The 5 Best Electronic Kitchen Scales Of This Year’s

For a successful grand cru coffee or a delicious recipe, a precision scale is an essential piece of the puzzle.

This article will introduce you to a selection of 5 electronic kitchen scales and tell you everything you need to know about these precious machines.

Which Kitchen Scales Are The Most Accurate?

  • Soehnle 67080 Balance Electronique | Best Kitchen Scales 2022
  • Terraillon Kitchen Scale | Best Electronic Kitchen Scales
  • Soehnle Kitchen Scales, White, Extra Large | Best Smart Food Scale
  • Tefal Optiss BC5000V0 Kitchen Scales | Best Food Scale
  • Terraillon Kitchen Scales | Best Food Scale For Meal Prep

1. Soehnle 67080 Balance Electronique

best kitchen scales 2021

This Page Profi electronic scale from Soehnle can weigh both featherweight and heavyweights. You can weigh up to 15 kg and the scale is accurate to the nearest gram. Very elegant, its support is gray and the black surface is made of glass, which makes this scale very easy to clean.

The innovative “Hold” memory function allows you to block the weight display for 10 seconds. It is thus possible to weigh large objects that hide the screen. Pleasant to use thanks to a technology called “Sensor Touch”, it is enough to touch it and the Profi Page shows what it is capable of.

This versatile scale obviously also has a tare and automatic stop function. With it, every weigh-in is a snap.

2. Terraillon Kitchen Scale

best smart food scale

With its sober design, this MyCook electronic kitchen scale from Terraillon is equipped with a large stainless steel tray and a large backlit LCD screen with a digital display.

In addition, its “sensitive” keys guarantee weighing accuracy down to the gram up to 15 kg. It is possible to weigh both solid and liquid ingredients in the same bowl.

The “Tare” function allows you to reset the balance to zero and cancel the previous weighing and/or the weight of the container. This option is very useful for adding other ingredients during a recipe.

In addition, this kitchen scale also allows one-touch conversion of liquids to change units of measurement (g / ml/lb.oz / fl.oz).

Its non-slip feet ensure precise weighing while its stainless steel finish offers a resistant anti-fingerprint coating.

Finally, note that this electronic scale works with 3 AA batteries (not included) and is available in 2 colors.

3. Soehnle Kitchen Scales, White, Extra Large

best digital scale 0.1 gram accuracy

Compact and elegant, this Page Compact electronic scale from Soehnle is a small scale 2.5 cm thick that is very easy to store.

This practical precision scale weighs to the nearest gram, up to 5 kg. It has a tare function that allows you to reset the scale to zero without removing what’s already on it.

Economically, it turns off automatically and has non-slip feet to prevent accidents. In addition, its transparent glass surface allows easy cleaning.

4. Tefal Optiss BC5000V0 Kitchen Scales

digital kitchen scale

The Tefal Optiss electronic kitchen scale is made of very resistant glass. It is ideal for accurately measuring your coffee or dosing ingredients for your recipes with an accuracy of one gram from 0 to 5 kg.

For more convenience, its clever “TARE” function ensures successive weighings in the same container. This saves you time by not having to stop and reset the weighing.

In addition, this electronic balance has a very practical function that allows it to adapt between liquid weighing and solid weighing: no need for a unit of measurement conversion.

As a bonus, it is easy to store thanks to its slim design and its retractable hook. Finally, note that this kitchen scale works with 2 LR03 AAA batteries (included) and that it is available in 3 different colors.

5. Terraillon Kitchen Scales

best food scale bodybuilding

The Macaron electronic kitchen scale from Terraillon Macaron is equipped with a large plastic tray and an LCD screen. With its attractive rounded angles, it is able to weigh food to the nearest gram for a maximum of 5 kg.

The different ingredients can be added consecutively to the bowl. You just need to press the “Tare” button between each new ingredient so that the scale returns to zero. Plus, liquid conversion technology lets you weigh both dry and wet ingredients in the same bowl.

The integrated handle on the back of the scale ensures easy transport. The non-slip feet, meanwhile, guarantee your peace of mind when weighing.

As a bonus, this kitchen scale is available in 7 different colors. It works with 2 AAA batteries (not included).

What Are The Advantages Of An Electronic Kitchen Scale?

Electronic scales are by far the most popular type of scale because they are much more compact and significantly more precise than mechanical scales. The precision of an electronic kitchen scale allows weighing to the nearest gram, while an electronic scale allows accuracy to within 5-10 grams.

In addition, they usually have an LCD display where you can easily read the weight of the ingredients as well as a “tare” function that lets you ignore the weight of the bowl you are putting them in.

In contrast, electronic scales require a source of power to operate and generally require batteries.

How To Use An Electronic Kitchen Scale?

Using an electronic kitchen scale is extremely easy. All you have to do is place your ingredient directly on the pan or in a bowl on the scale and read its weight on the LCD screen.

If your scale is equipped with a function called “tare”, you will need to press the button after placing the bowl on the pan.

best food scale for meal prep

How Much Coffee Weigh?

To get the best drink possible, it is recommended to use freshly ground coffee beans with a grinder.

This list details the quantities of coffee to weigh depending on the coffee maker you use. These are of course general recommendations which can be adjusted to suit your preferences:

  • If you are using a filter coffee maker, measure 12 grams per cup.
  • If you are using a French press, measure the same dose of 12 grams per cup if the coffee is coarsely ground and 10 grams per cup if the grind is finer.
  • If you are using an Italian coffee maker, simply fill the metal filter.
  • If you are using an automatic coffee machine, you don’t have to do anything. Your machine will use, depending on the extraction intensity setting, between 10 and 15 grams of coffee per cup.

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