What Is The Best Smoothie Blender

What Is The Best Smoothie Blender

The way of conceiving a refreshing drink based on fruits or vegetables differs according to the machine to be used and the virtues which one draws from it. Everyone has the choice of preparation material to use. It depends on the result you want to get. And consumers remain divided between the blender and the centrifuge.

Homemade preparations

It is always better to turn to homemade products. Compared to industrial juices sold on the market, those that we prepare ourselves are much healthier and more nutritious. Since they do not contain any chemical components, they provide inexhaustible health benefits. Whether we use fruits or vegetables, the drink that comes out provides us with an important source of vitamins and minerals.

The consumption of these products under the liqueur version helps us with digestion and makes our life easier. Sports coaches and health specialists advise swallowing them in this form to quickly benefit from their contributions and to save time.

Indeed, if you mix 100 g of broccoli, you get 235% of vitamins K; while with the carrot, we obtain a concentrated vitamin A. Commercial juices do not have this same content. In these, there is a decrease in nutritional capacity. In this regard, it is more beneficial to prepare your smoothies. There is therefore a choice between the various devices.

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What is a blender?

It is a machine that is used to puree food. You can use either pre-cooked products or fresh fruits and vegetables. The result can be salty or sweet. It only depends on the goodwill of the person. The instrument is also effective for soups and sauces. This explains why this tool remains essential for kitchen aces and catering professionals. And in the end, we enjoy a thick juice and a smooth preparation.

The Blender does not dissociate the pulps from the drink. Thus, he mixes and mixes all the ingredients contained in his tank. For a quality drink, you have to peel the food and cut it beforehand. To obtain a more liquid texture, we do not hesitate to add water to the vitamin concentrate. The four blades inside its tray rotate at high speed to melt and soften the products. And in the end, we end up with mash, a smoothie or juice with a high content of minerals and vitamins.

There are also other advantages to using this device.

  • Waste is limited: only the peelings remain.
  • Concentrates retain their natural vitamins and minerals;
  • Drinks (if not diluted) can replace breakfast. Our bodies assimilate them faster, smoothies in particular.
  • The tool is versatile since it processes more preparations (sauces, nuts, or soups). 
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What is a centrifuge?

As this machine has properties similar to those of the mixer, many people do not differentiate between the two. This appliance is specified by its ability to extract juices from fruits and vegetables. For this, there is no need to be peeled. We just wash them.

Its operation is similar to that of the cheaper blender and differs only on certain points. We can see more clearly by approaching the preparation of a gourmet drink from A to Z from this machine. We then start by integrating the ingredients into the machine chimney. A centrifugal force acts on the food contained in the tank and projects it against the sieve. The latter filter the juice and prevents the pulps and seeds from passing through. The beverage is poured into a pitcher and the waste is then sent to the recovery bin which is located in the back of the machine.

And in the end, we have a soft and light drink to taste and digest. It is suitable for people on a detox diet. As the product no longer contains fiber or pulp, its nutritional intake becomes less.

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The limits of the blender and the centrifuge

These two devices show their flaws on different points. The blender is not suitable if you want to achieve more sweetness and delicacy in the mouth. Often there are pieces of fruit that are not completely dissolved and can float here and there. And many find it difficult to digest the fibers in the mixture.

Also, as the consistency obtained turns out to be smooth and thick, it cannot be drunk quickly. The use of a spoon is requested in some cases. We have to add water to gain fluidity. So, you have to monitor the number of calories concentrated in a smoothie.

The centrifuge, on the other hand, extracts all the fibers from fruits and vegetables. To this end, the vitamins and nutritional intake of the juice decrease. This device is less versatile than its neighbor. You can only prepare juice there and its maintenance is longer.

Take care of these household appliances

Make sure to separate each of the removable elements from the structure before cleaning it. Then use a sponge and mild soap to make them shine again. Regarding the filter, immerse it in a mixture of hot water and detergent. Leave it there for a few minutes, brush it off and rinse it off at the end. These steps will take you time. As for the blender, just remove its bowl and put it in the dishwasher.

In short, the two articles have dissimilar properties. Certainly, they look alike at first glance. However, their use differs in many respects. The individual will have to base his choice according to his needs and expectations.

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