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Top 6 || Best Espresso Machines Under 500 Dollars

For coffee lovers, an espresso machine is a must-have at home. It gives you the ability to tailor your espresso recipes to your liking while saving you precious time every morning. Each manufacturer is overflowing with arguments to make us succumb to the temptation to buy the best espresso machines under 500 dollars: chic and modern design, sober or striking colors, descaling program, automatic shut-off function, and so on …

There are a ton of different models at all price points and it can be tricky to choose the right coffee maker for you. To help you make the right choice, we have selected 6 excellent quality espresso machines.

What Types Of Espresso Machines Are Available For Under $500?

  • De’Longhi ECO310W Espresso Maker | Best Espresso Machine Under $500
  • De’Longhi ESAM04110S Magnifica Fully Automatic Espresso Machine | Best Espresso Machines
  • Nespresso Inissia Original Espresso Machine | Best Espresso Machines Under 500 Dollars
  • Melitta Caffeo Solo & Milk Bean To Cup Espresso | Best Espresso Machine Under $300
  • KRUPS Automatic Coffee Machine | Best Espresso Machine Under $1000
  • Gaggia Velasca Espresso Machine | Best Espresso Machine Under $200

1. De’Longhi ECO310W Espresso Maker

best espresso setup under $500

The DeLonghi ECO310W is an espresso machine with a vintage look. It is mainly made of very robust stainless steel. It’s a very original design that contrasts with modern machines. This is undoubtedly its main quality. It can easily find its place in a kitchen or any other room where you want to use it.

The water tank can be filled very easily by opening the cover. In terms of drinks, you have the choice between different preparations including coffee cream, cappuccino, and espresso. The motor power is 1100 watts while the pressure is 15 bars.

  • Aesthetic
  • Robust
  • Suitable for various preparations
  • Considerable power
  • The machine is unfortunately not automatic


What is certain with this model is that the manufacturer has not skimped on its design. With its unique look, this superb machine is not the most efficient in terms of functionality. Nevertheless, it combines simplicity, technology, and design and allows you to prepare excellent drinks the old-fashioned way.

2. De’Longhi ESAM04110S Magnifica Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

best espresso machine under $300

With the Delonghi ESAM04110S, finally, enjoy a real espresso at home from freshly ground grain. The coffee maker transforms this raw material according to your taste thanks to 13 modes and gives it back to you in a coffee with incomparable aromas.

Thanks to its advanced technology, this compact coffee maker masters each stage of preparation for total respect for the aromas. The integrated silent grinder can thus grind coffee to different degrees of fineness. The water is cleaned of impurities thanks to a filter cartridge. With a pressure of 15 bars, this machine offers a rich and creamy foam. With this model, technology rhymes with simplicity, a cup or 2, espresso or long, all the parameters are adjusted in 2 seconds.

Regarding cleaning, this coffee maker is easy to maintain. The removable parts can be cleaned underwater while the automatic cleaning program removes residues in the circuit.

  • Choice of coffee temperature
  • Many coffee configurations
  • Easy to use
  • Classic design
  • Relatively noisy


Lovers of ground coffee or coffee beans, get ready to experience extraordinary sensations thanks to this great coffee maker! Indeed, the famous Italian brand has combined in a single machine all the possibilities to make a tasty coffee full of aromas! So, indulge yourself, your taste buds will be asking for more!

3. Nespresso Inissia Original Espresso Machine

best espresso machine 2021

The Krups Inissia is a cute little espresso machine that surprises with its features and performance. It is the smallest and most colorful of the best Nespresso machines. This model has 19 bars of pressure for a tasty coffee. Taste is one of the brand’s priorities and that is also why we appreciate Nespresso so much.

This machine is certainly all plastic, but it is beautifully made, as are the finishes. It is equipped with an ultra-fast preheating system, with less than 25 seconds watch in hand. For an automatic machine, speed is an important criterion, so you can be sure to get your cup of coffee in less than a minute.

It is able to prepare 3 programmable cup lengths. You can easily adjust the height of the tray to easily brew your coffee. You insert your capsule and you move your arm to pierce it and you’re done. The tank has a capacity of 0.7 liters, which is a bit limited for daily consumption, but reasonable for occasional consumption. You can use tall glasses for your lattes by simply pulling the cup holder up against the machine.

You can manually adjust the coffee strength by pressing the corresponding coffee launch button (espresso or lungo) before you finish. You can make the coffee longer by keeping your finger pressed on it at the end of the process. Two types of coffee are therefore possible, short coffee and long coffee, and a multitude of possible recipes. The 19 bars of pressure guarantee a strong and smooth coffee as we like it.

In use, it is quite noisy and the vibrations make the cup move a little. Once your coffee has been extracted, you must immediately drop the used capsule into the capsule collecting container with a capacity of 9 capsules, so that it does not get stuck and jam the mechanism.

Finally, the coffee maker automatically stops after a few minutes of inactivity in order to save energy.

  • Format compact
  • Nice design and colors
  • 19 bar pressure
  • Ultra-fast preheating
  • Adaptable cup holder for tall glass in Macchiato
  • Used capsule container
  • Little price
  • Price of Nespresso capsules and Club Select system
  • Noisy
  • Very small capsule reservoir


Small, but powerful with its 19 bars of pressure for a strong and smooth coffee, the Nespresso Inissia is a very easy-to-use machine. It is an entry-level model that will allow you to discover the Nespresso system and its many advantages, in particular that of taste and speed.

4. Melitta Caffeo Solo & Milk Bean to Cup Espresso

best espresso machine under $500 reddit

The Melitta is intended for heavy espresso drinkers. It is equipped with an integrated grinder which allows you to choose 3 fineness of grinding for 3 strengths of coffee. The appliance is equipped with a large bean container that starts up without being touched. This will give you lots of cups without any effort.

In addition, the machine has a water tank with a capacity of 1.2 liters. This is enough to make several coffees and above all, it is enough for the whole family in the morning. It can brew two cups simultaneously and remains easy to use. With its buttons, you can choose the strength of your coffee, the amount of water, and the temperature of the coffee.

The machine features a neat design, both sober and unique, with clean and elegant curves, which will embellish your kitchen. Its stainless steel front gives it a very classy professional edge and the buttons and the LCD screen do not detract from that. The rest of the machine is made of black plastic which reinforces this class aspect.

It is a machine with an integrated grinder and this kind of equipment ensures that the best coffee is produced. This machine is also equipped with a bean humidification system to release all the aromas and enjoy an even more successful coffee.

However, there is no steam nozzle for preparing milk drinks. It’s a shame because this machine would have been perfect!

A big highlight, however, in terms of preparation times: the coffee begins to flow in less than a minute and for a machine with a grinder, this is a feat that deserves to be highlighted! After 5 minutes of inactivity, the machine automatically switches to energy-saving mode and displays zero consumption. Different times can be set for this eco mode.

An indicator light comes on to signal that the ground container or drip tray needs to be emptied. I recommend cleaning by hand because cleaning in the dishwasher may deform the drip tray and alter the color of the drip tray.

Be careful, when the drip tray is full, it requires careful transport to the sink otherwise water will spill on the floor; it is all in length with not very high edges.

  • Ease of use and maintenance.
  • Compactness.
  • Heating temperature adjustment.
  • Programmable automatic shutdown function.
  • Speed.
  • No double bean hopper.
  • No steam nozzle


Melitta Coffee SOLO is an excellent model. It is very practical and appears as the ideal coffee machine for purists. In addition, it remains affordable and offers one of the best quality-price ratios on the market. However, true gourmets will be disappointed with the lack of a steam nozzle for the milk.

5. KRUPS Automatic Coffee Machine

best coffee machine

The Krups is a reasonably priced entry-level automatic espresso machine. It offers 1400 Watts of power and has dimensions of 33 × 24.5 × 36.5 cm for a weight of 7 kg. Black in color, it will harmonize seamlessly with the style of your kitchen or your office.

It is equipped with a thermoblock allowing the temperature to rise quickly. So you no longer need to get up very early just to brew your coffee in the morning. Such a system also guarantees that there is less lime deposit in the internal plumbing in order to optimize its lifespan and facilitate its maintenance.

The bean container offers a large capacity of 500 grams: this eliminates the need to spend time reloading coffee beans to obtain enough grind. The water tank also lives up to expectations with 1.6 liters of volume. It makes good coffee! Especially with 15 bars of pressure!

The Krups YY8125FD is equipped with hydraulic technology which allows you to extract the aroma from the coffee under ideal conditions and to maintain it more easily. Easier maintenance allows you to use it in excellent hygienic conditions. This espresso machine gives you the choice to adjust the coffee strength according to your needs.

Finally, this Krups machine is equipped with a grain mill. Grinding gives excellent results thanks to metal conical grinding wheels.

  • Ultra-fast ThermoBlock heating system
  • Adjusting the coffee strength
  • The grain mill is a nice addition
  • Huge water tank volume
  • Steam nozzle
  • Detachable elements for maintenance
  • Instructions difficult to understand
  • Occasional leaks in the water tank


Are you demanding, do you want really good coffee, grain coffee that you can grind as you wish? It’s fine with me too! Krups has decided to meet our expectations with its Krups Expressos Full Auto models. This machine is intended for those who like to have a tasty and well-flavored coffee in record time.

6. Gaggia Velasca Espresso Machine

best espresso machine under $500 reddit

The Saeco RI8260/47 is a black colored espresso machine that allows you to brew exceptional coffee in no time. The strength of the coffee it allows you to prepare varies between 7 g and 10.5 g so that you are free to adapt each preparation to your preferences.

Thanks to its automatic rinsing cycle, each preparation is pure. Its reservoir offers a capacity of 1.5 liters and its bean reservoir can hold up to 300 grams of coffee. This coffee machine is equipped with a descaling and cleaning function which starts automatically without your intervention. This guarantees you better maintenance of the device and optimal resistance over time.

The Saeco RI8260/47 espresso machine is equipped with a ceramic grinder allowing you to have a very precise grind that guarantees an incomparable taste to your coffee. The energy consumption of this coffee machine is less than 1Watt / hour when in standby mode which ensures that you save a lot of money since each preparation only lasts a few minutes and the rest of the time it passes. automatically in standby mode.

It also offers a pre-infusion system which consists of moistening the beans before percolation to ensure that the aroma of your coffee is fully revealed. The device is easy to set up. Color-coded guides you through visual cues when you can use the device, when it is performing a task, or when it requires you to perform an action before moving on to another.

  • Chic and modern design
  • Preparation speed
  • Water tank volume
  • The ceramic mill is a great asset
  • Easy and convenient maintenance
  • Relatively fragile
  • The steam nozzle lacks power


My opinion is more than positive. I recommend this espresso machine to coffee lovers who want to enjoy a tasty morning coffee or a full-bodied espresso and especially to those who want a machine that can make great coffee without wasting time.

How To Choose An Espresso Machine?

If you did not find what you are looking for among my selection, here are the criteria that must be taken into account to choose an espresso machine:

  • Pods, capsules, percolator, or beans? This choice is often personal. If you prefer convenience, the pod or capsule espresso machine is a good choice, but purchasing these can be expensive if you drink a lot of coffee per day. With beans, the coffee taste is great and with a percolator, the aromas will be delivered optimally.
  • The capacity of the water tank
  • The capacity of the grain tank
  • The possible settings (temperature, fineness of the grinding, quantity of water, etc.)
  • With a steam nozzle, if you like a smooth cream
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling
  • Automatic shut-off to save energy when the espresso machine is not in use
  • The cup warmer tray can be handy
  • A rapid rise in temperature if you’re in a hurry
  • The price.

Take a good look at each feature of the espresso machine that interests you to make sure you buy the one that best meets your preferences.

What Are The Main Types Of Espresso Machines?

Espresso machines mainly fall into three categories. It’s up to you to make your choice according to your preferences:

Espresso Machines With Pods Or Capsules

This is a big trend and it equips nearly one in two French people. Why this success? Quite simply because it is convenient, simple, and quick to make a coffee with such an espresso machine.

Other than putting in the pod and pushing a button, there is nothing else to do. We especially know their multitude of different pods and capsules. It is also a point that makes them successful: being able to change or test new flavors without difficulty.

Espresso Machines With Grinder

Coffee lovers will prefer best espresso machines under 500 with a bean mill rather than pod models. The machine will grind the coffee beans in front of you and that is still a strong point.

Because freshly ground coffee is better and because nothing beats the aromas and scents of ground coffee. But beware, this comes at a price. Machines with an integrated grinder have a price that may seem high (from around 350 euros).

Espresso Machines With A Percolator

To have the impression of making a coffee-like in a bar, to dose your coffee as closely as possible, the espresso machine with percolator to its followers. It allows you to make an espresso from ground coffee thanks to a pressure expressed in bars.

What Are The Strengths Of An Espresso Machine?

If espresso coffee machines are equipping more and more households, it is for its many advantages. What are they? I suggest you discover them:

  • It is practical
  • It is easy to use
  • It saves you time
  • It allows you to discover new flavors
  • It allows you to have a well-dosed coffee
  • It allows you to have a tasty coffee
  • It allows you to have the smoothest cream
  • It is ecological (for the bean espresso machine or percolator)
  • The aromas of the coffee are preserved

Whether you choose a pod or best capsule espresso machine, a percolator, or a bean grinder, each has unique advantages!

When To Choose An Automatic Espresso Machine?

If preparing coffee is synonymous with speed and simplicity, the automatic machine is made for you! Indeed, it allows you to prepare in a short time all your favorite drinks: black coffee of course but also milk drinks for some. In addition, on this type of machine, you can choose the coffee strength and the length of the coffee you want.

However, we can see a slight downside on this best type of coffee machine, it has a notable difference from the manual machine: its regular maintenance. Between filtering the water, cleaning, and descaling, it takes a little more effort to ensure the longevity of the machine and maintain the taste of its coffee.

When To Choose A Manual Espresso Machine?

On the other hand, if preparing coffee evokes creativity and imagination in you, then you are going to adopt the manual coffee machine. In fact, what differs the most from the automatic coffee machine is the fact that you can create your “ideal” coffee by being able to vary the dose of coffee for each cup directly. You become a barista!

In addition, a classic coffee with coffee beans or pods contains 7 grams of coffee, thanks to the manual coffee machine you have the option of increasing it to 9 grams. Unlike the best automatic coffee machine, maintenance is minimal and has less risk of breaking down since it has less technology. However, the small negative point lies in the creation of milk drinks, indeed, it requires a certain technique with the steam nozzle.

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