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Top 5 || Automatic Espresso Machine Best Type Of Coffee Maker

As a serious barista, you might be considering investing in an espresso machine on your kitchen counter. There are several good espresso makers out there, but which one to choose? De’Longhi is an Italian company that has been in existence since 1902. It manufactures all kinds of useful household appliances, from fryers and heaters to air conditioners. And also… automatic espresso machine best type of coffee maker.

What makes De’Longhi espresso machines so popular is simple:

  • Their devices work reliably and are very robust
  • Everything they produce is exquisitely crafted, using high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship.

This article introduces you to 5 great espresso machines from De’Longhi.

What Is A Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

  • De’Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine | Best Espresso Machine Under $1500
  • De’Longhi Magnificent Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine | Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Delonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino | Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine Under $1000
  • De’Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso And Cappuccino Maker | Automatic Espresso Machine Best
  • Nespresso Lattissima Touch Original Espresso Machine | Best Automatic Espresso Machines

1. De’Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

best espresso machine under $1500

This is the premium espresso machine from De’Longhi. You won’t find a better machine than this! The Primadonna S is equipped with a patented system called “Lattecrema with one-touch” which delivers a very thick, rich, and tasty cappuccino foam.

In addition, the large 2 L (approx. 15 cups) water tank ensures that you won’t have to make frequent pit stops to refill the machine.

While this is undoubtedly a significant investment, if you are picky with your household equipment, this machine can do it all. You’ll never need to buy an espresso machine again if you fall for this splendid nugget!

Here’s a quick summary of the features the machine offers:

  • One-touch brewing process
  • Espresso, coffee drinks, and hot water for a cup of tea or hot chocolate
  • Programmable memory, so the machine remembers your morning preference
  • The machine has a programmable automatic shutdown, start time, brewing force, temperature, and even water hardness
  • A high-quality grain mill is an integral part of the machine
  • A separate milk container and a steam wand/milk frother are included.


If all this tech is a little scary, don’t worry. De’Longhi has included a comprehensive instruction manual on DVD. Be sure to watch the entire DVD in order to understand exactly how the machine works and to take advantage of all of its features.

Also, due to its high price, many people consider this machine to be an espresso machine only for professionals. This is not true! The machine is very easy to use and the drinks it produces are delicious. Yes, the machine is expensive, but the build quality, reliability, and the exceptional coffee that comes out of it are well worth it.

2. De’Longhi Magnificent Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine

best semi-automatic espresso machine

If you thought a full-featured, high-end De’Longhi espresso machine was out of your budget, think again. The Magnifica is a cheaper option that still offers so many features it’s hard to know where to start:

  • Double boiler machine with integrated bean mill and removable 1.8-liter tank
  • Patented foam system that mixes milk and steam to create a creamy, rich foam
  • Fully programmable
  • Easy to clean.

So the Magnifica is somewhat of a simplified version of the Primadonna S. The result is a much more affordable machine that retains only the features you need most. Although the Magnifica is now one of De’Longhi’s older models, it remains one of its best models and is one of the best-selling espresso machines of all manufacturers.


Anyone who enjoys premium coffee will appreciate this machine. In this price range, you won’t find an espresso machine of this quality from any other brand. The Magnifica is perfect for beginners because of its simplicity, and more experienced baristas will love its rock-solid reliability. And everyone will appreciate the delicious coffee she makes.

3. DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino

best automatic espresso machine 2021

If you’re interested in the Magnifica but are short on space, the Magnifica S is a similar, more compact version.

This smaller, single boiler machine has the same features and functionality as the Magnifica, but on a smaller scale:

  • Integrated grain mill
  • 1.7-liter removable tank
  • Integrated water filtration system so you can use tap water safely
  • The “aroma bud” technology releases water into the coffee grounds to extract a richer flavor
  • Easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.

The main difference is that this machine only has a single boiler instead of the dual boiler systems used in the previous two models that we have reviewed so far. On the plus side, the Magnifica S is an improved “cousin” version of the ECAM22110SB, allowing it to offer more additional features and programmable functionality. For example :

  • Choose to brew a single cup or two long coffees (lungo)
  • The programmable water hardness setting
  • Choose the power saving mode to reduce energy costs by up to 77%.

The main downside to this machine is that the coffee beans don’t always drop very well from the hopper to the grinder and sometimes they need a little help.


If you are looking for a compact espresso machine and the occasional coffee bean stuck in the grinder isn’t a problem for you, choose the Magnifica.

4. De’Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

best super-automatic espresso machine under $1000

If your budget is tighter, you might not want to spend a good chunk of your savings on an espresso machine. So what is your alternative? The EC155 15 could just be your future machine. The EC155 15 is a single boiler, semi-automatic espresso, and cappuccino maker. If the machine is not equipped with a grinder, it is, however, compatible with ESE coffee pods.

In addition, the tank of this model is smaller than the others with only 1 liter of capacity.

Despite its size and modest price, the EC155 15 has many attractive features:

  • A swiveling jet nozzle for easy preparation of Lattes and cappuccinos
  • A self-priming operation to save time in preparation for start-up
  • Two separate thermostats controlling the temperature of the steam and the water.

While you won’t get the same performance from this espresso machine as you get from more expensive models, you’re still getting your money’s worth. And the EC155 15 always makes a great cup of espresso!

In terms of negatives, the model has some drawbacks. The EC155 15 can be very loud and tends to vibrate.


This machine is ideal if you are looking for a quality machine without having to spend a fortune. Although more basic than its cousins, the EC155 15 produces tasty cups in no time, which is why it is one of De’Longhi’s bestsellers.

5. Nespresso Lattissima Touch Original Espresso Machine

best coffee machine for cappuccino

For many coffee lovers, a capsule machine is not even an option. However, you might be surprised by the Lattissima Touch. This machine produces drinks in no time and requires no special culinary skills. This is the advantage of pod machines.

Compared to other Nespresso machines, DeLonghi’s Lattissima is considered the best performing. This is a top-of-the-line machine in the pod coffee maker world.

Main features include:

  • 6 pre-programmed commands for lattes, espressos, and ristrettos and can also be used to prepare other hot milk drinks with the right Nespresso capsules.
  • The one-touch automatic frothing system produces the perfect specialty drinks without the need for manual frothing.

A considerable advantage of the Lattissima is that the machine accepts any type of pod, unlike VertuoLine machines which only accept Nespresso capsules, thus reducing the price of your drinks.


If you are looking for simplicity and efficiency, the Lattissima Touch is an excellent choice. Your only job is to insert a pod, the machine takes care of everything else.

How To Choose The Right Longhi Espresso Machine?

Okay, now you know which De’Longhi espresso machines we recommend, let’s take a look at some important features to consider when choosing.

What Drinks Do You Want To Prepare?

Yes, an obvious question, but an important one nonetheless. Consider the following:

If you only drink espresso, don’t waste your money on a machine with a milk frother.
For milk fans, choose a machine with a good milk frother and don’t worry too much if the espresso coffee isn’t 5 star quality. The milk or cream you put in the espresso will dilute the flavor anyway.
Based on this, you can now exclude machines that do not meet your needs.

What Is Your Budget?

It is obvious. Whatever your budget, you will be limited to the machine you can afford. It makes sense to buy the best espresso machine you can afford, but don’t waste your money on a machine that does more than you need (see our previous point).

What Place Does Coffee Have In Your Daily Life?

If you’re a dedicated and avid coffee fan, you’ll want a really good quality espresso on which to base all your drinks. In this case, a high-end machine with a lot of features will be the best choice for you. However, a semi-automatic or automatic espresso machine will be more than satisfactory for coffee drinkers who appreciate good coffee but don’t want to spend the time and effort making their own custom brews.

Complete beginners may be happy with a smaller and cheaper capsule machine or semi-automatic espresso machine best type of coffee maker. Some home baristas also prefer high-end semi-automatic machines, as they tend to give users more control over the brew.

Is The Machine Easy To Maintain?

No one likes to spend hours cleaning their kitchen. So, consider this: once you’ve brewed your perfect espresso and frothed barista-quality foam, how much time do you want to spend cleaning your coffee machine?

Generally, the more complex the machine, the more cleaning will be required. Capsule espresso machines tend to be the least laborious when it comes to cleaning.

Do You Have Space?

If you have a tiny counter, don’t buy a huge espresso machine! Trust us, too many fancy gadgets end up in the back of kitchen cabinets after one or two uses, never to see the light of day again.

Are You Considering Taking Out A Guarantee?

The answer to this question will be somewhat influenced by your budget.

Spending 300 euros on a De’Longhi espresso machine is a huge investment for some coffee lovers, less for others. Now De’Longhi machines are reliable and built to last, but sometimes things can go wrong, potentially leaving you with a repair bill. Check what warranty you will get with the machine you choose and always look at reviews left by other buyers.

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