allows for smarter cleaning, and the cliff detection sensor prevents the robot from falling to the ground.

The continuous wet mop cleaning by the automatic water supply system means that you don’t have to wet the mop during its operating time.

The Everybot Edge also comes with a remote control to help with its use. The remote control offers nine different cleaning modes such as Edge / Focus and Auto Cleaning, so that the user can playfully choose the most suitable model depending on the situation.


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The Everybot Edge is very reliable when it comes to dry cleaning or mopping wet floors. It’s perfect for routine cleaning, although it has limitations when it comes to deep cleaning.

I love how quiet it is, you can turn it on and go to bed, and it will run automatically for more than 2 hours with no effort.

If the battery is empty, it will take between 30-60 minutes to recharge.


everybot edge mop

In order for the mop robot to continue to work, a certain amount of basic maintenance is necessary.

Always make sure that you are not using the robot cleaner on a floor with an incline of more than 10 degrees.

Before cleaning, make sure the battery is charged and it is a good idea to clean the water supply mop kit regularly after use.

Additional purchases and charges

The Everybot Edge Robot mop comes with 2 types of mop pads that can be chosen based on the type of conditions or surface.The first mop pad, the patented double structure mop, helps to remove foreign objects or stains that are stuck in the gaps.

In contrast, the twisted microfiber mop with 100% NP fiber is suitable for rotational movements and is therefore suitable for point patterns, wax and polished surfaces.

In the event of damage or if you want a few replacement sets, these microfiber mop pads can be purchased for an additional charge.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Does this robotic mob have a carpet sensor?

Thanks to the sensor, the Everybot Edge robot cannot differentiate between carpets and runners. He can only physically not drive over mats, carpets or runners if they are thicker than 8mm.

Can you clean the mops in the washing machine?

Yes, you can. You can also hand wash them using the silicone pad provided.

Is there an app for cleaning floors?

There is no app. The device avoids everything that its sensor detects. If the carpet is too thin, the sensor may not detect it.

Can it also clean under a bed?

Yes, it can. But the room height must be over 14cm.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning has never been so much fun, with this dual-spin robot mop the wisa thing of the past. The Everybot Edge robot mop can work for up to 100 minutes on a single charge (Li-ion battery), so you have to have a large floor if you don’t want to do the job in one go.

Even obstacles are no problem thanks to the anti-collision, impact, cliff, and lighting detection. Since two attachments are included in the scope of delivery, you can easily wipe out even large stains!

Remote control is included so that nine different cleaning programs can be selected and a silicone brush is also included to clean the attachments.

Basically, I think this is a great choice if you are looking for a robotic mop. Whether you are buying it for the first time or want to upgrade because you are dissatisfied with the performance of your robot mop, it is the right choice.

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