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Top 4 || Best Home Coffee Makers For Italians

An Italian best home coffee makers, also known as a mocha or macchinetta, is a stovetop coffee maker, which uses pressurized water vapor to make coffee. Patented by Alfonso Bialetti under the name Moka Express in 1933, the Bialetti company continues to produce the Moka Express coffee maker today. This model remains an essential reference. This article introduces you to a selection of 5 Italian coffee makers and explains everything you need to know about these authentic coffee machines.

Which Is The Best Bialetti Coffee Maker?

  • Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker | Best Home Coffee Makers
  • Bialetti Kitty Coffee Maker | Best Coffee Maker In The World
  • DELONGHI EMK6 For Authentic Italian Espresso | Best Tasting Coffee Maker
  • Senseo 7810\65 Coffee Maker | Best High-End Coffee Maker

1. Bialetti Moka Express StoveTop Coffee maker

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This Bialetti model has been around since 1933 and is our number one choice. It is the original Moka Express model. This aluminum beauty is still made the same way it was 80 years ago in Italy. The Moka Express is compatible with gas and electric stoves. There are also different sizes to choose from, ranging from 3 to 12 cups and even a few color variations.

2. Bialetti Kitty Coffee Maker

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If the aluminum of the Moka Express does not appeal to you, or if you are simply not wowed by its classic design, opt for the Bialetti Kitty which offers a more modern design. But there’s more to the Kitty Coffee Maker than its looks. Made of stainless steel, provided with an anti-scalding silicone handle, equipped with a safety valve, it is in all respects a top-of-the-range coffee maker. It can hold up to 10 Italian cups (50 cl), can be used on all hobs, and can be machine washed.

3. DELONGHI EMK6 for Authentic Italian Espresso

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The Alicia from De’Longhi is another Italian electric coffee maker option. It has an aluminum boiler, a cordless base, and a plastic top compartment. This is a great option if you plan to take your coffee maker to your workplace. However, sometimes the plastic top can slightly alter the flavor of your coffee.

4. Senseo 7810\65 Coffee Maker

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With the Senseo Original coffee machine, espresso, or long coffee, the choice is yours. Get the most out of your pod with innovative Senseo Aroma Booster technology. The taste is richer and more intense, thanks to a finer distribution of the water via the 45 aroma nozzles ensuring an optimal distribution of the hot water over the entire pod. Each ground coffee particle can thus release all its aromas and flavors, for a richer and more intense taste.

In addition, Crema plus technology allows you to brew, cup after cup, a Senseo coffee covered with a layer of cream that could not be finer and creamier. With the intensity selector, the Senseo Original gives you more choices. In addition to long and light coffee, it offers strong and tight coffee. Press the 1 or 2 cup button twice for a strong, short coffee.

This coffee maker brews a delicious cup or two of coffee in under a minute. Finally, the machine automatically turns off after 30 minutes, saving you energy.

How Does An Italian Coffee Maker Work?

Italian coffee makers work by passing hot water through the coffee grounds, forced by the pressure of the steam. Since water is stored in a (mostly) enclosed space, pressure increases when the heat is applied.

This pressure forces the water upward through a filter basket (also called a funnel) which retains the coffee grounds. The infusion then continues to rise and eventually exit through the top of a small column and gently enter a retention chamber.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Italian Coffee Maker

The main advantage of an Italian coffee maker is its low cost. In addition, Italian coffee makers can produce delicious drinks, very close to authentic espresso, but they can also be difficult to master.

As an Italian coffee maker should be used to its full capacity, the correct size should be purchased. Keep in mind that small coffee makers don’t always hold up very well on a medium burner and an adapter may be needed to keep it stable.

For over sixty years, the most popular and affordable brand has been Moka Express. Unfortunately, the aluminum which composes it can have an action on the acids of the coffee, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. In addition, it conducts heat so well that the coffee is sometimes burnt.

How To Use An Italian Coffee Maker?

Brewing successful coffee with an Italian coffee maker is not an exact science. You will therefore have to go through a “discovery” phase during which you will accumulate experience.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Fill the lower compartment with cold water to the bottom of the rivet (or to the desired level for a large model).
  • Fill the filter with very fine, dark roast ground coffee, using the back of a spoon to remove air pockets.
  • Always fill the filter to the top (or to the desired level for a large model). The coffee should be lightly packed and have no empty spaces. This retains the water in the grind longer and prevents the coffee from being too watery.
  • Use your finger to remove the smallest particles of coffee outside the filter, and place it above the lower compartment.
  • Screw the two parts of the coffee maker very firmly, keeping the lower compartment straight to prevent water from entering the coffee too soon.
  • Bring the coffee maker to low to medium heat. When the water begins to boil, the steam pushes the water through the filter and the coffee.
  • Immediately lower the heat. If the heat is too strong, the water passes too quickly and the coffee tends to be acidic and watery.
  • When almost all of the water has left the lower compartment, the “bubbling” noise becomes irregular and it is at this precise moment that the coffee maker must be removed from the heat.
  • Wait for this bubbling to stop before serving.

Which Coffee To Use With An Italian Coffee Maker?

The rule of thumb is to use a slightly finer grind than that used for a filter coffee maker, but coarser than that used to fuel an automatic espresso machine. A packet of Aroma Club Dark is a great choice if you crave dark roast, strong, and full-bodied coffee. Its low acidity makes it ideal for the best results using an Italian coffee maker.

Ideally, use freshly ground coffee beans with a grinder to maximize the oils and delicate aromas of the beans. In addition, it is always best to store your coffee in an airtight and moisture-proof box.

How To Clean An Italian Coffee Maker?

Follow these few rules to clean your Italian coffee maker:

  • Never put your Italian coffee maker in the dishwasher (unless the manufacturer allows it). Detergents used in this type of machine may attack the surface of the coffee maker.
  • After each use, wash your coffee maker in hot water.
  • The white spots that can form on the bottom of the coffee maker are lime deposits. In this case, fill the tank with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Let it boil so that this mixture rises throughout the circuit. This will allow you to clean your entire coffee maker.
  • The black spots that can appear in the coffee maker are due to caffeine. In this case, boil a mixture of water and lemon juice. Let the mixture rise in the pistons to clean the entire coffee maker.
  • You can use, from time to time, a mixture of boiling water and a few drops of bleach. But then be sure to rinse your coffee maker perfectly to avoid residue.
  • To make the surface of your coffee maker shine, you can use an acidic fruit juice like rhubarb juice or apricot juice.

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