How to choose a stroller

How To Choose a Stroller

A stroller, including the combination strollers presented in our comparison, is mainly used to transport your offspring. You have a large selection of simple to high-tech models. In addition to functionality and security, the lifestyle aspect now plays an important role for many buyers. The strollers are now available in a wide variety of designs and materials.

Different Models – Different Advantages

The strollers are available in a wide variety of designs – the most versatile version is the combination stroller, which combines at least two, but mostly three models. The great advantage of the combi stroller is that you can use it from the day you are born until you are three or four years old.

Combined strollers are usually more expensive to buy than other models, but you cover the entire stroller time with such a stroller. Converted to this time, the costs are manageable and often lower than for several individual models. Because you can use a combination stroller for both your little baby and your toddler. You can convert the stroller in a few simple steps.

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The combination strollers are usually equipped with four wheels. On some models, the front tires consist of double tires. There are also three-wheel stroller models available, which are usually even more maneuverable than the four-wheeled stroller due to the single front wheel. However, make sure that your model with three wheels is still tip-proof. The front wheels can usually be swiveled through 360 degrees, which makes the stroller very agile. If necessary, for example on uneven terrain, you can lock them on most models. The rear wheels of the strollers are rigid and are usually equipped with a braking system.

The biggest advantage of the combi stroller is that it grows with your child. In the beginning, use the carrycot and, if available, the baby seat for the car. As soon as your offspring can sit, you can convert the combi stroller into a buggy.

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With most models, this works with just a few simple steps. In general, many strollers are easy to handle due to their low weight and, moreover, usually fold up to save space and stow away in the trunk.

Many models offer the function of mounting the attachment against or in the direction of travel. When mounting against the direction of travel, you as a parent have an eye on your offspring, while your child, once it is a bit bigger, will probably have more fun sitting in the direction of travel because there is so much more to see.

While the carrycot is designed similarly for all strollers, the buggy variants differ more frequently. Some are equipped with footrests that you can adjust. Other models, such as the Bebebi stroller, have two footrests. So the footrest can be used as an entry aid for the larger children.

With the carrycot, some models offer the option of placing the mattress in the head area. This gives you the opportunity to comfortably feed your baby on the go without the need for a high chair. The sun hood, which you can fold back if necessary, is part of the standard equipment of the baby carriage.

Most pushchair models are adjustable in height. This has the advantage that neither small nor tall people have problems pushing the stroller. You simply adjust the push bar to your height. Another advantage that the combi strollers bring with them is the use of a car seat or car seat.

What types of strollers are available?

The selection of strollers is large. Parents are spoiled for choice, so to speak. In order to make this easier for you, we would like to present the different stroller versions available below:

First-time strollers: These are equipped with a special construction to give the little earthlings the ideal protection and peace that they need. Since the little babies cannot and must not sit, the lying surface of the first-time stroller is completely flat. In order to compensate for unevenness in the road, most first-time strollers have wide and large pneumatic tires. In addition, these strollers are equipped with dampers or leaf springs that prevent shocks and impacts – starting from the ground – from the baby. As a rule, first-time strollers are only designed for the initial period. A conversion to a buggy is not possible. This means that for the next few months and years you will also need to purchase a buggy or a baby jogger.

Combination strollers: You have already learned a lot about combination strollers. This type of stroller is now common and very popular. The reason is that the combination strollers are both first-time strollers and buggies in one. Some models can also be used as car seats. The combi strollers are 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 models. This not only makes the stroller flexible but also you as parents.

Jogger and sports buggy: The name sounds sporty – and that’s the way it is. This type of stroller is designed for sporty parents who like to do a sporty round with their offspring in the stroller. However, you should only use these joggers when your child can sit, as they are often not designed for lying down. The joggers are usually equipped with large wheels that have been specially developed for rough terrain and forest trails. If you run over uneven surfaces, you should make sure that the jogger has a good suspension to absorb the bumps accordingly. This is very important because the spine of the little ones is still soft and sensitive.

Buggies: This type of stroller is designed for larger children who can already walk. A buggy is a much more compact and smaller than a conventional stroller. It is the ideal solution for on the go. If your child gets tired, they can sit in the buggy and sleep a little.

A sibling or multiple strollers: These stroller models can accommodate two or three children – one behind the other or next to each other. The variant that the children sit next to each other is intended for children of the same age. The variant in which the children sit one behind the other is intended for children whose age difference is somewhat larger. The baby lies directly on the push bar and the slightly older child sits in the front area of the stroller.

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