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Top 7 || Best Dog Clippers For Thick Hair In 2021

Having a dog doesn’t just mean feeding or loving it. It should also be maintained. Hence the need to do regular dog grooming. However, going to the grooming salon requires a big investment. To save money, you can take care of your pet yourself by purchasing a best dog clippers for thick hair. If you get lost among the many models on the market, you can trust our list of the most popular copies. Among other things, the Gofun 3 Speed Cordless allows you to work at the right pace for an easy and efficient grip. The oneisall  2-Speed Professional Rechargeable Cordless works wirelessly and is easy to operate.

Having a dog doesn’t just mean feeding or loving it. It should also be maintained. Hence the need to do regular dog grooming. However, going to the grooming salon requires a big investment. To save money, you can take care of your pet yourself by purchasing a best dog clippers for thick hair. If you get lost among the many models on the market, you can trust our list of the most popular copies. Among other things, the Gofun 3 Speed Cordless allows you to work at the right pace for an easy and efficient grip. The oneisall  2-Speed Professional Rechargeable Cordless works wirelessly and is easy to operate.

What Kind Of Clippers Do Professional Dog Groomers Use?

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1. GOFUN Pet Grooming Cutters

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This professional dog clipper has a powerful motor. It works with 7000 rpm to allow you to mow quickly and efficiently. It can cut the thick hairs of your dog without any effort. For more performance, it has 5 variable speeds: 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, and 7000 rotations per minute. This allows you to adopt the appropriate rhythm according to the areas to be cut and the type of hair. Despite its power, it will not be able to scare your animal thanks to its low noise of 60 dB.

This practical device is delivered with 4 ceramic and stainless steel blades of different sizes: 1 / 1.3 / 1.6 and 1.9 mm. Therefore, you can achieve various cutting heights according to your needs. With a screen, this model is easy to use. You can make the settings easily. In addition, it can operate wired or wireless.

  • Adjustable speeds: This article can operate with 5 variable speeds: 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, and 7000 rotations per minute. Therefore, you can gently Trimmer the hair on sensitive areas of your dog so as not to hurt it. You can also work a little faster on thick, persistent hairs.
  • Quality blades: Made of stainless steel and ceramic, the blades of this device are sharp. They allow you to make a clean, clean-cut without any effort. In addition, they have different sizes for varying cutting heights. This copy would be the most efficient for users.
  • Use: Some users find it difficult to use this mower at first.

2. Moser Genio Mini 1565 Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer

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To answer the question of where to buy the best dog clipper, you can consider the features of this model. Efficient, it adopts a power of 10W and a special steel blade MAGIC BLADE. This allows you to quickly and cleanly mow even on your pet’s woolly hair. With its cutting head adjustable in height from 0.1 to 3 mm, you can make a shorter or longer mowing according to your needs. The 4 overhangs delivered with the article also allow you to achieve different cutting heights.

Handy, this mower is compact and light. It also has an autonomy of 50 minutes and comes with a second battery for uninterrupted work. This copy is also simple to maintain thanks to its small oil can and its cleaning brush.

  • Handy: This model has compact dimensions of 31 x 21 x 10 cm. Its small size ensures a good grip. In addition, it is light and does not tire you for several minutes of mowing.
  • Easy to maintain: Practical, this article is delivered with all the accessories necessary for its maintenance. With the small oil can, you can lubricate it from time to time. The cleaning brush also allows you to remove the remnants of the hair.
  • Weight: Weighing 1.26 kg, this material could be heavy enough for the arm, especially for prolonged use.

3. GOFUN Pet Grooming Clippers – 3 Speed Cordless Low Noise

If you want to buy the best dog cutter, you can set your sights on this model of GOFUN. Powerful, it has a superpower motor with 2 adjustable speeds. You can adjust the speed between 5500 and 6500 rpm depending on the thickness of your pet’s hair. You can cut thin, thick or very thick hairs as well. In addition, it does not generate many noises or vibrations that can scare the dog. With a fixed stainless steel blade and a moving ceramic blade, this woolly dog Trimmer provides a clean and easy cut.

Practical, this device allows you to make different cutting heights: 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm. It is easy to use thanks to its LCD screen. This shows all the details of the cut and allows you to check the power status. The mower is simple to handle thanks to its compact size and cordless design. It offers an autonomy of 300 minutes, while the charging time is 3 hours.

  • Equipped with an LCD screen: Thanks to this monitor, you can see at a glance the speed of the device, the battery charge level, and the recharge reminder. So you can make the settings easily.
  • Speed adjustment: The powerful motor of this model can adapt to all types of dog hair. You can adjust the rate from 5,500 to 6,500 rpm to quickly finish mowing.
  • The only criticism that users have made of this mower concerns the lack of a notice in French in the package.

4. Oneisall Best Professional Dog Clippers Waterproof

best cordless dog clippers

This model allows you to make a cut with beautiful finishes thanks to its self-sharpening blades in ceramic titanium. The cutting edges are durable and are not damaged in a short time. They are also safe and will not harm your dog. Efficient, the engine of this device is powerful. It allows quick mowing. It also reduces your pet’s anxiety because it works without noise and vibration.

To be able to make different cutting styles, this article with LED display has 6 shoes with a height of 4-6mm, 7-9mm, 10-12mm, and 16-18mm. Wireless, it allows you to easily reach all parts of your animal’s body. Its battery is autonomous with a duration of 2.5 hours. You can finish your task before reloading it. In addition, it is simple to maintain. Simply remove the blades and clean them with water.


  • Quality blades: This article is equipped with self-sharpening blades. Made of ceramic titanium, these are durable and safe. They do not deform easily and do not cause cuts to your dog. Besides, they are effective for a clean cut. This is why Hatteker would be the best brand of dog Trimmer according to the users.
  • LED display: Very practical, this model has an LED display. This indicates the information on the cut and the state of the battery.
  • Tickling at first: the material emits small vibrations that could tickle the dog, but over time it gets used to it.

5. Oster Performance Pet Clipper Kit for in-Home Grooming

best dog clippers for home use

This model works on a sector with a power of 12 W. Thanks to its powerful motor, it guarantees a quick and clean cut on any type of hair. It provides unlimited autonomy. Supplied with 4 combs of different sizes, it allows you to make cuts of various lengths. You can, therefore, vary the cutting style of your dog. In addition, you will have no trouble making the settings. The blade lever is easy to control.

This ergonomic item has an easy-to-handle handle. There is no risk of the device skidding during movement. Your dog cannot, therefore, be injured. With its weight of 1.10 kg, it is also light and simple to move. This mower is also easy to maintain thanks to the cleaning brush and the lubricant.

  • Power: This article works with an intensity of 12 W. Therefore, it allows you to work quickly, and this, with a clean and clean cutting quality. It will be easy for you to untie the knots of all types of dog hair. In addition, by operating on the mains, its autonomy is unlimited.
  • Ergonomic handle: This item has an ergonomic handle which provides great comfort during use. Thus, it does not risk easily escaping from your hands to injure your pet.
  • Heater: Some users have complained that this item heats up quickly during use.

6. Best Professional corded Animal Clipper For Big/Small Animals

best cheap dog clippers

If you do not yet know which best dog hair clippers to choose, you can rely on this model. It stands out for its compactness and ease of handling. In fact, it weighs only 839 grams so as not to tire you out while handling it. Its non-slip handle also prevents you and your pet from being injured. In addition, its 3 m long cable offers more freedom in your movements.

Practical, this item is accompanied by 2 metal combs. It allows you to make a cutting height of 3 or 6 mm depending on your needs. It also comes with a cleaning brush and lubricating oil for its maintenance. Regarding its performance, this device is efficient thanks to its powerful motor and its 1 mm blade. It ensures precise and painless mowing. It is also silent so that your dog remains Zen during the shearing.

  • Getting started: Compared to other models, this one offers a better grip. It fits well in the hand thanks to its compact dimensions, its lightweight and its non-slip handle. So you can comfortably shear your dog.
  • Long cable: With a 3 m long cable, you can cut your pet’s hair with more freedom of movement.
  • No battery: It would be more advantageous if this model had a battery. Therefore, you can also use it without having to plug an outlet.

7. Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Dogs Cutters Grooming Trimming

best dog clippers for thick hair

By using this wireless model, you no longer have to search for an outlet to operate it. Just charge it for 50 minutes to get 70 to 80 minutes of battery life. Very practical, you can finish mowing in one charge. With the 4 combs of this device, you can make different cutting lengths. You can adjust the cutting height from 0.8 to 2mm according to your needs. Easy to take in hand, this model has an ergonomic design and a lightweight.

In terms of performance, this article has a double-pointed blade. This effectively cuts the hair, without touching the dog’s skin. The engine is also powerful for clean, crisp results. Furthermore, it does not produce much noise or vibration.

  • Sharp double-layer blade: In any price comparison, you will see that this dog clipper is the cheapest. However, it remains effective thanks to the quality of its blade. The latter can effectively cut your dog’s hair without injuring him. The cuts on your pet’s skin will no longer be there.
  • Silent: Even turning at high speed, this model remains silent. There will be no noise that can scare your pet. In addition, the device does not vibrate to help you take it in hand.
  • Plastic blade: Some users are perplexed about the life of the plastic blade.

Purchase Guide

In this buying guide for the best dog clippers, the first point to consider is the type of model you have chosen. Indeed, on the market, you have the choice between a wireless or cable item. Both are equally effective, but their difference lies in the ease of use and autonomy. So, if you want to have more freedom in using your mower, it is more advantageous to turn to a wireless copy. By opting for this category, you will not be encumbered by the cable. On the other hand, its autonomy is more limited than a wired model. So make sure you have a model with long battery life so you can work for hours. Also look at the charging time. It must be fast to be ready to use as soon as possible. On the other hand, to have unlimited autonomy, turn to a wired model.

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The Dog’s Hair Type

Before you ask yourself where to buy a new dog clipper, you should also consider your dog’s hair type. This allows you to find the right model for your doggie. So, if you have a dog with a long and fine coat, such as Yorkshire, King Charles, or Coton de Tulear, you should turn to a semi-professional clipper. This one is able to treat the hairs which are entangled.

On the other hand, if you have a dog with a thick, woolly, and hard coat, it is more advantageous to turn to a professional device. The latter is well suited for the Shepherd of the Pyrenees, the Bichon Maltais, the Airedale, the Briard, the Lhassa Apso, or the Komondor.

The Quality Of The Blade

If you do not know how to buy a dog clipper with a better value for money, you should not overlook the criteria of choice. Among other things, you need to closely consider the quality of the blade of the model that caught your eye. Indeed, this influences the quality of the cut. So, to be able to carry out an efficient and clean mowing, it is preferable to opt for a sharp blade. It must also be resistant and made with quality materials. Therefore, it will not be able to deform in the face of resistant hairs. For example, you can opt for a straight blade for quick mowing. A ceramic model is also efficient but is a little expensive.

The Power Of The Mower

When shopping, the power of the dog clipper also deserves your attention. This criterion is important because it allows us to know in advance the efficiency and speed of the device. This power is designated by the number of turns that your equipment can complete in one minute. Be aware that the higher the speed or the higher the rotation speed, the faster and more efficiently your model can work. On the other hand, it is more interesting that you choose a copy which adopts several speeds of rotation. So you can set the mowing rate to suit your needs. You are not likely to hurt your dog by reaching sensitive areas. It even allows you to achieve a good finish.

Even more important, you need to rely on a model that emits the least noise. As a result, the dog will not be afraid during the shearing.

best dog clippers for thick hair

The Accessories

By analyzing this comparison, you will know how to choose the best dog clippers of 2020. Among the criteria that you must look closely are the accessories. These make using your device more convenient. So, it would be better to opt for a model that has the most accessories, including combs, scissors, a cleaning brush, a lubricating oil….

Especially for the combs, make sure they are of different sizes. Therefore, you can make different cutting heights. Lubricating oil, on the other hand, helps maintain the mower and keep it in good condition for years.

The Care Of

During your research, you will surely ask the question: Which is the best dog clipper on the market? In this guide, we give you tips on how to answer this question. So, before setting your sights on a given model, you must first focus on getting started. Indeed, to be able to use the device correctly and easily, it must ensure a good grip. To find out if it meets this criterion, first, check its shape so that it is easy to hold. In the same way, also analyze its dimensions and choose according to the size of your hands.

On the other hand, you also have to make your choice based on the weight of the mower. Know that a light device is easier to handle. You will not be tired even if you use it for hours. You will no longer have wrist pain after the task.

How To Use A Dog Clipper?

In these next paragraphs, we teach you how to use your dog clipper safely! Maintenance tips will also be offered.

Start By Washing Your Dog

Before shearing your dog, you must first wash it. If you do not do this, sand and dust can damage the cutting head of your mower. So take the time to wash it with shampoo, rinse it well and dry it well. You should similarly brush her hair before you bathe her. This will remove knots as well as dead hair.

Gather All The Necessary Equipment

Before taking action, you need to gather all the equipment you need. Take a clipper, a grooming table, and a chisel. The first material mentioned will be used to cut the hair. It is still necessary to choose it well for an effective cut. Indeed, you must select the cutting head most suited to the length of your dog’s coat. To advise you, you should opt for a small cutting head in summer to give the dog a shorter coat. In winter, it is better to use a large cutting head so that your animal keeps its natural fur to fight against the cold. The grooming table, on the other hand, will be used to place your dog during the shearing. The chisel, moreover, makes it possible to carry out the completion.

Hold The Mower Properly

To avoid injuring your pet, it is important to hold the device securely. In this case, place the blade in the fur while holding the mower securely. Try not to tremble so as not to cut your dog’s skin or make unsightly features. Slide your equipment from top to bottom without exerting too much pressure. In this case, it is more advantageous to rely on a model that does not vibrate and that does not emit much noise. As a result, your dog will stay in place and will not be afraid.

Adopt The Right Gestures

To be able to effectively shear your dog, it is important to follow a few precise movements. Thus, carry out mowing in successive bands. Avoid ironing several times on the same place. Also, you should start by mowing sensitive areas such as the face, ears, legs, and joints. You can continue gently by the back, the belly, the chest…. In any case, you have to be careful not to cut your dog’s skin.

Maintain Your Dog Clipper

After clipping your dog, you should think about cleaning the device to extend its lifespan. In this case, you must disassemble the blades and combs. Remove the remaining hair with the cleaning brush and then wash these accessories with water. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before replacing them. Then put oil to lubricate the components of your device. With this in mind, it is more interesting to buy a complete kit consisting of all the necessary accessories. Also, don’t forget to remove the battery if you have to store your equipment for a long time.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

How do I sharpen a dog clipper blade?

A dull blade does not allow effective mowing. This is why you should always have a sharp and sharp blade before clipping your dog. In case you want to sharpen your blade, call on a professional gunsmith or craftsman. But before entrusting it to this specialist, you must first check if your blade is sharp. To find out, read the label of your mower. Note, however, that ceramic blades and those which are not entirely made of steel are not sharpened. So you have to throw them out and buy new ones.

Which clipper to choose for large dogs?

Mowing a large dog like a Charplaninatz, a Komondor, an Anatolian Shepherd, a Central Asian Shepherd, or a Caucasian Shepherd (…) is a bit difficult. Indeed, it takes much longer. Thus, you will have to choose a lighter and more ergonomic mower in order to carry out the mowing without any fatigue. Also, be sure to choose a model that is not likely to heat up quickly. On the other hand, a wireless copy is more practical to be able to perform all gestures with more freedom. So you won’t be cluttered with cables. In all cases, be sure to choose a powerful and autonomous mower to work with great speed.

Which oil should you choose for your dog clipper?

On the market, you are faced with many models of oils for dog clippers. To find the right one with the best value for money, consider its quantity. A large volume bottle can serve you longer. Thus, you will not be forced to buy them frequently. Also, look at the brand of oil. The products of major brands are efficient and reliable.

How to lubricate the blade of a dog clipper?

There is nothing so complex in lubricating the blade of your dog clipper. Just turn off and unplug your device. Then disassemble the cutting head from the device and blow out the rest of the hair using a cleaning brush. Then put it back in place and add a few drops of oil to the sides and front of the cutting blades. To distribute the oil well, all you have to do is plug in the mower and let it run for about 10 seconds.

How do I keep the dog still while shearing?

It is true that it is difficult to mow an active dog that moves a lot. This is why it must be kept still during cutting. To keep it from moving, you should avoid placing it on the floor. He will be tempted to leave and run. It is best to have it mounted on a table. By putting it up, it will no longer be able to run away. Once on the table, keep him upright and keep his head flat. On the other hand, you have to mow it from an early age so that it gets used to the process.

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