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Neabot Robot Vacuum Review || Smart Self Emptying Dustbin

If you want a reliable machine that takes over your vacuuming job completely, get to know an excellent newcomer to the industry in this Neabot robot vacuum review.

With the biggest names in the robot vacuum industry ranging from iRobot to Neato and Roborock, Neabot is just a whole new brand, but it’s most definitely come to stay. Neabot has jumped into the market with a robot vacuum cleaner that seamlessly integrates the most useful and exotic functions of high-end robot vacuums into one beautiful and neat gadget.

It is essentially a robot built to fully automate the entire home vacuuming process from start to finish.

With an extraordinary array of sensors and precise obstacle detection, this robot will not turn aimlessly around things, learn more about the Neabot below.

I also love that it’s a robot vacuum with a self-emptying bin that can collect up to 4 weeks of dirt at a time in the auto-sealed bin bags, so you can forget about vacuuming for weeks.

All in all, this is truly a hands-free vacuuming experience to enjoy. So let’s get started!

Main Thing – Fast Review

Neabot robot vacuum review with smart self emptying dustbin

Neabot is a simple robot vacuum with several impressive features to make the floor vacuuming fully automatic. This robot avoids obstacles with ease thanks to Lidar Navigation and SLAM technology to accurately identify objects in the house and uses a Z-shaped vacuum pattern to ensure every inch of the floor is covered.

Its 3 suction power levels go up to 2700pa for tough cleaning that really gets to the bottom of your carpet fibers, while dual multi-surface rubber brushes sweep up dust, grime, and large debris, and have a high-efficiency filter to remove up to 99% of mold, pollen allergens. & catch dust mites. Neabot is suitable for pets and houses with different floor types.

It comes with auto-sealed trash bags that are enough to hold dirt for up to 4 weeks and a self-cleaning base for the automatic dirt removal.

The operation of this device is very simple as it comes with a smartphone app so you can adjust the cleaning strategy and monitor the cleaning status, and it is also compatible with google assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • Cleans in organized straight lines
  • Very quiet motor
  • Detailed cartography
  • Very good obstacle detection
  • Does not run out of batteries or does not get stranded
  • 1-year warranty & 30 days no-worry return
  • The shutdown station is very loud
  • Only compatible with 2.4 GHz

Complete Review of the Neabot Robot Vacuum

With the new technological advancements in the home gadget industry, robotic vacuum cleaners are slowly becoming a sensation and much more useful than they’ve ever been. And with these fancy yet highly efficient home assistants, it’s never been easier to keep up with chores and keep up with a busy work schedule.

Designed to clean up the messy chore of dirt on your floors, household robot vacuums are clearly a much-needed home assistant for parents whose daily schedule revolves around work deadlines, rambunctious kids, pets, and a host of other chores.

The Neabot robotic vacuum cleaner is currently one of the most convenient automatic vacuum cleaners on the market. It comes with the features you see in the most premium robots, but at a very affordable price tag; this single feature has put the Neabot on shoulder height with that of the iRobot Roomba i7+ and S9.

The robot is equipped with Lidar navigation and SLAM technology, which allows it to map very accurately and accurately recognize objects in the house and obstacles in its path so that it never gets stuck. It cleans in a systematic line pattern and has side brushes to ensure every inch of your home is covered.

Neabot comes with 3 different suction power levels; quiet mode (700Pa) regular mode (1200Pa), and strong suction with an impressive suction of 2700pa, and you can set your robot vacuum cleaner to any of these levels to increase or decrease the suction power depending on how cluttered your house is.

At 3.8″ height, this robot has a low profile and will smoothly move in and out of tight spaces, including under furniture, to grab things without getting stuck. Having to crawl under your bed to rescue a stuck robot isn’t a problem you’ll face with the Neabot.

How does the Neabot Robot Vacuum work?

Neabot robot vacuum and mop

Designed to completely take over your vacuuming job, Neabot comes with a range of interesting features to ensure your floors are always pristine and shiny.

The robot first uses its LDS and a built-in SAML algorithm to make the novice literally more agile and enable simultaneous localization and mapping. He has created a virtual floor plan of the house that you can access through the Niabot mobile app, then move in straight lines along the exterior walls, and then zigzagged his way through your floors, neatly covering obstacles in his way. avoids path.

The LDS (Laser Distance Sensors) scans the floor up to a distance of 6 meters, giving the robot an accurate ability to detect obstacles. It uses dual multi-surface rubber brushes to sweep up dust, grime & large debris, and has a high-efficiency filter to capture up to 99% of mold, pollen & dust mite allergens.

Ideal for homes with pets, the Neabot neatly picks up all sorts of dirt on a variety of floor types, you can set multiple breast strength to a maximum level of 2700Pa for a deeper carpet clean or as low as 700Pa for a standard clean.

The noise level of this robot is between 55 and 70 dB, i.e. from the lowest suction power to the highest, and on the lowest setting the robot is almost silent and on the highest setting, you can still smoothly continue your day and have a normal conversation while the robot is hard at work.

The robot comes with a large 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery and runs for 3 hours on a full charge, and when the battery reaches a certain low percentage, the robot automatically returns to the docking station to recharge.

This robot not only empties the floor but also empties its own garbage can, it is equipped with a drainage station that also acts as a charging station. After each cleaning, the robot drives back to the charging station to automatically empty and recharge its 0.6-liter trash can.


Neabot robot vacuum no go zone

The Neabot is an amazing vacuum cleaner with an organized approach to cleaning. Using a laser sensor, he first maps the area he is going to zero and then it regularly clears straight line patterns. And with the app, you can monitor it throughout the cleaning process, customizing its cleaning settings so it cleans everywhere and doesn’t skip nooks and crannies.

The card he creates is saved in the app and you can edit it to make your cleaning experience even more personal. Neabot is almost the perfect floor vacuum robot, it has all the useful features and fixes almost everything safe from a few hiccups. First, his sensors are incapable of detecting small objects such as cables, which means he will most likely run into a bunch of cables lying around.

This robot does not have auto-boost carpet detection functions, which means that it does not automatically crank up its suction power when it detects carpet floors and that you always have to manually increase the suction power.

The Neabot self-emptying dust container automatically transfers the collected dirt into the bag-lined dust container without leaks, so you don’t have to worry about piles of dirt around the docking station.

Finally, the app, which works well but needs some fine-tuning to improve overall performance, and I do hope the Neabot team is doing something about that now. Overall, this is an excellent floor cleaning robot and with near-perfect performance.

Setup and use

Neabot robot vacuum with self-emptying dustbin

When your Neabot robot vacuum has arrived, download the Neabot Home app to enjoy all the helpful features of this excellent gadget. Before connecting it to your smart device make sure to download the latest new app with the latest update, it only agrees with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, which is certainly not ideal.

This robot also comes with remote control, which is a very handy control and can be used as a replacement for the app, but most of the controls are on the mobile app. You can fully customize your cleanup through the app and create zones on the map with different cleaning settings.

The app allows you to draw rectangles on areas on the map that you want the robot to specifically target, plot areas to clean, and schedule cleaning times for those special areas. If there are areas in your house that you would like to have cordoned off, this is also possible via the app.

You can also set Do-Not-Disturb times, which are times when you prefer the robot not to work. In addition to the mobile app, the Neabot is also compatible with voice control and can be controlled via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


The Neabot comes with 26 arrays of sensors that enable fully automatic cleaning. Despite being a very new brand, this robot has a ton of useful designs and is clearly built with sustainability in mind.

It comes with a 30-day worry-free return and 1-year manufacturer warranty, plus auto-sealing trash bags that are enough to hold dirt for up to 4 weeks and a self-cleaning base for the automatic dirt removal. It’s a machine designed to serve you well and built with very sturdy materials.


Like most robotic vacuum cleaners, the Neabot will require some form of owner maintenance and commitment to stay in top condition and performance for as long as possible. First and foremost, the sweeping brushes will need to be checked and cleaned to prevent them from becoming completely entangled with hair strands. This will depend on how often you clean and whether or not you have furry family members who shed a lot.

Also depending on how often you clean, the pouch at the top should be removed and thrown away after about a month. You will need to wipe the sensors clean to prevent them from becoming covered in a layer of dust that interferes with obstacle detection and navigation.

And finally, replacement parts must be purchased from authorized dealers and replaced promptly to ensure the robot continues to perform at its best.

Additional purchases and charges

The Neabot brings all the necessary parts, including the exhaust station (clean base), which is twice as much as the charging station. It even comes with enough auto-sealed trash bags to store dirt for up to 4 weeks.

It also comes with two extra brush heads (two of which are already mounted on the bottom of the robot), an extra HEPA filter and the remote control comes with two AAA batteries, which is very thoughtful, so you won’t have to worry about it for a long time after purchase. need to make additional purchases.

However, with continued use and the passage of time, you will need to purchase a garbage bag set with 6 auto-seal garbage bags for $19.9 or an all-in-one kit with 8 side brushes, 2 HEPA filters, 2 main brushes, and 4 garbage bags for $39.99.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Why does the program tell me the bag is not placed correctly? And doesn’t he empty the pockets?

The robot and the extraction station are designed in such a way that the contents of the debris chamber at the bottom are sucked through a supply to the extraction station and end up in a bag at the top. Therefore, if you get an error message that the bag is not placed correctly or that the garbage bags do not want to empty properly, check if the self-empty tunnel and the hole that connects to the garbage can on the robot are blocked by garbage. If it is blocked, remove the items causing the blockage.

Can the self-draining base be placed on a carpeted floor or should it be placed on a hardwood floor?

There is no special kind of surface where the extraction station/charging station should be and you can keep it on any kind of surface.

How often should I clean the roller brushes?

This depends on how messy your house gets and how often the robot cleans. If you have pets that shed a lot and the robot is supposed to clean every day, you will need to clean the brushes at least once or twice a week.

Is Wi-Fi a requirement for the robot vacuum to work?

Neabot comes with multiple controls, a remote, and a mobile app. But you need WiFi for the mobile app, which has all the fun features and customization options, such as no-go zones and scheduling. The remote is useful, but it’s limited compared to the app, so you’ll need Wi-Fi to really enjoy the robot.

Final Thoughts

Neabot is an excellent robot vacuum that can compete with most other robot vacuums on the market. It’s a great home assistant that works with very little help from you, cleaning when you want and emptying its own bin while all you need to do is schedule it and occasionally clear out the self-emptying base. Neabot offers many high-end features and yet a budget robot vacuum cleaner has a price tag it is undoubtedly an investment that you will enjoy very much.

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