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Top 4 || Best Manual Coffee Grinder Of This Years

This article will introduce you to a selection of 4 the best manual coffee grinder, and tell you everything you need to know about these valuable devices.

What Is The Best Manual Coffee Grinder?

  • Peugeot 31169 Cottage Coffee Mill | Best Coffee Grinder
  • Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder | Best Manual Coffee Grinder
  • Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill | Best manual coffee grinder 2022
  • Henry Charles Manual Coffee Grinder | Best manual coffee grinder for pour over

1. Peugeot 31169 Cottage Coffee Mill

best manual coffee grinder

This vintage coffee grinder from Peugeot is a little marvel. Its wooden design and chic, understated colors revisit the coffee grinder of yesteryear and take inspiration from current decorating trends. The collection is aimed at a passionate clientele sensitive to luxury decoration trends.

The mill has a tank with a plate engraved with “Peugeot frères”. In other words, you are in good hands. Like all household appliances designed by Peugeot, the mill is guaranteed for life.

To grind the coffee, there is a grinding adjustment knob: the tighter the knob, the more the grind and fine and vice versa. Its advanced mechanism allows you to obtain an extremely fine grind for making espresso coffee or a less fine grind that will allow you to use a French press.

2. Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

best manual coffee grinder uk

The Kaffeemühle manual grinder from Handground is distinguished by its side handle. This handle allows for more natural movement and the ability to place your opposite hand on the grinder to stabilize it. The handle is made of solid aluminum and completed with a beautiful pakka wood knob.

In the center of the mill is a stainless steel shaft that drives the mill. The axle is mounted on metal bushings in three places to keep it stable during grinding and eliminate vibration.

The reservoir can load up to 100 grams of coffee. A numbered ring allows you to choose from 15 fineness of grind settings. At the heart of the grinder is a 40mm ceramic conical grinder that crushes the coffee beans to achieve a uniform grain size.

Finally, it only takes a few seconds to disassemble the mill and clean it.

3. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

hario manual coffee grinder

The Skerton Pro is a ceramic coffee grinder designed by Hario. It uses a very robust adjustable grinder, capable of tackling the toughest coffee beans.

With a silicone cover on the upper chamber, coffee beans won’t scatter all over the kitchen and a non-slip base helps stabilize the grinder.

The Hario Skerton Pro is made from heat-resistant glass, ceramic burs, stainless steel, silicone, and polypropylene. The total height of the crusher is 19.5cm and the base diameter of the glass container is 8cm.

4. Henry Charles Manual Coffee Grinder

best manual coffee grinder reddit

Focused on portability and ease of use, this stainless steel grinder named Henry Charles, designed by maker Oliver James is the perfect travel companion for coffee lovers.

A minimalist wonder, this grinder allows you to adjust the texture of the grind to your liking, from a very fine powder for espresso to a coarser grind for a French press.

In addition, this coffee grinder has been designed in such a way that it can be easily disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled after each use. It is an ideal grinder for enjoying excellent coffee on a picnic, on a hike, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of a Manual Coffee Mill?

The coffee grinder, since its invention, has undergone many changes. But grinding your coffee by hand is still relevant.

Very compact and inexpensive, manual mills are practical for travel. This eliminates the need to buy pre-ground coffee while on the go.

In addition, a manual coffee grinder reduces your energy consumption and allows you to burn some calories with the power of the wrist.

How To Maintain a Coffee Mill?

Maintaining your coffee grinder is a very important step in ensuring the longevity of the grinder over the long term. If you have stopped using it for a while, the coffee grinder may no longer work properly.

A grandma’s trick is to fill the mill with uncooked rice and run it for a few cycles. Then remove the rice powder. Repeat this trick regularly.

Final Thought

A final tip for espresso lovers … In Italy, to guarantee the quality of his espresso, the barista modifies his grinder to produce a slightly larger grind than usual in wet weather.

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