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Neato Robotics has become a giant in the robotic vacuum industry, now competing directly with the Airbot Rhombar. And if you’re in the market for a new robot vacuum, you’ve noticed the Neato D-Connected series and all the great features they have to offer. This line of Neto robots includes a variety of high-performance robots and is bound to fit your budget.

Five D-connected robots with very similar functions and the same D-shaped design look exactly the same. Compared to these Neato Botvac, we have broken down the features according to the features and compared their similarities and differences to clearly picture each of their feature gadgets. A closer look at D3 Connected, D4 Connected, D5 Connected, D6 Connected and D7 Connected will help you make an informed decision and find the best Neato vacuum cleaner for you.

Neato Botvac Review:

  • Neato vacuum Botvac D3 | Best neato vacuum cleaner
  • Neato Robotics D4 | Best laser-guided robot vacuum
  • Neato Botvac D5 | Best robot vacuum for pet hair
  • Neato Robotics D6 | Best price on neato botvac
  • Neato Robotics Botvac D7 | Best robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Neato Botvac D3

Best neato vacuum botvac d3

Neato Botvac D3 The first and least sophisticated model of the Neato D attached series. There may be an entry-level model for the D3D-series but it is nothing more than an entry-level robot compared to other robot vacuums on the market. This botvac has many interesting features, including laser smart technology for mapping your home, and is moved in straight lines to clear every corner of the floor.

The D-shaped design and a combo brush give the robot a clean sweep at the roll edges. The D3 has a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery that gives it a 60-minute run time, then it returns to the charging base for a quick charge and starts cleaning automatically. This botvac has a Wi-Fi and smartphone connection and you can schedule to clean it every day or every other day through the Neato mobile app. The D3 is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

  • Great on
  • Cleans all floor types
  • Mobile apps have capabilities
  • Auto charge and restart
  • General and intuitive schedule and clear procedures
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • There is no side brush to clean the edges
  • Filters are not HEPA approved

Neato Botvac D4

Best neato robotics d4

Slightly upgraded version of the Botvac D4, D3. Basically, the two robots are very similar, but they have features that make them stand out. First, having an advanced battery, the D4 comes with a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery that powers the robot for about 75 minutes before returning to the charging station to charge. With a powerful multi-surface brush and powerful suction, the D4 removes dirt particles from all types of surfaces, be it hardwood, tile, vinyl, or carpet.

The D4 has a powerful filter that can capture particles up to 10 microns in size, it is not a HEPA quality filter but it works fine. This robot brings in magnetic strips to create virtual walls and borders to keep away from certain parts of the house. It connects to the Neto mobile app and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo.

  • On smart
  • Cleans all floor types
  • Auto recharge and restart
  • Simple and intuitive mobile application
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • No side brush
  • No HEPA filter

Neato Botvac D5

Best neato botvac d5

The Botvac Trumps both the D5, D3, and D4, basically, the other two robots being D5 with some extras come with the ability to clean D3 and D4 but instead of the combo brush roll it is a new and improved spiral brush, an advanced Ultra-Performance HEPA filter and comes with an extra side brush for excellent edge cleaning. The over-the-counter filter makes it great for allergens and pollen, capturing particles below 3 microns.

The D5 also has a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery which gives it a maximum working time of 90 minutes, the robot will automatically recharge and restart when the battery drops to 15%. This robot connects with an intuitive Neto mobile app for easy remote control. The D5 Border Builder comes to restrain the robot while making and cleaning walls with tape or magnetic strips. As a smart robot, the D5 is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

  • HEPA certified filter
  • Side brush for excellent edge cleaning
  • Multi-stage cleaning plans for multi-stage cleaning
  • General and intuitive schedule and clear procedures
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • It takes time to set up the magnetic strip
  • Preparation is required before cleaning

Neato Botvac D6

Best neato robotics d6

Neato D6 is one of the high-end D-series robots. In addition to the zone cleaning function, the D6 has all the exotic features that the premium D-series has to offer. It comes with a bigger battery that improved the working time by up to 120 minutes.

Combining the new spiral brush and side brush, this botvac is capable of sweeping up dirt particles from every corner of a room, including dirt particles that hide along the edges and baseboards. Powerful suction perfects its performance on all floor types, including carpets.

The D6 comes with multistory cleaning, which lets you store plans up to 3 floors in the mobile app, especially useful for large multi-floor houses. It also has ultra-performance HEPA-certified filters, boundary marking tape, an extra side brush, multi-floor cleaning, Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity, and compatibility with Echo and Google Home. Through the Neato mobile app, you can schedule the robot to clean every day or as often as you like.

  • HEPA certified filter
  • Excellent performance on both hard floors and carpet
  • Great option for pet owners
  • Intuitive mobile app and scheduling
  • Long-life battery — 120 minutes working time
  • Comes with an extra side brush
  • No zone cleaning
  • Setting up with magnetic strips can be tiring

Neato Botvac D7

Best neato robotics botvac d7

Despite its close resemblance to the D6, the Botvac D7 is considered to be the most advanced robot in the D-series and the best neato model. This robot vacuum cleaner has the same features as the D6; laser smart mapping technology, spiral brush roller, side brush, strong suction, magnetic strips, ultra-performance filters, all contribute to an excellent cleaning performance on different floor types.

With an integrated 3600mAh lithium-ion battery, the D7 cleans for up to 120 minutes before needing a recharge. Like the D5 and D6, the D7 also has a multistory cleaning to clean multiple floors of a multistory building and you can add up to 3-floor plans in the mobile app. The only feature that is unique to the D7 is the zone cleaning, which allows the robot to pay extra attention to specific areas.

  • HEPA style filtration for allergens
  • Improved mobile app
  • Cleans different floor types
  • Excellent navigation and cleaning patterns
  • Comes with 2 rolls of boundary marking tape
  • Most expensive option
  • Maintenance can be tiring
  • Can get stuck in certain places

Comparison: D3 vs. D4 vs. D5 vs. D6 vs. D7

What is the best neato vacuum

Laser sensors for smart navigation

Every Neato Botvac has laser sensors and the S.L.A.M. algorithm that allows the robots to move smartly through different rooms without bumping into nearby objects. The laser sensors send out signals around its surroundings and create a map of the room, using this map to smoothly navigate its way. The Neato robots do not rely on light to move, they move just as smartly in dark rooms, and this ensures excellent cleaning.

Trash Can Dimensions

All Best Neato vacuum models have the same capacity for dirt with 700 ml or 0.7 liters. That sounds pretty small, but it’s one of the largest garbage cans you’ll find on robotic vacuum cleaners. With this bin, the robot can clean more places and cover more ground without having to empty the bin often.

Auto recharge and resume

Best robot vacuum carpet

The five robots on this list all have a recharge and resume feature. This feature allows the robot to automatically find its way back to the charging station when the battery drops to a certain level, and after it has been recharged, it diligently goes back to work, continuing from where it left off. With this feature, you can set the robot to clean and leave for work without any worries, you don’t have to look after the gadget anymore.

Fast charging with boost

This is almost like the auto charge and resumes feature. If the robot’s battery runs low while cleaning, it smothers back to the charging station to get a boost. But instead of getting a full battery charge, the fast boost charging allows the robot to efficiently calculate the precise amount of charge it will need to complete the job and only charges that amount and then goes back to the job. before finally returning to the charging station for a full battery charge. This feature apparently improves cleaning efficiency.

Cleaning performance

Best robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Despite the different models and features, each Neato D-series robot has essentially the same cleaning power and performance. They all have very similar key features (D-shape for good edge cleaning, active brush rollers, and powerful suction) that allow optimal cleaning on different floor types, be it hardwood floors, tiles, or carpets. Neato botvac is excellent for vacuuming dirt particles and debris, including pet hair and allergens.

Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity

These smart gadgets all come with Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity for remote control. Even the entry-level robot in the series, the D3, has the same smart features. They are all compatible with the Neato app and have access to all the features, including the no-go lines to create virtual walls and resist the robot’s movement to a small area of ​​the room you want to be cleaned.

Compatibility with Amazon Echo and Google Home

Each of the D-series robots is also compatible with voice devices such as Echo or Google Home. This function provides more convenience and remote control.

Virtual no-go lines

All D-series robots allow you to set up virtual walls or “No-go lines” from the mobile app. This is very useful to prevent the robot from entering some parts of your room. You can create multiple no-go lines from within the robot, and keep the robot away from stairs, doors, and some other parts of the room that you want the robot to avoid.

Floor types

These robots can clean virtually all floor types, including tile, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet. They will efficiently clean short pile carpets but may struggle with deep pile carpets and rugs. Despite this, Neato robot vacuums clean carpets better than most other bone vacuums out there, only upright vacuums clean deep-pile carpets better than Neato bone vacuums.

Size of the robot

What is the best self emptying robot vacuum?

The five robots have the same dimensions and dimensions. At 13.2″ wide and 3.9″ high, these robots are small enough to fit under most furniture and clean, so you don’t have to worry about the robot getting stuck under your furniture.

Compare Neato Botvac models: What are the differences?

Is neato better than roomba?

Battery life and working time

This is probably the main difference you’ll see in the 5 Neato D-series robots. The robots all come with a Lithium-ion battery, but some models have larger batteries. The 2 ultra-advanced robots, the D6 and D7 have maximum and long-lasting batteries with a run time of 80 to 120 minutes. The D5 has a maximum run time of 90 minutes on low power, the D4 runs for a maximum of 75 minutes, and the D3 no longer than 60 minutes.

Brush roll

Like vacuum cleaners, the robots all come with brush rollers, but these brushes differ in the five models. The D3, D4, and D5 models have the multi-purpose brush, while the D6 and D7 have the spiral brush, which is a newer and apparently better brush design. This difference isn’t very important, as both the Combo Brush and the Spiral Brush are interchangeable on all models, and you can buy a Spiral Brush as an extra if you’re not happy with the Combo Brush.

Side brushes

In addition to the main brush roll, the Neato D5, D6, and D7 come with an additional side brush, which the robot does an excellent job of sweeping up dirt and debris from around the edges and baseboards in your home. The D-shape of these robots is in itself a good feature for edge cleaning, as the D-shape robots clean edges much better than most other round robot vacuum cleaners. However, the side brushes make edge cleaning a step better. The D3 and D4 robots do not carry side brushes.

Multiple floor plans

Best budget robot vacuum

The Neato botvacs D5, D6, and D7 are ideal for large multi-floor houses. These robots have the multiple floor plan feature, which allows you to save up to 3-floor plans to allow the robot to clean all floors. With this feature, you may need to purchase an additional charging dock so that the robot can easily remember its location at any given time.

Zone cleaning

Zone cleaning is a function that gives you the luxury of instructing the robot to clean a specific area in your house, this function is only available in the most advanced D7 robot. The zone cleaning is most useful in very large houses with a lot of space, where the robot may miss a few spots, so you can send it to clean certain areas. Zone cleaning also comes in handy if you spill something that needs to be wiped up.


This is one of the notable differences between these robots; the D5, D6, and D7 have high-performance filters that are of HEPA quality and are excellent for filtering allergens and pollen from the air. While the D4 has a high-performance filter and the D3 a standard filter. The D3 is just perfect for vacuuming up dirt and debris, but if you want something close to the standard HEPA filter, you should go for one of the 3 most advanced robots.

Demarcation Tape

In addition to the no-go zones found in the app, the robots also support the use of physical boundary walls. The D4, D5, D6, and D7 come with a magnetic strip or boundary marking tape to create walls and barriers that restrict the robot to certain areas of the room. The magnetic strip is usually cut to the length of the area you want to mark off and you use a cut piece several times. The D3 does not include the magnetic stripe, but it is also compatible with the feature and you can buy one as an additional purchase.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

How does the Neato compare to the Roomba?

Roomba and Neato are smart robot vacuums, and both are excellent at sweeping up dirt and cleaning homes. If you compare both robots solely in terms of cleaning performance, they are both evenly matched. However, the Roomba is an extra handy gadget and requires very little maintenance.
The Roomba has a Dirt Detection Technology to find extra messy places and clean them with more power, plus a Clean Base that allows the robot to empty its own garbage can, this alone makes the Roomba (especially the Roomba i7+) a luxury robot vacuum cleaner. The Clean Base comes at an additional cost, but the Neato doesn’t.

Does he do a good job with animal hair?

Yes, Both the combo bristles in the D3 and D4, as well as the spiral brush rollers in the D5, D6, and D7, are excellent at picking up all tufts of hair, even from carpets. And coupled with strong suction, the hair strands are sucked into the garbage can.

How often should you replace the filters?

If you use your Neato robot every day, you will need to clean the filters at least once a week. And how often you have to replace the filter depends on the size of your house and how often you use the robot. As a rule of thumb, the standard and high-performance filters in the D3 and D4 should be replaced at least once a month, while the ultrafilters in the D5, D6, and D7 should be replaced every 3 months.

Is this model suitable for very large houses with tile floors?

The Neato D5, D6, and D7 are robotic vacuum cleaners designed for large multi-floor houses and can be used for houses with up to 3 floors. These robots also work quite well on all hardwood, tile, vinyl, and even carpet floors. They have auto charge and resume features and clean quite well.

Does he clean up his own trash can when he’s done cleaning the floor?

No, none of the Neato robots can empty their own garbage can. The robots all come with a 0.7-liter waste bin that you have to empty yourself every 20 minutes or thereabouts. If you want a robot that can empty its own trash can, take a look at the Roomba i7+.


Apparently, the Neato botvac D-connecting series have very similar cleaning capabilities on all floor types, and they all have the same smart features. But the D6 and D7 and are undeniably the most advanced gadgets. Of these robots, the D7 is our favorite and the reason is very clear.

Firstly, it has all the features that make an excellent and extra handy sweeping robot, and despite its strong resemblance to the others, it definitely trumps them all in both cleaning performance and ease of use. The only major downside to the D7 is its price tag, and that won’t be a problem if it fits your budget.

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