How to make coffee without coffee maker

How to make coffee without coffee maker

Long before coffee machines and coffee makers existed, the drink was prepared in the traditional way with common utensils in the kitchen. Nothing has changed today. When your device breaks down, if you don’t have it on hand or if you find yourself in complex circumstances, you only have to adopt one of the various techniques that we offer here.

Use a Colander

You don’t need to use your coffee maker to revel in the flavor of your morning coffee. It is enough to have a few accessories nearby which will also play distinct roles in the preparation. This first method consists in recovering your coffee with the traditional colander. First, boil water. You can turn to your electric kettle to save time. Heating it on the stove is also an option. Others may borrow microwaves if possible. In the latter case, be sure to use a container resistant to the effects of the device.

For coffee, go to the ground one. The amount will depend on the intensity you want to take advantage of. If you do not have any dosing equipment, you can always use a tablespoon with the proportions of a spoonful for 250 ml of water.

After bringing the water to a boil, let it sit for about a minute. Then pour the liquid directly into the container containing the coffee. Leave to infuse for three minutes after which stir the mixture. Add three more minutes to this delay. Note that this technique does not require the use of a filter.

Once the time has elapsed, place the colander on the cup intended to receive the product. Pour the boiling water gently so that the sieve retains the coffee grounds and saves you a bitter drink at the time of tasting.

Use a Saucepan

For this technique, the amount of coffee remains similar to the previous method. Indeed, you have to take a tablespoon for 250 ml of water. Put the ingredients in the pan. To make the solution a little more homogeneous, touch it with a suitable utensil.

Then place your equipment on the fire. You can always use your stove, an electric stove, or an induction device for this. Remember to stir the mixture from time to time while it heats. When it starts to boil, remove the lid and let the water vapors escape so that they do not alter the flavor of your drink.

how to make coffee without a coffee maker

Bring a stopwatch or timer and allow two minutes before removing the pan from the heat. When you pour it into your cup, be careful to do so. You do not need to use a colander or sieve for the process. By being careful, you will prevent the coffee grounds from spilling into the final container.

The Coffee Filter Method

There are two ways to do this. All you need is a coffee filter or equivalent accessory capable of playing the role of a sieve. Connoisseurs recommend a piece of cloth or paper towel. In the second case, make sure it is thick enough not to degrade on contact with water.

Method one: wrap the container with your filter. Here it is better to immediately choose the cup or mug. Add the correct dosage of ground coffee on top, at the opening of the cookware. Meanwhile, bring your water to a boil with your kettle or other kitchen appliance. Then pour the boiling water over the coffee in the filter.

Carry out the operation with skill so as not to spill it on your work surface while avoiding getting burned. In the end, the drink is directly collected in the cup. Just add the other ingredients like sugar or milk.

how to make coffee without coffee maker

Second method: we always stay on the principle of boiling water. But for the configuration of the filter, it is arranged so that it takes on the appearance of a small infusion bag. We put the coffee there before rolling it up. Keep the string sticking out from the edges of the cup to make it easier to remove once your coffee is ready.

Note that a sachet of coffee is suitable for a single cup. You will then have to make as much packaging according to the quantity you plan to serve. Remember that the beverage obtained will be much less intense than that of the colander. To remedy this, you have to double (at least) the usual dosage of ground coffee for the preparation of 250 ml of water.

Then place the sachet in your bowl and pour in the water that you previously boiled. Let it steep and count between two to three minutes before obtaining satisfaction. Be aware that the more you leave the filter in the solution, the more the latter will gain in concentration, and the stronger your coffee will become. Before tasting it, remove the sachets and stir the mixture.

Opt For Instant Coffee

This technique does not require the use of specific equipment. It remains a good alternative for people who lack time in the preparation of their drink and wish to make the latter in record time.

You only have to boil water as usual. Open the bag containing your coffee powder and pour it into your cup. Keep in mind that one or two tablespoons of your coffee are equivalent to 180 ml of water. Then add the corresponding amount of water. In the cup, stir the mixture until the granules dissipate completely.

best way to make coffee without a coffee maker

Otherwise, if you are tempted by the purchase of a coffee machine after all these mishaps, you have the choice between the most basic, that is to say, the piston models, those of mid-range with everything just the ON-OFF and keep-warm button, and the cream of the crop, the big machines that can prepare a whole range of coffees and that clean themselves.

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