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The 8 Very Best Robot Vacuums || With Smart Mapping

There is now the very best robot vacuums cleaner in all price ranges with an incredible range of features, such as mapping capabilities, self-emptying bins, and even cameras that keep you from getting grit on your bare feet when you step on the floor.

Whether you’re drowning in dog hair, want to make your job easier, or just want to spend more time with your family, we have a selection to help.

Which is The Best Robot Vacuums

  • iRobot Roomba i3+ | Best robot vacuum cleaner
  • Roborock S4 Max | Best robot vacuum for pets
  • iRobot Roomba S9 + | The very Best Robot Vacuums
  • Yeedi K650 | Best robot vacuum cleaner for home
  • Roborock S6 MaxV | Best robotics vacuum cleaner
  • ECOVACS Deebot T8 AIVI | Best robot vacuum uk
  • iRobot Roomba 694 | Best robot vacuum for Pet Hair
  • Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge | Budget robot vacuum cleaner

Complete Review of The Best Robot Vacuums

1. iRobot Roomba i3+

iRobot roomba i3+ robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal

If you think your robot vacuum cleaner isn’t working, it’s probably because you don’t empty the bin often enough. Most robot vacuums have a tiny capacity of about 0.6 liters. When this small bin fills up during operation, the vacuum cleaner simply drags the excess dirt around the house.

Other manufacturers have tried to develop self-draining bins, but this iRobot bin is the only one that works right out of the box. And the garbage can is a true innovation.

The Roomba i3+ doesn’t have all the navigation features that many other vacuums in a similar price range have, such as the ability to set virtual barriers. But it does have iRobot’s easy-to-clean rubber roller and Dirt Detect system to find problem areas in your carpet. And it’s incredibly satisfying to watch it return to Base clean and empty with a mighty whistle after just 10 minutes.

Since iRobot has been around since 2002, it’s also fairly easy to find replacement parts. iRobot’s customer service is very accommodating and helpful.

2. Roborock S4 Max

Roborock s4 max robot vacuum with lidar navigation

We have tested almost every Roborock vacuum cleaner, from the simple E20 to the high-end S6 MaxV. Over the years, navigation skills have steadily improved and the app has become cleaner and more user-friendly. If you’re looking for value for money, a mid-range roborock like the S4 Max we’re currently reviewing is probably your best bet.

The Wi-Fi-enabled S4 Max has features that I’ve only seen on much more expensive vacuum cleaner robots, such as B. Mapping, virtual barriers, and vulnerability detection. It’s one of the few robotic vacuum cleaners that won’t trip over my kitchen step, and it has up to three hours of battery life – that’s insane. In addition, the container is slightly larger than average.

Are you ready to upgrade? Roborock also recently launched the new S7, but I don’t think it justifies its higher price tag. The S7 has a new multidirectional squeegee roller that isn’t as effective as the brush on the original S4 Max at removing dirt from our low pile carpet. Then I have to follow her and pick up the small tufts of dog hair.

3. iRobot Roomba S9 +

iRobot roomba s9+ (9550) robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal-empties

The Roomba S9 + is in a class of its own when it comes to outstanding, worry-free performance (9/10, WIRED Recommends). In my years of testing, I have always found iRobot to offer the best navigation features. The S9 + features a 3D sensor that scans its path 25 times per second, collecting an incredible 230,400 data points per second to make sure the Roomba S9 + doesn’t get stuck.

Adds a self-draining base with a sensor in the dust bin, a rubber roller brush that scrubs low pile carpets, incredible edge detection, a dedicated corner brush, foolproof smart cards with no-go zones, and the possibility to connect to your iRobot mop.

If you want the best, buy this vacuum cleaner.

4. Yeedi K650 robot vacuum cleaner

Yeedi k650 robot vacuum with 2000pa wi-fi robotic vacuum cleaner

If all you want is an inexpensive vacuum cleaner that buzzes around your kitchen after dinner with the help of bounce navigation, there are plenty of cheap alternatives out there. The Eufy 11S is very short so that it can also fit under the lowest cabinets. The Dser 21T also has a long-range and does not get stuck.

But so far the Yeedi K650 is the most efficient and cheapest model I’ve tested. The battery lasts a very long time for a cheap vacuum cleaner – over 100 minutes – and it handles the most common vacuum cleaner traps in my house, such as B. the kitchen stairs, with flying colors. In contrast to the Dser vacuum cleaner, it is also compatible with Wi-Fi and Alexa and can be connected to the Yeedi app.

5. Roborock S6 MaxV

Roborock s6 maxv robot vacuum cleaner with reactiveai

It might be pricey, but the Roborock S6 MaxV is great for pet hair. Designed specifically for pet owners, it features ReactiveAI, which uses two stereoscopic cameras on the front of the vacuum cleaner to detect the obstacles most feared by robotic vacuums, such as baseboards, …. Poop dogs to detect and avoid.

I didn’t bring dog poop home to test it out, but the vacuum cleaner accurately detected any other obstacles and even avoided the little piles of Lego. And with suction of 2.5 kPa, it is almost twice as powerful as a normal hand vacuum; he sucked the dog hair straight off our low pile carpet. If you’re training a new puppy, a powerful robot vacuum that also detects dog poop is a perfect choice.


Ecovacs deebot t8 aivi robot vacuum cleaner with vacuuming and mopping

Most robot vacuum cleaners compete in a crowded field to be smaller, faster, and more powerful. The Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI, on the other hand, packs all sorts of features into one package. It’s a vacuum and a mop, it has a microphone and a Wi-Fi camera that you can control to keep an eye on your home at ankle height. Add to that other high-end navigation features like obstacle detection and the ability to customize your map with virtual boundaries, designated areas, and multiple floors.

This powerful and sophisticated vacuum cleaner has a long battery life and can mop and vacuum in a single pass. But a mobile Wi-Fi camera in your home is a tempting target for hackers. The app also had some glitches in my testing. The app sometimes deleted my carefully created maps when I updated the software, and the drop sensors got stuck several times as I walked through the kitchen. The Deebot also warns me with annoying frequency to clean the delicate dust sensors. (No kidding. Yes, you dust! You’re a vacuum!).

7. iRobot Roomba 694

iRobot roomba 694 robot vacuum with wi-fi connectivity

iRobot, the iconic robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturer, offers many different robotic vacuums in its 600 and E series, all priced around $300 or less. There are a few minor differences – the 694 has a roller brush, for example, while the slightly more expensive E5 has iRobot’s signature brushless roller; similarly, the different vacuums have different buttons – but overall, a Roomba you can find for $300 or less is a good buy. 

The app is simple and easy to use, the vacuum is quiet and powerful, and it has excellent navigation features.

8. Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge

Eufy by anker robovac g30 edge robot vacuum with smart dynamic navigation 2.0

All times someone I know buys a Eufy, they like it. The company’s latest update is a series of vacuum cleaners that use laser navigation. We tested the RoboVac G30 Edge, its affordable robot vacuum cleaner with mapping capability. There are no fancy features like virtual no-go zones in the app, and it’s somewhat inefficient. It took me between 50 and 80 minutes to clean my small house; more expensive vacuums can do it in 30 to 45 minutes. 

But it still has Eufy’s small form factor to squeeze into tight spaces. It’s quiet, the app is attractive and easy to use, and it’s not fussy: It doesn’t get stuck or constantly ask me to wipe its sensors. If you know the old Eufy 11S, this is a good little upgrade from that model.

Final Thoughts

Stay home for the first 3-5 uses of your robot vacuum. In many homes, there are hot spots – odd doorjambs, uneven carpet – where you’ll need to save your vacuum. Take a quick tour first and look for robot traps like ribbons and pieces of string.

Try emptying the bin during the run if you think your robot vacuum isn’t working. In my house with kids and dogs, I can fill a small robot vacuum bin in under 10 minutes.

Keep it under the couch. Charge the vacuum and store it under the couch or in the bedroom closet if you don’t have enough wall space.

Vacuum during the day. If you have a robotics mapping vacuum cleaner, it usually uses a visual sensor, which means it needs some light to navigate. It’s better to schedule a run at 2 p.m. than at midnight.

Don’t throw away your old vacuum cleaner. I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but you’ll probably still need a second vacuum from time to time. I have a Dyson with me to quickly clean up spots and vacuum the corners of the room (and my car).

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