Samsung Jetbot Review

Samsung Jetbot Review || Robotic Hardwood Cleans

Samsung has introduced a robotic mop that automatically mops and navigates a home while dodging obstacles.

It features Dual Spin technology where two pads spin and clean at the same time, removing dust and grime from tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors. With a couple of wet-rotating pads of advanced fabric, JetBot MOP simultaneously removes and rotates while removing dust, stains, and dirt.

In this Samsung Jetbot Review, we give you all the details on everything you need to know about the Samsung mopping robot.

Main Thing – Fast Review

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The Jetbot Mop marks Samsung’s first foray into the world of robot mopping. The device has two revolving microfibre pads with integrated water reservoirs that work together to remove dirt from your hard floors.

Double spin technology increases the rotation of both motors up to 5,500 rpm, allowing the robot to move, spin and clean simultaneously. Combined with the suction power, downward pressure is created for more efficient cleaning.

The Jetbot’s cleaning performance is mediocre at best. The appliance does a very good job of cleaning and dusting around edges and baseboards, but it doesn’t remove more stubborn dirt and grime as much.

The water delivery system keeps the mop from drying out during a full clean, which takes about 100 minutes to recharge, which takes just over two hours. Unfortunately, the working hours are just not long enough for larger homes.

Finally, you can also choose between Mother Yarn fabrics to remove dirt and stains or microfibre cloths to clean delicate surfaces.

Overall, if you are a fan and loyal customer of the Samsung brand I would say go ahead and buy JetBot, you will definitely enjoy it. But if you’re not in a rush, hold off on purchasing until the price drops or an improved version that eliminates the teething problems becomes available.

If you are not so invested in Samsung, I think there are more affordable options elsewhere.

  • Automatic water dispenser
  • Powerful Double Centrifuge Technology
  • 8 Cleaning Modes
  • 100 minutes of cleaning time
  • Handle for cleaning walls and vertical surfaces.
  • Not practical when it comes to covering a larger area
  • Not very “smart” when it comes to cleaning routes
  • It doesn’t dock automatically

Complete Review of the Samsung Jetbot

How does it work

The Jetbot Mop stands for flexibility at your fingertips, with eight cleaning modes. Choose Focus Mode to focus on a specific area, or let the Jetbot Mop roam freely in Random Mode. You can change modes anywhere in the house with the handy remote control.

It works on a Lithium-Ion battery with cleaning modes such as; auto, manual, spot, edge, and intensive cleaning, which is a 50-minute cleaning cycle, and cartridge cleaning. A handstand is also available for floor-to-wall cleaning.

The charging time is 150 minutes, and the device has a battery life of up to 100 minutes in standard mode.

All you have to do is make sure the water tank is full, put it on the floor and let go.

Main Features

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â—Ľ Multiple Cleaning Modes

With eight cleaning modes, the Jetbot Mop puts flexibility at your fingertips for flexibility. Choose Focus Mode to focus on a specific area, or let the Jetbot mop roam free automatically in Random Mode. You can switch modes from anywhere in your house with the handy remote control.

â—Ľ Automatic water dispenser

The dual water reservoirs allow the Samsung Jetbot Mop to run for up to 50 minutes without refilling, distributing just enough water to properly moisten the pads and minimize drying time.

â—Ľ Double Centrifuge Technology

The Samsung Jetbot Mop effectively cleans under beds and sofas and on a variety of carpets, including tile and hardwood, with the mopping robot’s powerful Dual Spin technology. Two high-speed rotating pads allow the device to move, rotate and clean simultaneously for maximum results.

â—Ľ Smart sensor system

You can relax in the knowledge that corners are cleaned while avoiding walls, carpet, furniture, or objects, thanks to the smart sensors of the Jetbot Mop. The system even prevents the device from falling down stairs or steps, so you can work without risk.

Just make sure to remove the plastic film covering the robot upon delivery, as it will interfere with the sensor and may prevent it from “seeing” the stairs. The result is a very unhappy robot…and owner.

â—Ľ Floor-to-wall cleaning hand function

The Jetbot Mop is so versatile; you can use it to clean by hand where other mops can’t reach. With Hand Mode, you can manually clean wherever you want, remove stains from kitchen and bathroom tiles, or wipe off stains on a wall.


samsung jetbot mop cleaning solution

This is where it gets frustrating. While he does an OK job cleaning the floor, he struggles with stubborn stains and the routes just aren’t that smart.

A few other grumbles are that it needs charging, that it doesn’t come with a docking base you can just drop it in, or… even better… it drops itself in. While this may seem like a minor critique, it’s the kind of thing you buy robots for, so less work is more appealing.

Basically, he does what he says though, he cleans floors so there are definitely some good points. The fact that it has a handle so you can also use it on vertical surfaces is a nice touch, as are the different types of cleaning pads.

Note: The Samsung Jetbot weighs 6 pounds (2.7 kg), so not too heavy, but will definitely be a good triceps workout if you’re cleaning walls for a long time.

Setup and use

Before starting a cleaning cycle, make sure your Jetbot Mop is fully charged. Plugin and charge the Jetbot Mop until the indicator light turns off.

Before you start cleaning, remove the plastic wrap, attach the mop pads, and fill the tank with water.

Then attach the mop pads to the water inlet. Make sure the mop pads are clean before using them. Two types of fringe pads are provided:

  • Fucking Mop Pads (Gray): Great for cleaning up small dusty areas and catching spills.
  • Microfiber Mop (Green): Ideal for cleaning hardwood floors and tiles.

Attach the fringe pads to the water inlet sets using the velcro sides, then fill the water inlet sets with clean water. To do this, simply open the rubber stopper on the water inlet assembly, pour in the water, and close the stopper.

Once it is full, secure the water inlet assemblies to the bottom of the Jetbot Mop by gently pressing and turning to the side.

You will hear a click when the water inlet games are set.

Place your new Robotic Mop on the floor and press the Jetbot Mop control button for two seconds until you hear a beep and the light comes on.

If you want to change the cleaning mode, the easiest way is to use the supplied remote control.


There is no problem with the reliability of the device. As you would expect from Samsung products, this is a quality and solidly built device. The only disappointment comes from its very average performance.


As with most robots, a little maintenance is needed, but not too much.

Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, wet the mop pads before each use, and clean them regularly.

When finished, drain any water left in the tank and give Jetbot a quick visual inspection to see if there is anything stuck in the motors, like long hair or wire wrapped around them. Also, wipe the sensor quickly in case there is dust on it that could affect visibility.

For more information on configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Jetmop, see the online manual here.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Can the Samsung Jetbot vacuum?

Its lightweight, cordless design allows you to quickly vacuum stairs, get under sofas, clean tall cabinets, etc.

Does the Samsung Jetbot Avoid Carpet?

Yes, the sensor should detect and avoid carpets and furniture. However, he is known to have problems with short pile carpets. So while it should be able to spot carpets, it has been known to fail.

Is the Samsung Jetbot Safe for Hardwood Floors?

Yes, with the Jetbot Mop’s powerful Dual Spin technology, it effectively cleans all types of floors including tile and hardwood.

Does it work with Bona or other floor cleaners?

Yes it works.

Can it be connected to the Smart Things app?

No, the various cleaning modes are operated using the remote control.

Does the Samsung Jetbot go back to the charging station when it’s done?

No, there is no docking station on the Jetbot. When it’s done, you’ll need to plug it into the socket with the cord.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the Samsung Jet is a great-looking device that will impress your friends and make life easier. It’s not a machine designed for heavy-duty cleaning, it automatically wipes and is good at daily floor maintenance, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

While it’s great for smaller areas, the smart navigation isn’t quite as smart, so when tackling large areas you can easily find spots that are overlooked. The actual cleaning performance is also a little disappointing.

It’s a solid product and almost great. If Samsung continues to invest in the Jetbot, performance improvements, the addition of Wi-Fi and smart mapping, and an auto-dock feature would make the Jetbot an Amazon addition to a smart home.

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